4 ways to get someone to reply to your messages

4 ways to get someone to reply to your messages
4 ways to get someone to reply to your messages

You're constantly looking at your phone because you texted a friend 20 minutes ago, but haven't received a reply yet. A cute person you're chatting with hasn't followed through on your flirtatious emoticon for over an hour. Your mom hasn't contacted you in a week since you texted her about a cousin's marriage. In these situations, there are several ways you can remedy your problem.


Method 1 of 4: Write the perfect message

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Step 1. Take into account your recipient

There will be various boundaries depending on cultural norms, gender, family ties and social hierarchy, taking into account your connection to this person. Are you close to her or is she a new acquaintance? Determine the nature of your relationship with this person and thus establish the basis for healthy communication.

Between relatives and close friends, we often observe more space to be vulgar and less consequence for having been clumsy. However, if you are planning to send messages to business partners, coworkers, potential romantic partners, or someone with whom you have had a formal relationship, you should be aware that there are various rules that apply. Remember this factor when formulating your message

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Step 2. Know what to say

Getting off to a good start and writing a sensible post can help you avoid this kind of problem in the first place. Many are very busy and decide not to respond to vague, meaningless messages that do not have an obvious purpose. This way, most of us are more likely to respond to messages that have a specific purpose. Ask yourself these different questions.

  • What message do I want to convey?
  • Is my message aimed at a goal?
  • How will others perceive my message?
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Step 3. Write a specific and constructive message

You have taken the time to know who you are talking to, what you want to say and how you want to convey it. By now you at least know that whether the person responds or not it has little to do with your message than with the nature of your relationship or with the recipient's situation.

Method 2 of 4: Get his attention

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Step 1. Ask important, straightforward questions

When someone sends you a message like hi or what is it like?, it may not be so important that it breaks your focus and responds. However, being specific about what information you would like to have from the other may lead them to respond to you.

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Step 2. Mention in your message that this is an emergency

If you are sending someone urgent information, writing in all capitals URGENT (or mark the emergency using an app on your phone) is a great technique. People are more likely to respond to a message when they see that it is serious business.

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Step 3. Send a message related to the recipient's interests

How are messages like hi? and Hey, are you okay? won't do. Make the effort to hold his attention with messages relating to his professional life, his passions, his schoolwork, his favorite musical genre, show or artist. People are more likely to discuss what they care about.

Make Someone Text You Back Step 7

Step 4. Make use of animated pictures or funny photos

These days, text messages incorporate features from social networks such as Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr. Inserting a funny chat emoji or popular animated image can put a smile on the recipient's face and get them to chat.

If you can't find the right words to express your ideas, using moving pictures, photos and other media files will also allow you to get your point across in a different way

Method 3 of 4: Speak to your recipient in person

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Step 1. Tell the person the message you sent them

There might be a valid reason the person didn't respond to you. Raising this issue will give him a chance to explain himself.

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Step 2. Use your sense of humor

To really know what is going on with the other, you need to use a little humor. First, give her the benefit of the doubt, then ask her the following questions.

  • So like that, are you so busy with your cat grooming business that you can't even answer me lately?
  • What's going on with your response time? It's like I'm chatting with a dial-up computer.
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Step 3. Ask him directly why he is not responding to you

If the person doesn't give you a valid reason or give you evasive lines, you could be blunt with them. Realize that this can make her uncomfortable and strain your relationship. See how close you are to the person, how serious your discussion is, and see if it would be good for you to be direct with them. If the situation is really frustrating you, face that person and create the opportunity for the explanation that you would not otherwise have had. Ask him these questions directly.

  • Why don't you reply to my messages?
  • Why are you taking enough time to reply to my messages?
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Step 4. Watch their intonation and body language

When dealing with a problem, it's important that you approach the situation with a better attitude. It is therefore important that you show your understanding through your words, your voice and your posture.

  • Likewise, it is important that you understand the communication style of others. For example, a teacher might say "I have no idea what you are saying" while a surfer says "No idea, my brother". Simply grasping the meaning of what is being said instead of just the register used will help you understand others better.
  • We sometimes elicit criticism, defensiveness and contempt and other feelings that prevent real communication. When you find yourself having these feelings, take a deep breath, relax, and be open to explanation.
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Step 5. Find a solution to the current problem

Being limited to electronic devices, we tend to think of text message as a means of communication that is different from others. Ultimately, however, it is about two or more people who share their intentions, actions, feelings and ideas. So if you have a hard time communicating with the other, it follows that writing messages will also be difficult.

  • Listen to the opinions of others and make an effort to find out why they feel that way. They are likely to be frustrated and you can take advantage of this to change your attitude. Maybe they were focused on something they were doing, which is why they couldn't respond. Either way, calming the situation will allow you to take a step back and reestablish healthy communication.
  • If you have to apologize to each other, be kind and apologize or listen to what the other has to say.
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Step 6. Laugh

After all, these are just messages. Besides, you don't have to take it seriously.

Method 4 of 4: Understand why people are not responding to messages

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Step 1. Think about the relationship you have with the person

Is she in love with you or is it mutual? Given the romantic intentions that one of you has, the other person may procrastinate to respond to you right away. This will help you avoid being overly rushing.

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Step 2. Consider the lives of others

They may be working, communicating, sleeping, or watching a movie. Many choose to leave their phones at home or keep them out of reach as a way to get away from electronic devices. When you start to think about it, you will find several reasons why people are not responding to messages. Most of the time, we take badly the fact that others do not answer us when it is only a matter of circumstance.

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Step 3. Know that the messages reduce social barriers and privacy

If you text someone in the middle of the night or while they're on vacation, chances are you won't get a response. It is essential that people have the right to choose how they will be accessible. While this is frustrating and we are not often patient especially with messages, it is crucial that we recognize that people do not owe us an immediate response.

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Step 4. Think about technical issues

Since we all use computers and phones that have rechargeable batteries, however, we will be able to say that the battery is just dead. Otherwise, it's possible that someone dropped your recipient's phone into the water or broke their screen, rendering it unusable. If you ask someone you don't know very well to write to you, such as someone who wants to sell you an item, remember that not everyone has a phone and there are even some who do. just keep in case of emergency.

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Step 5. Consider the personality of your recipient

Depending on the nature of the relationship you had with the person, there could be a host of social reasons that you haven't gotten a response from them. If this is your potential for love, it could be that he is nervous or selfless. If this is your friend, they might be focused on their creative endeavors and think you will understand that. On the other hand, if it is about a loved one, it is possible that he is angry with you because of an undisputed subject and simply does not want to speak to you.

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Step 6. See their tech skills

If you are texting an elderly person, it is clear that they have no idea how messages and smartphones work. This person might need help learning the basics before they can answer you.

One of the less common ways to get people to post is to put them in a discussion group with other people who love to write and respond often. For example, you can create a discussion forum with your siblings and parents, so that they can see how most people write by message

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Step 7. Be patient

If you sometimes give up on focusing on whether or not the person will answer you, you'll end up doing something more useful. Ultimately, then, you will get the answer you expect.


  • Make sure your message is specific and has a clear purpose.
  • Make sure the person knows your number. Sometimes people do not answer unknown numbers.
  • Just like on social media, it's best to be specific in your posts.
  • Write the message confidently.
  • Make sure you are really addressing the right recipient. After checking this again, introduce yourself to the person, as there are many who do not answer unknown numbers.


  • Don't overwhelm the person with messages. If you don't get a reply after sending one or two messages, chances are that sending 5 or 10 will only annoy him.
  • Don't send anything violent or scary to get the other to respond. This can really scare or upset him, making the situation worse than before.
  • Don't use vulgar language.

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