How to quickly increase your score on Snapchat

How to quickly increase your score on Snapchat
How to quickly increase your score on Snapchat

Do you want to earn more points and quickly increase your score on Snapchat? It is very simple ! Just send and open lots of photo and video snaps. But, to have better chances, it is also necessary to publish many stories.


Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 1

Step 1. Check your current score

Open Snapchat, then tap your profile icon located at the top left of the screen. Your score will appear under your name in the middle of the page.

You can tap on the score to see the number of snaps sent and received

Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 2

Step 2. Send snaps frequently

Your score increases by one point each time you send one. So get used to doing it often with your friends during the day.

If you don't use Snapchat for a few days, your first upload after the idle time will earn you 6 points

Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 3

Step 3. Send snaps to multiple friends simultaneously

In addition to the point you earn for sending the snap, you will receive another point for each recipient. Thus, the same snap sent to 10 friends will be worth 10 to 11 points.

  • As soon as your snap is ready, press the white send arrow Send, and select the recipients by pressing their names. So each person will receive your snap when you tap the send arrow again.
  • The more snaps you send, the more snaps you will receive and open.
Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 4

Step 4. Open the snaps that have not been read

You will receive 1 point for each snap you open. To do this, type the red (photo) or purple (video) box next to the sender's name.

If you watch a snap another time, you won't earn an extra point

Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 5

Step 5. Avoid sending text only

This type of message earns you virtually nothing either when you send or when you open it.

  • You can not reply to your friends with a text message. Just press the circular button Capture, which is located above the keyboard to send a photo.
Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 6

Step 6. Add snaps to your story

Each additional shot earns you one point. To do this, first tap on the arrow Send (send) a snap. Then press the circle My Story located in the upper left corner of the recipient's screen.

Increase Your Snapchat Score Fast Step 7

Step 7. Have more friends

You will usually earn 1 point for each request you accept or when someone else accepts yours. This method is not really sustainable, but it is best for beginners to know about it.

You may not have a point for every friend you add, especially when it comes to people known to the general public, such as celebrities


  • High score helps you unlock certain Snapchat trophies.
  • Have ongoing relationships with your friends. Thus, you will send them daily snaps.


  • Do not use software that claims to improve your Snapchat score, as the algorithm used to generate points on this site cannot be changed.
  • If your score is stagnant, consider updating your app instead.

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