How to write a review (with pictures)

How to write a review (with pictures)
How to write a review (with pictures)

Whether you're writing a review about a book, movie, plumber, or hotel, writing reviews is always a useful skill. Reviews allow a consumer to share their opinion about a product or service so that other consumers can make an informed decision about whether or not they want to try that product or service.


Part 1 of 4: try a new product or service

Write a Review Step 1

Step 1. Try a new service or product

In order to write a review, you need to try the product. It might sound obvious, but many people write reviews without knowing the product first. Give it a try, take your time, and get to know the product or service appropriately so that you can talk about it knowledgeably.

Write a Review Step 2

Step 2. Take notes

Write down the details you need. For example, if you're writing a review about a restaurant, you might write down the ingredient names of some dishes you've tried. Take note of the decor. Write the name of the server.

Write a Review Step 3

Step 3. Take pictures

In some cases, you will be able to enhance your review with photos. Describe your experience by taking photos so your readers can know what you mean when you write: "There was a huge stain on the ceiling of the hotel room."

Part 2 of 4: organize the review

Write a Review Step 4

Step 1. Learn about the settings for the review

If you want to send your review to a website, blog, or magazine, you need to make sure you understand the selection criteria. For example, there might be a limit on the number of words or a specific format.

Also check the submission deadline, especially if you're writing a review about something time-limited like a movie, album, or book. Your review should coincide with the publication of these materials

Write a Review Step 5

Step 2. Find your angle

Every review has a special point of view. After all, you are going to develop a pitch in your review. Determine the tone you want to use to describe a product or service. Do you want to make a positive or negative review? What do you want to focus on?

This works best for books and movies because you can choose a specific theme and write a review around that theme

Write a Review Step 6

Step 3. Keep your audience in mind

Think about the readers of your review. Are you writing an article for a heavy metal blog or are your readers already familiar with many bands and songs? Are you writing a more technical review and your readers will understand the lingo you include?

If you are writing for a more general audience, you should assume that your readers need more explanation of certain references or terms you use

Part 3 of 4: write the review

Write a Review Step 7

Step 1. Briefly describe the product or service

In two or three sentences, you should describe the product at the center of your review. You'll reveal more details as you write, but the initial description will give your readers an idea of ​​what you're going to say.

If you're going to be reviewing a movie or a book, don't spend the entire review summarizing the plot. You don't have to describe the whole story. You can summarize it in one or two sentences

Write a Review Step 8

Step 2. Write in detail

Give lots of details and evidence about what you are saying. If you are writing a review for a music album, you can discuss the instruments or vocals on a certain song. If you are writing a review for a film, discuss its cinematic innovations and give examples from the film.

Write a Review Step 9

Step 3. Use full sentences

Your review will gain more weight if you write full sentences instead of writing fragments that leave your readers unsatisfied. Don’t write, "The food was average, the service was terrible. It doesn't give specific details to your readers, and they won't see the usefulness of your review.

Write a Review Step 10

Step 4. Include helpful descriptions

Avoid words like "blah" or "normal". These are words that are not very helpful when describing a product. If you want to write an interesting review that gives your readers a sense of the experience you had, you need to choose words that are more descriptive. You also need to remember that when writing a review you need to make sure that your writing remains natural and regular.

Write a Review Step 11

Step 5. Personalize the review

Find a direct connection between the criticism and your personal experience. Do not use vague sentences and generalities. People reading your review want to know more about your experience to know if they would like to use this service as well or not. Tell a story about what you like about a particular nightclub or why you prefer a certain landscaper.

Write a Review Step 12

Step 6. Compare the product or service to the competition

Think about where the product fits among other similar products. You can certainly judge a product on its own merits, but people who read your review will find it more useful if you compare it to a product they are already familiar with. This makes it easier for your readers to compare (and decide whether or not to try a product or service).

Write a Review Step 13

Step 7. Include a sample

If possible, give your readers a sample of your experience. This could be a photo of your meal, a link to watch a movie trailer, or a sample song from the album you are featuring.

Write a Review Step 14

Step 8. Tell the truth

Be honest in your review. Don't falsify the truth to fit your pitch in any way. Don't make things up and don't overdo anything. If you don't have enough evidence to support your point, drop it.

Write a Review Step 15

Step 9. Do a fair review

You might have had a bad experience with a particular plumber, but you should also mention what went well. If a meal was great except for the dirt floating in your glass, you have to say the negative. People find reviews more believable if you address the positives and negatives.

Write a Review Step 16

Step 10. Be creative and interesting

The best reviews are the ones that grab your reader and grab their attention. Write in an imaginative way that captures the essence of the product or service you are describing.

Some reviews are written in different formats, for example poems or haikus. Others are ironic and describe the facts in a funny way

Write a Review Step 17

Step 11. Add exclusive information to your review

Include information that your readers might not find by viewing the service's site or seeing an advertisement for the service. Provide information or details that you can only know after using the service.

Part 4 of 4: finalizing the review

Write a Review Step 18

Step 1. Make your text clear and concise

Don't overdo it in your review with excessive praise or criticism. Eliminate unnecessary words to keep the meaning clear.

Write a Review Step 19

Step 2. Read the review again

Take some time to carefully proofread the journal and to check that the grammar and spelling are correct. People aren't going to read what you write if it's filled with grammar mistakes that make it too hard to read.

Write a Review Step 20

Step 3. Have someone read it again

Give your review to someone and ask them to read it before posting. It is always helpful to ask someone else to read what you have written to make sure your text is clear and your point is supported.

Write a Review Step 21

Step 4. Post your review

If you publish it in a magazine, blog, or other source, you can send it to them. You may have to wait for it to go through a publisher and be printed or posted online.

If you're sending your review to a site like Yelp or Amazon, you should follow their user guide to make sure they'll accept it and upload it

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