How to make wax hands (with pictures)

How to make wax hands (with pictures)
How to make wax hands (with pictures)

To make wax hands, you only need a few items that you can buy inexpensively at hobby and DIY stores. You can make a quick and easy hollow wax hand, or you can go the extra mile to make a candle in the shape of a hand. Children should be supervised by an adult at all stages where hot wax is required.


Part 1 of 3: melt the wax

Make Wax Hands Step 1

Step 1. Obey the safety rules

This process is not too dangerous if an adult follows these instructions to the letter. If you skip any of the steps below, you will greatly increase the risk of fire, especially if you apply heat directly to the wax rather than using the double boiler system described in this tutorial.

If the wax catches fire, extinguish the fire with baking soda or a chemical fire extinguisher. Never use water or a water-based fire extinguisher to extinguish burning wax, as this will cause an explosion

Make Wax Hands Step 2

Step 2. Put some water in a large saucepan

It only takes about 5 cm of water. This saucepan will be the lower receptacle of the bain-marie.

If you have a bain-marie cooker, fill the lower receptacle with water and go directly to the step where you add the wax

Make Wax Hands Step 3

Step 3. Put a metal stand in the pan

Find a cookie cutter or metal jar lid and place it in the water at the bottom of the pot.

Make Wax Hands Step 4

Step 4. Add a smaller pot

Choose an aluminum or steel pan and place it on the metal stand. Avoid other metals, as they can tarnish and react with the wax. Also avoid non-stick saucepans, as it is difficult to remove the wax from them.

Do not then use this pan for food preparation, unless you are using food grade paraffin wax or beeswax. Even a food grade wax might leave a residue that alters the taste of the food, but it won't be harmful

Make Wax Hands Step 5

Step 5. Crumble small pieces of wax in the small saucepan

You can buy beeswax or paraffin wax at a hobby store, or you can use candles that you remove the wick from. Crumble or cut the wax into small pieces so that it melts faster and put the pieces in the small saucepan.

Make sure there is enough wax to cover your hands

Make Wax Hands Step 6

Step 6. Add color (optional)

You can put oil pastel shavings in the wax to add color, or buy wax or candle dye at a hobby store. If you are using a tincture, follow the directions on the package.

It is best to assume that any added coloring product is hazardous to the food, even if its packaging indicates that it is non-toxic. In other words, if you add color, stop using this pan for cooking

Make Wax Hands Step 7

Step 7. Prepare the rest of your materials

Before you start heating the wax, choose one of the two methods below and gather the necessary materials. You can make two kinds of wax hands.

  • Hollow wax hands are easy to make and all you need besides is a container of water.
  • To make a solid wax hand that you can make a candle, you will need a bucket of wet sand, a pin, and a candle wick. Read the preparation instructions below before you start heating the wax.
Make Wax Hands Step 8

Step 8. Heat the mixture

You will need to stir it until the wax is completely melted. Put the bain-marie on the stove and heat over medium heat. Stir slowly and constantly with a steel or aluminum utensil. If the wax is not food grade, you will no longer be able to use this utensil for cooking.

  • This step can be time consuming, especially if you are melting large chunks of wax.
  • Never leave wax unattended while it is heating.
Make Wax Hands Step 9

Step 9. Remove the wax from the heat

Remove the pot from the stove and proceed to one of the two methods below.

Part 2 of 3: making hollow wax hands

Make Wax Hands Step 10

Step 1. Fill a container with cool water

A bucket is handy because you will need to dip your whole hand in it. Fill it almost to the top, but leave a little room to avoid overflowing the water.

You can add food coloring to the water to color your wax hands. The coloring will only be light, but it might be a better coloring option if you don't want to put a food-safe dye or oil pastel in the pan where you heat the wax

Make Wax Hands Step 11

Step 2. Wait for the wax to cool

Follow the directions above to melt the wax and then let it cool. Contact with hot wax can cause serious burns, so it is prudent to use a cooking thermometer or candle-making thermometer to be sure the wax is no longer dangerous. The wax is ready when it drops to 43 ° C or less.

