How to send SMS from Gmail: 6 steps (with pictures)

How to send SMS from Gmail: 6 steps (with pictures)
How to send SMS from Gmail: 6 steps (with pictures)

Did you know that your Gmail account also allows you to send free SMS to your friends? Indeed, the operation is very simple and for some, much less complicated than tapping on the keyboard of the cell phone! Onward to learn how to send SMS from Gmail. Warning: Google indicates on its site that “since April 1, 2014, it is no longer possible to send SMS to telephone contacts via the Gmail chat. All mobile operators are affected. For more information, click on the link:


Text from Gmail Step 1

Step 1. Gather the information you will need

To send an SMS from an email, you will need the following information: the recipient's full phone number, as well as the name of their mobile phone operator.

Text from Gmail Step 2

Step 2. Log into Gmail and go to the emails section

Log in with your Gmail account.

Text from Gmail Step 3

Step 3. Open a new email

To write a new email, click on "New message".

Text from Gmail Step 4

Step 4. Enter the recipient's phone number

In the address bar, enter the full phone number of your recipient.

Text from Gmail Step 5

Step 5. Enter the name of the recipient's mobile phone provider

Next to the phone number, enter the “SMS gateway name” of the provider responsible for forwarding the text message. You must obtain an address such as "[email protected]" or "[email protected]". French or Canadian readers, here are some examples of SMS gateways:

  • Bouygues (France): @
  • SFR (France): @
  • Koodo Mobile (Canada): @
Text from Gmail Step 6

Step 6. Write your message

Write your message as you would a traditional email, then click "Send" when you're done. Your SMS will be sent to the number indicated to the recipient indicated by you.


  • Just write a short message. It must be the same length as an SMS sent from a cell phone.
  • This is SMS. Not all SMS services are set up to receive items such as picture messages. Ask your operator for advice before you start!

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