How to configure µTorrent (with pictures)

How to configure µTorrent (with pictures)
How to configure µTorrent (with pictures)

You can optimize µTorrent for faster download speeds and secure your access to your Windows computer. If you are using µTorrent on a Mac, the program is already configured if you are using the default settings. You can reset them by uninstalling it and reinstalling it if you have touched the settings.


Part 1 of 8: Use the right torrent protocol

Configure uTorrent Step 1

Step 1. Download and install µTorrent

If you haven't already installed it on your computer, you should make sure you downloaded and installed it correctly before continuing.

  • To set it up on a Mac, you just need to download and install it with default settings. You can uninstall it first if you have already installed it.
  • By installing it with the default settings, it will be much easier for you to configure it later.
Configure uTorrent Step 2

Step 2. Download it only from known sites

Make sure you've downloaded it from sites that start with "https://" in front of the address. Most browsers will warn you if the site is not secure, but you can check for "https" to make sure yourself.

Configure uTorrent Step 3

Step 3. Check the comments of the download

Even if the site is safe, it is still possible to find infected or malicious torrents. Read user reviews to verify that the files you want to download are safe before downloading them.

You can also check the note to confirm the comments. If the torrent has generally positive ratings and reviews, it should be safe

Configure uTorrent Step 4

Step 4. Make sure it has more seeders than leechers

This basically means that there are more people distributing the file than people who downloaded it, which is going to give you faster download speed and full file reception.

Configure uTorrent Step 5

Step 5. Download when there is less traffic

Try to download it overnight or early in the morning to avoid bandwidth issues.

Configure uTorrent Step 6

Step 6. Use an Ethernet cable (if possible)

If your computer has an Ethernet port, you can connect it directly to the router with an Ethernet cable for a faster connection. This will increase the download speed and the security of your connection at the same time.

Modern Macs don't have an Ethernet port

Configure uTorrent Step 7

Step 7. Download one torrent at a time

Unless you absolutely have to download multiple files at once, you should limit your download to just one to make sure the connection speed is not affected.

Part 2 of 8: Configure General Settings

Configure uTorrent Step 8

Step 1. Open µTorrent

Double-click the software icon that looks like a “µ” on a light green background.

Configure uTorrent Step 9

Step 2. Click Options

You'll find it at the top left of the window. A drop-down menu should open.

Configure uTorrent Step 10

Step 3. Click Preferences

This option is near the top of the drop-down menu Options.

Configure uTorrent Step 11

Step 4. Choose the language

Click on the menu Languages, and then select the language you want to use for the software.

Configure uTorrent Step 12

Step 5. Decide if you want to launch it on startup

If you don't want it to open when you start the computer, you can uncheck the box Start µTorrent when Windows starts.

Configure uTorrent Step 13

Step 6. Automatically download updates

Check the box Automatically install updates if it is not already checked.

  • You can also check the box Notify me when an update is ready to be installed to make sure µTorrent doesn't surprise you with updates in the middle of something big.
Configure uTorrent Step 14

Step 7. Avoid sharing detailed information

Uncheck the box Send detailed information while checking for updates. This is to prevent the software from sharing information about your activity and usage of µTorrent.

Part 3 of 8: configure the location of downloads

Configure uTorrent Step 15

Step 1. Click the Folder tab

You will see it on the left side of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 16

Step 2. Select the Move completed downloads check box

You should find it near the top of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 17

Step 3. Click…

You will see it on the right of the box Move completed downloads.

Configure uTorrent Step 18

Step 4. Choose a folder

Click on a folder (for example Office) that you want to use to store your completed downloads.

Configure uTorrent Step 19

Step 5. Select Choose Folder

You will find it in the lower right corner of the window. This will save the selected folder.

Configure uTorrent Step 20

Step 6. Repeat for each folder you want to use

To do this, check the box next to each of these options, then click and choose the folder.

  • Put new downloads in
  • Keep.torrent files in
  • Move.torrent files from completed downloads to
  • Automatically load.torrent files from

Part 4 of 8: Configure the connection

Configure uTorrent Step 21

Step 1. Click the Connections tab

You will find it on the left of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 22

Step 2. Change the port for incoming connections to 45682

You will see the text field at the top right of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 23

Step 3. Activate the port mapping

Check each of the following boxes if they are not already checked.

  • Activate the UpnP port mapping
  • Enable NAT-PMP port mapping
Configure uTorrent Step 24

Step 4. Authorize µTorrent at the firewall

Check the box Add an exception to the Windows firewall if the box is not already checked.

Part 5 of 8: Configure Bandwidth Settings

Configure uTorrent Step 25

Step 1. Click the Bandwidth tab

You will see it on the left of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 26

Step 2. Increase the maximum number of connections

Type 500 in the text field to the right of Global maximum number of connections.

Configure uTorrent Step 27

Step 3. Increase the number of connected peers

Type 500 in the text field to the right of Maximum number of peers connected per torrent.

Configure uTorrent Step 28

Step 4. Select the Apply rate limit to uTP connections check box

You will see it in the section Global rate limit options on this page.

Configure uTorrent Step 29

Step 5. Check the Use additional download slots box

This option is at the bottom of the page.

Part 6 of 8: Configure BitTorrent Settings

Configure uTorrent Step 30

Step 1. Click on BitTorrent

You will find it on the left of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 31

Step 2. Disable the throttling options

Uncheck the box Limit the bandwidth of local peers and Activate altruistic mode.

Configure uTorrent Step 32

Step 3. Check all other boxes on the page

If they all are already, you can skip this step.

Configure uTorrent Step 33

Step 4. Click on the Outgoing menu

You will see it under the heading Protocol encryption. A drop-down menu should appear.

Configure uTorrent Step 34

Step 5. Click Forced

This will force µTorrent to use protocol encryption all the time, which will increase its overall security.

Part 7 of 8: Configure Queue Settings

Configure uTorrent Step 35

Step 1. Click the Queue tab

You will see it on the left of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 36

Step 2. Check the maximum value of active torrents

You should see an "8" in the box to the right of Maximum number of active torrents. If there is another digit, delete it and type 8 instead.

Configure uTorrent Step 37

Step 3. Reduce the maximum value of active downloads

By default, the number to the right of Maximum number of active downloads is "5", but you should erase it and write 1 instead.

Configure uTorrent Step 38

Step 4. Select the Minimum Ratio (%) check box

If you see the number "200" there, everything is fine, if not, replace the number with 200.

Part 8 of 8: Configure Cache Settings

Configure uTorrent Step 39

Step 1. Click + to the left of Advances.

You will see it at the bottom left of the window. You should then see several tabs open.

Configure uTorrent Step 40

Step 2. Select Disk Cache

This option can be found under the tab Advances.

Configure uTorrent Step 41

Step 3. Clear the Increase cache size when full check box

You will see it towards the bottom of the window.

Configure uTorrent Step 42

Step 4. Check all other boxes

If they're already checked, you're good to go.

Configure uTorrent Step 43

Step 5. Change the cache size

In the text field to the right of Cancel the automatic cache size and specify a manual size (in MB), erase the number you see there and type 1800.

Configure uTorrent Step 44

Step 6. Click Apply, then OK.

Both options are at the bottom of the window. This will save the settings and apply them to µTorrent. You should now be able to download the files with optimal speed and security.

You may have to close and reopen the window before the new settings take effect

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