If a solid film has formed on the wax, reheat the pan to melt it and then let it cool again

Make Wax Hands Step 12

Step 3. Coat your hand and wrist with moisturizer

Cover your hand and wrist with the cream, but don't rub it on your skin. Your skin should still be covered with white cream. In this way, it will be easy to remove the wax hand without breaking it.

Make Wax Hands Step 13

Step 4. Lightly moisten your hand

Dip a hand up to the wrist in the bucket of water. Shake it to remove excess water.

Make Wax Hands Step 14

Step 5. Dip your hand in the wax

Quickly dip the same hand in the warm wax and remove it. To be able to easily remove the wax hand, dip your hand only to the base of its palm, before it starts to get narrower before your wrist.

Choose a hand position before dipping it and keep your hand in that position for the rest of the process

Make Wax Hands Step 15

Step 6. Continue to dip your hand in the water and wax

Dip it alternating between water and wax. Each time you will add another layer of wax to your hand. A standard sized wax hand is ready after eight layers, but a small child's hand might be ready after three or four layers.

Finish by dipping the wax hand in water. This will help the last layer of wax to adhere to the layers below

Make Wax Hands Step 16

Step 7. Remove your new wax hand

Gently loosen the wax hand by passing the little finger of your other hand under the wrist of the wax one. Once the wax begins to come off, dip it in the water to help it slide off your hand.

If the hand is stuck, make a hole in the wax fingertips to stop the suction effect

Make Wax Hands Step 17

Step 8. Make the final touches

Dip your hand in water a final time to help the wax harden. While the wax is still soft, smooth out any bumps or holes with your fingers. Once the wax has air dried, you are done with the job.

If you want, you can dip the wax hand on the wrist side in lukewarm wax and then fold the edges inward to make a sturdy base for your hand to rest on. It may not work if the wax wrist is torn or too short

Part 3 of 3: make a wax hand candle

Make Wax Hands Step 18

Step 1. Fill a bucket with wet sand

Gradually stir water into the sand until it is moist but firm. It has to hold long enough to keep in shape.

You can buy sand at a hardware store

Make Wax Hands Step 19

Step 2. Push your hand into the sand

Stick your fingers and hand in the sand in the position of your choice. Gently remove your hand, being careful not to make any more holes. The sand should keep an impression with the shape of your hand.

Make Wax Hands Step 20

Step 3. Hang a candle wick in the hole

Tie a candle wick or braided cotton thread to a pin and lay the pin on the top of the bucket. Adjust the wick so that it hangs in the impression of your hand.

If you want the candle to burn with your fingers facing up, the wick should touch the bottom of the print

Make Wax Hands Step 21

Step 4. Pour hot wax into the mold

Follow the directions above to melt the wax. As soon as it is completely melted, carefully pour the wax into the impression of your hand in the sand.

Wear gloves when pouring hot wax

Make Wax Hands Step 22

Step 5. Let the wax harden

Depending on the type of wax you are using and the size of your hand, this can take anywhere from two to eight hours, but it is advisable to leave your hand overnight to be sure.

Make Wax Hands Step 23

Step 6. Remove the candle from the sand

Once the wax is hard, you can dig it out of the sand or put a plastic bag over the top of the bucket and slowly turn it over. You may need to trim your hand a bit if the wax has leaked out of the original print, or you may need to scrape it off a bit to get the wick out. Once you've done that, your hand-shaped candle is ready.


  • For best hand-shaped candles, use hard paraffin wax that you melt at high heat. Softer waxes can stick to the sand, which can change the texture of the surface.
  • To remove hardened wax from pots and utensils, reheat it and then wipe it off once it's warm and soft, but not too hot to touch. Otherwise, put the item in the freezer and remove the frozen wax.
  • To make hollow wax hands hold longer, fill them with plaster. You can buy them at a hobby store.

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