3 ways to make a necklace

3 ways to make a necklace
3 ways to make a necklace

You can spend $ 50 in a jewelry store for a necklace you like, but you can also make your own with just a few tools, a little time, and creativity. You can make all kinds of necklaces, with beads, buttons, threads, etc. Learn how to make a necklace yourself in no time and add a cool touch to your outfits.


Method 1 of 3: Create a simple pearl necklace

Make a Beaded Necklace Step 1

Step 1. Find a length of fine steel wire

You need to find thread 19, 21 or 49, covered with nylon. This type of thread will not twist and the collar will last longer. The thread is transparent or light in color and therefore will not show unless you intended to.

Bead a Necklace Step 3

Step 2. Cut the wire to the desired length

You can determine the length of your necklace by measuring your neck circumference. If you want a choker the yarn should be shorter, if you want a long necklace the yarn should be longer. Always cut the thread a little larger than the desired final length.

  • If you do not plan to use a clasp, always add another 7-10 cm of thread length so that you can tie the threads together at the end. If you are using a clasp, add 10 to 20 cm of wire to the desired length.
  • If you are not using a clasp, remember that the necklace will need to slide around your neck in order to be put on and taken off, so take this into account to cut the correct length. If you want to make a choker without a clasp, you will have to tie and untie the strings each time you want to put on or take off your necklace.
Make a Knotted Ribbon Necklace Step 17

Step 3. Thread the beads

You need to choose the type of beads you want and how they are shaped on the necklace before you start stringing them. If you create a pattern as you thread the beads, you might get tangled up in the brushes or change your mind during the course of the necklace. If you are using only one type of bead, this part should be easy.

  • If you are using different varieties of pearls, choose an eye-catching design, a repeat, or a design that accentuates the center of the necklace.
  • You can lay the thread horizontally under the bead pattern to make sure you are using the correct amount of beads.
  • You don't have to fill the entire strand with beads - you can leave a few inches without beads at the ends or leave half without beads at all, as you like.
Prevent Your Shoes from Bad Smell Step 2

Step 4. Tie a knot at one end of the thread

This knot will prevent the beads from sliding off the thread. If the beads have large enough holes, tie several knots. Make sure you leave 5-7cm of thread on the other side of the knot, so you can tie the necklace later.

Prevent Your Shoes from Bad Smell Step 1

Step 5. Thread the needle

Pass the end of the thread without the knot through the hole of a needle. The needle will allow you to thread the beads more easily on the thread. You can thread the beads without a needle, but it can be more difficult and requires more dexterity.

Prevent Your Shoes from Bad Smell Step 4

Step 6. Use the needle to thread the beads onto the thread

Just pass the tip of the needle through the hole in the beads, in the order you want and one by one, then slide them over the thread until they reach the knot you tied for them. to block. Continue until you have threaded all the beads onto the thread. Then tie another knot, also leaving 5 to 7 cm of thread on the other side.

Prevent Your Shoes from Bad Smell Step 5

Step 7. Tie the ends of the wire together

You can use a square knot, a double knot or several single knots. Now that you have made your necklace, you can put it on, match it with your outfits and show it off to your friends!

Method 2 of 3: Make a button collar

Make Button Necklace Step 1

Step 1. Choose the buttons

You can use old buttons lying around at home or your grandmother's house, buy buttons at craft stores or haberdashery stores, or mix old and new buttons together. Place the buttons on a work surface until you find a pattern and assortment of shapes and colors that you like.

Make Button Necklace Step 2

Step 2. Find a length of fine steel wire

You need to find thread 19, 21 or 49, covered with nylon. This type of thread will not twist and the collar will last longer. The thread is clear or light in color and therefore will not show unless you intended to.

Leave 1 to 20 cm of thread at the ends to attach the clasp at the end

Make Button Necklace Step 3

Step 3. Attach a clasp to one end of the wire

This will secure the end of the wire and keep the buttons in place. When you have finished threading the buttons, you will attach the clasp on the other side to attach the necklace.

Make Button Necklace Step 4

Step 4. Thread the buttons as desired

Choose a pattern for threading the buttons, alternating shapes and colors or at random.

Make Button Necklace Step 5

Step 5. Thread the buttons according to the chosen pattern, passing the thread through the holes in the buttons, until all buttons are threaded

At the end, leave enough thread to be able to attach the clasp.

Make Button Necklace Step 6

Step 6. Attach the clasp to the other end of the necklace

Make Button Necklace Intro

Step 7. Enjoy your new necklace

Match your button collar with your favorite outfits.

Method 3 of 3: Make more necklaces

Make a Beaded Necklace Intro

Step 1. Make a more elaborate pearl necklace

This pretty necklace is similar to the simple necklace, but it requires a clasp and a little more work. You will not need a needle to thread the beads.

ShellNecklace Intro

Step 2. Make a shell necklace

This pretty necklace requires several seashells, a small drill to make the holes in the seashells and some basic hardware to assemble the necklace.

Make a Hemp Necklace Intro

Step 3. Make a horsehair necklace

To make this quirky necklace, you need to braid some horsehair threads or twine and add a few beads to it.

Show off your necklace Step 5

Step 4. Make a necklace of pasta

You can make this childish necklace by just threading dry pasta on the wire.


  • Use a very strong, slightly stretchable thread to allow the collar to be adjusted when you put it on and take it off.
  • Use a bead with a large hole for easier use.

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