6 ways to make a ring

6 ways to make a ring
6 ways to make a ring

It is possible to make a ring from a wide variety of materials. There is something for all occasions! You will probably decide to try to make a model based on its complexity, so this article gives you many methods you can choose from.


Method 1 of 6: Make a basic ring from a blank ring

This ring is made from a hammered silver blank ring. It can be enameled, engraved, carved or decorated any way you want.

Make a Ring Step 1

Step 1. Place the ring in a clamp ring

File it down to give it the right size. Smooth the edges with a file and then sandpaper.

Make a Ring Step 2

Step 2. Round off the ring with the needle nose pliers to give it a ring shape

File the edges so that they fit perfectly.

Make a Ring Step 3

Step 3. Wrap wire around the ring

Braze the ends of the ring to close it. Immerse it quickly in cold water, then remove it and dry it. Remove the wire and place the ring in an acid solution.

Make a Ring Step 4

Step 4. File off excess weld metal

Then place the ring on the mandrel and hammer it to give it a perfectly round shape.

Make a Ring Step 5

Step 5. Immerse the ring in nitric acid

This eliminates traces of fire. Rinse thoroughly.

Make a Ring Step 6

Step 6. Make the finishing touches

Brush the ring with a brass brush and a mixture of water and mild detergent until the ring is sparkling. The ring can now be worn as is or decorated with the embellishments of your choice.

Method 2 of 6: Make a charm ring

For an inexpensive ring, use a silver plated blank ring and glass beads.

Make a Ring Step 7

Step 1. Make the mounting rings

Wrap the 14-gauge silver wire around a pen, making as many turns as the number of rings you want to make.

  • If you have some mounting rings ready, read How to Open Mounting Rings.
  • When cutting wire, protect your eyes.
Make a Ring Step 8

Step 2. Remove the wire from the pen

Cut out loops with the wire cutters. Leave the mounting rings open so you can slide the charms into them.

Make a Ring Step 9

Step 3. Lay out the beads and charms to get an overview

If you are using seed beads, check out the How to Use Seed Beads page.

Make a Ring Step 10

Step 4. Make the charms

Thread two or three beads onto a headed nail. Curl the tip of the nail around the end of the needle nose pliers. Grab the end of the nail with pliers and wrap it around the base of the loop three times. Cut the wire close to the loop.

Make a Ring Step 11

Step 5. Place three charms on each mounting ring

Attach the ring to the ring. Close each mounting ring securely.

Method 3 of 6: Tie a knot ring

Make a Ring Step 12

Step 1. Obtain an object that is the same size as your finger to make the ring on

It is not necessary to have a ring mandrel to make a ring. Anything the size of your finger can do. You can try using for example the cap of a bottle of nail polish, a marker or a tube of mascara.

Make a Ring Step 13

Step 2. Wrap a fairly thick piece of wire around this object

Make only one turn and leave about 8 cm of thread on each side. The loop you just formed will become the ring and the two ends of the thread will be used to tie the knot.

If you are unsure of what thickness of wire to use, try a 20 gauge

Make a Ring Step 14

Step 3. Make a loop with one end of the wire

This loop will form half of the knot. Fold the piece of wire up and then down again towards the center.

Make a Ring Step 15

Step 4. Fold the other end of the wire in the same way

Cut off the excess wire with wire cutters.

If you wish, you can slightly curl both ends of the wire for a neat finish

Make a Ring Step 16

Step 5. Wrap a small piece of thinner wire, in a contrasting color, through the center of the knot to form the small band that holds the knot in place, as with most decorative knots

Cut off the excess thread. For a more original ring, wind the thread several times as shown.

For a more discreet ring, do only a few turns of the wire or even only twice in an X shape

Make a Ring Step 17

Step 6. File the ends of the wires to make them rounder and avoid cutting your fingers on them

Make a Ring Step 18

Step 7. Put on your ring

This type of ring is generally worn with the tips of the knot towards the arm.

Method 4 of 6: Design a pearl ring

There are many ways to create a pearl ring.

Make a Ring Step 19

Step 1. Try one of the following methods:

  • a ring of pearls on synthetic thread
  • a small pearl ring with a large central pearl
  • beads strung on a wire spiral
  • a ring made with amber beads
  • a volume woven bead ring

Method 5 of 6: Make a ring out of scrap material

Reusing broken jewelry or an everyday item is a fun way to make a ring.

Make a Ring Step 20

Step 1. Gather pieces of broken jewelry, such as earrings or necklaces

Collect a stone, precious or not, a knot or any other ornament. Glue the ornament on a blank ring, press well and voila!

Make a Ring Step 21

Step 2. Find a circular object the diameter of your finger

It can be anything from a bottle ring to a curtain ring. As long as the size is right, you can definitely use it as a ring. Glue beads, buttons, sequins or whatever you like on it and you're done. It's easy and fun and even kids can make this kind of recycled ring.

Make a Ring Step 22

Step 3. Make a ring out of craft materials

Many materials can be used to make a ring. Try with ribbon, felt, small rubber bands, buttons, sequins, etc.

Try making a ring with a pipe cleaner

Method 6 of 6: Make a paper ring

If you have a desperate need to find a ring at the last minute to propose to someone in marriage, a paper ring may be the solution!

Make a Ring Step 23

Step 1. Cut or tear a small strip of paper

The paper can come from anything: a magazine, a catalog, a letter or even a book.

Make a Ring Step 24

Step 2. Fold the paper strip in half

Make a Ring Step 25

Step 3. Fold it in half a second time

Make a Ring Step 26

Step 4. Fold one end into a point

Make a Ring Step 27

Step 5. Write something on the ring

Why not "I love you" or "Sorry for that improvised ring, there will soon be a more beautiful one"?

Make a Ring Step 28

Step 6. Connect the two ends with the technique of your choice

You can use a staple, tape, or florist pin. It's finish.

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