How to keep rose petals fresh: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to keep rose petals fresh: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to keep rose petals fresh: 12 steps (with pictures)

Rose petals make a beautiful decoration for weddings, parties, or just for a beautiful table. Try to use your rose petals as soon as possible after picking them. However, if you can't use your petals right away, you can store them in the fridge to keep them fresh.


Part 1 of 2: pick the rose petals well

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 1

Step 1. Pick the fresh rose petals

It is important that you pick the very fresh rose petals. If you pick your own roses, make sure the plant is hydrated before cutting the flowers. To do this, water it the evening of the day before you cut your flowers.

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 2

Step 2. Make sure to cut the fresh flowers early in the morning, before the sun heats up

Use a sharp knife to cut the stems. A clean cut will allow the stem to absorb water better than if you crushed it with a blunt pruner.

Try to cut your rod diagonally, rather than perpendicular. This will expose more stem cells to water and the stem will drink more

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 3

Step 3. Avoid picking your roses after it has rained, as the petals will be wet

It is important that the rose petals are dry when you are going to store them. If you have no other choice, spread the petals out on a dry towel and gently dab them to absorb the water.

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 4

Step 4. Keep your cut flowers cool until you are ready to pick the petals

Place your cut flowers in cool water, in a vase, until you are ready to use the petals. It will even be preferable to place the vase in the coolest place possible. A good storeroom or a garage will be ideal. Either way, protect your vase from sunlight and drafts.

Avoid placing the vase near an electrical appliance such as a TV, as these give off heat. Try to change the water in your flowers every other day

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 5

Step 5. Tear the petals off the flowers

Prefer to tear off the petals of a rose that is still slightly closed, rather than those of a fully open flower that is starting to lose its petals. Be careful not to use a bud that is too young and still firmly closed. The flower should be just about to open.

Part 2 of 2: store the petals in the refrigerator

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 6

Step 1. Remove the petals from the flower

Gently shake the flower to rid it of potential insects and remove any damaged petals or flowers. To remove the petals from the rose:

  • firmly hold the flower just below the petals,
  • just squeeze at the base, below the petals, and gently twist the stem to release it from the petals. Hold the petals carefully so as not to damage them.
Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 7

Step 2. Wet a paper towel

Take a paper towel or piece of paper towel, fold it a few times and lightly moisten it. The towel should hold water like a sponge without dripping. Place the wet towel in a clear plastic bag or freezer bag (ideally a bag with a zip).

Alternatively, you could use a tupperware or similar plastic box, such as an old pot of margarine or ice cream. Just make sure the container is clean and dry

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 8

Step 3. Place the wet towel at the bottom of the bag or container

Place the rose petals on the paper towel. Do not pack them in the bag or box or you may damage them. If necessary, use several boxes or bags.

Air should be able to circulate through the middle of the rose petals, this will prevent them from rotting

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 9

Step 4. Close the bag by zipping it or replace the box cover

Carefully place the box or bag in the refrigerator. Place the container with the petals on a separate shelf so that nothing falls on it. You can stack the bags on top of each other, but make sure nothing heavy is placed on them.

Make sure that the container is not in contact with any part of the refrigerator that will freeze the petals. For example, do not place it against the bottom of the refrigerator, as this wall is often covered with frost and its contact will freeze your petals. If they freeze, your petals will wilt

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 10

Step 5. Take out the bags every other day until you are using your petals

It is important that you take out the containers every other day. Gently shake them and turn them over. This will prevent the petals from sticking to each other and circulate the air.

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 11Bullet1

Step 6. Store your petals for 3 to 7 days

Sometimes it is possible to keep rose petals fresh for up to 7 days, but try to use them before that time. Ideally, use your petals as soon as possible after picking them.

Try to use your petals within three days of picking them

Keep Rose Petals Fresh Step 12

Step 7. Consider drying your rose petals after using them

After using your petals for an event, you can dry them for a potpourri. Spread them out in a single layer in a dark, dry place and let them dry for about 2 weeks. Once dry, place the petals in a clean, dry pot. Add a few drops of rose essential oil.

Shake the pot several times a week for about 1 month before mixing them into a potpourri


  • If you are saving your petals for an important event such as a wedding, consider giving it a try a few weeks in advance so you know how long you can keep your rose petals.
  • Try to cut your flowers only as late as possible. The best way to preserve rose petals is to leave the flowers on the rose bush! It will always be best to pluck your petals at the last minute.

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