3 ways to braid with twine

3 ways to braid with twine
3 ways to braid with twine

Braiding twine creates a thin, strong yarn that can be used for jewelry or other creative hobbies. Learning to braid with twine is also a good way to experiment with new types of braids before trying with your hair, cords or ribbons. Practice with three, four and eight threads.


Method 1 of 3: Make a three-strand braid

Braid String Step 1

Step 1. Buy spools of twine

If you want to make a braid in one color, cut three sections of the same string. If you want a multi-colored braid, cut three sections of twine in different colors.

Be sure to cut three wires measuring exactly the same length. 30cm is a good length to start

Braid String Step 2

Step 2. Gather the ends of the wires

Pull on them to align them properly.

Braid String Step 3

Step 3. Tie the threads together 2 inches from one end

Cut a 3-inch strip of masking tape and use it to glue the knotted ends to the table.

Press down firmly on the adhesive to keep it attached to the table when you pull on the wires

Braid String Step 4

Step 4. Separate the three wires on the table

Take the right thread between the thumb and forefinger of your right hand. Take the left thread between the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.

Braid String Step 5

Step 5. Take the third thread (the middle one) with the middle finger of your right hand

When you braid, you will pass the central thread between your two middle fingers.

Braid String Step 6

Step 6. Bring the right thread to the middle, passing it over the center thread

Your wrist will rotate counterclockwise.

Braid String Step 7

Step 7. Take the new middle thread with your left middle finger

Pass the left thread over the middle thread. Your wrist will rotate clockwise.

Braid String Step 8

Step 8. Repeat this process, swapping the right thread first and then the left thread with the middle thread until you reach the end of the strings

Braid String Step 9

Step 9. Tighten your curls well so that the twine braid is tight

With a little practice, you will learn to deal with how tight the braid is.

Braid String Step 10

Step 10. Tie off the end

Method 2 of 3: Make a four-strand (flat) braid

Braid String Step 11

Step 1. Line up four wires of the same length

Tie them together at 5 cm from one end and then secure this end to the table with adhesive tape.

Braid String Step 12

Step 2. Separate the four wires

Braid String Step 13

Step 3. Take the two outer threads between the thumb and forefinger of each hand on the corresponding side

Braid String Step 14

Step 4. Take the inner threads with each middle finger from the corresponding side

Braid String Step 15

Step 5. Bring the left outer wire back to the other side of the left inner wire so that they are reversed

Braid String Step 16

Step 6. Take the right outside wire and bring it back between the left outside wire and the left inside wire

Braid String Step 17

Step 7. Repeat the process:

Pass the left outer thread over the left inner thread and then bring the right outer thread between the two left threads.

Braid String Step 18

Step 8. Continue like this until the end of the threads

This twine braid should be kept flat.

Braid String Step 19

Step 9. Tie off the end

Method 3 of 3: Make an eight-strand braid

Braid String Step 20

Step 1. Cut eight wires of the same length

Line them up so the ends are even.

Braid String Step 21

Step 2. Secure the eight wires to the table with duct tape

This braid will also be flat.

Braid String Step 22

Step 3. Separate the wires so that you have four wires on the left and four on the right

These will be the right and left groups. Maintain a certain gap between the two groups when braiding.

Braid String Step 23

Step 4. Start by braiding with one thread at a time in order to understand the pattern

Once you have learned it, you can try to hold a thread with each of your fingers.

Braid String Step 24

Step 5. Braid with the left outer thread

Bring it over the adjacent thread, under the next thread and over the last thread in the group. Place it near the inner side of the right group.

The group on the right should now have five children and the group on the left should have three

Braid String Step 25

Step 6. Take the right outer thread

Pass it under the adjacent wire, over the next, under the third, then over the last. When you are finished, the wire should be inside the left group.

Braid String Step 26

Step 7. Repeat the process:

take the left outer thread and pass it over, under and over the adjacent threads so that it joins the group on the right. Then take the outer right thread and pass it through under, over, under and over the adjacent threads so that it joins the group on the left.

Braid String Step 27

Step 8. Tie off the end

You have finished !


  • To make a string bracelet or necklace, thread glass, plastic, or metal beads over the strands as you braid.
  • There are many other types of braids you can try out once you get the hang of it. Look for other types of braids to expand your repertoire.

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