5 ways to download a video

5 ways to download a video
5 ways to download a video

Many sites now offer streaming videos, but you can still download videos, for better viewing or to be able to make a copy. Some sites offer the download option, but in most cases you will need third-party software to be able to download the videos. You can also download videos from P2P sharing networks.


Method 1 of 5: Sites with a download option

Download a Video Step 1

Step 1. Go to the web page where the video is located

Download a Video Step 2

Step 2. Look for the button “Save”, “Download” or something like that, which downloads the video

Step 3. Click the button

Some Internet browsers will ask you to confirm that you actually want to download the file. Once you have confirmed, your explorer window will open.

Step 4. Indicate the location where you want to save the file and give it a name

Download a Video Step 5

Step 5. Click “Save” and wait for the video to download

Most Internet browsers have a page or bar showing the download progress.

Method 2 of 5: Third-party sites that download videos

Step 1. Go to a site that allows you to download videos from other sites and follow their download steps

Here are some examples of these sites.

  • KeepVid: This site allows you to download from DailyMotion, Google Video, and MySpace Video, among others.

    Download a Video Step 6Bullet2
  • VideoDownloader: It's like an advanced version of KeepVid, which allows you to download videos from multiple websites.

    Download a Video Step 6Bullet3

Method 3 of 5: Windows software

Step 1. Install video downloading software compatible with your Windows version, so that you can download videos

You can choose from one of the following most popular programs:

  • Vdownloader: enter the link of the video to download.

    Download a Video Step 7Bullet1
  • Orbit Downloader: You don't even need to know the video link to use this app. Just place your cursor over the video being played and click on the download button in the window that appears.

    Download a Video Step 7Bullet2
  • KeepV: Apart from downloading, KeepV also converts downloaded videos to make it easier to play from your computer.

    Download a Video Step 7Bullet3

Method 4 of 5: Software for OS X

Download a Video Step 8

Step 1. Find a plug-in or software that will allow you to download files to your Mac computer

There aren't many, but you might be able to try Get Tube.

Method 5 of 5: P2P sharing

Step 1. Download videos from other people's computers

P2P (short for "peer-to-peer") is a method of sharing files over the Internet. Since links on P2P networks are in torrent format, you will need to install torrent software first (Azureus is one of them). You can then add the torrent link in the torrent software to download the video. Here are some popular sites where you can search for torrent files

  • YouTorrent: This site is different because it specializes in providing legal torrents. You may also get good results for your searches, as YouTorrent also shows results from other sites.

    Download a Video Step 9Bullet1
  • Btjunkie: You can access a huge database of torrent files on Btjunkie. You can even provide your email address to follow comments and updates on some torrents.

    Download a Video Step 9Bullet2
  • ExtraTorrent: The ExtraTorrent site provides information about the torrent file you are downloading namely detailed information about the content and actors of the video as well as preview photos. You will also be able to read comments and recommendations made by other users.

    Download a Video Step 9Bullet3

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