3 ways to choose the colors of your clothes

3 ways to choose the colors of your clothes
3 ways to choose the colors of your clothes

With all the range of clothing we have available, it can be difficult to choose a color. This choice can often be made even more difficult by the event you need to dress for. To make the process easier, look for tones that go well with your natural skin tone, match the color to the occasion, and use different colors to express your mood.


Method 1 of 3: Choose a color according to your skin tone

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Step 1. Identify your skin tone

Look at the color of the veins on your wrist that stand out the most. If they're blue or purple, you've got a cool undertone. If they have a green undertone, you have a warm undertone.

If you can't identify the color of the veins, or if they have both blue and green undertones, you probably have a neutral skin tone, which means you should be able to wear most colors

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Step 2. Highlight a cool complexion

Wear cool colors. If you have a cooler skin tone, the colors that look best on you are pastel pink, emerald green, dark purple, and light blue. Among neutral tones, choose from gray to cool tone, white or navy blue. Avoid orange and yellow, as they will clash against your skin.

This doesn't mean that all colors that can suit cool skin tones will look good on you. Try them out to see what looks best on you

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Step 3. Bring out a warm complexion

Colors like amber yellow, coral pink, olive green, and off-white go well with skin with a warm undertone. Among neutral colors, try taupe, brown-gray, or beige. Avoid cool blues or rich, intense colors.

Then again, don't limit yourself to these colors and wear them all. Not all warm tones will suit you

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Step 4. Consider your eyes

Show them off by matching your clothes. If your outfit has a color close to that of your eyes, your eyes will stand out more. You can also use this trick to find the shade of black that best suits your skin tone. Try to match any black clothing with the black line that goes around each iris.

  • For example, if you have blue eyes, the black around your irises probably has a cool undertone.
  • This method is excellent for pairing tops, jackets and dresses.

Method 2 of 3: Dress for the situation

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Step 1. Dress for an interview

If you're going to a regular job interview, wear blue or black. These two colors are neutral and create the impression of a professional and confident person who is trustworthy. Being dark, they can also give an impression of seriousness and maturity, two excellent qualities for a candidate.

  • Avoid bright, intense colors like orange for this kind of situation.
  • If you have an interview for a less traditional and more creative job, you may be able to choose something else. In this case, brighter colors may be suitable. It is up to you to exercise good judgment.
  • Regardless of the type of job interviewed, avoid flashy costume jewelry. The person you talk to should be able to focus on your personality and abilities, not your jewelry or clothing.
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Step 2. Choose professional attire

Wear neutral colors. What you wear at work depends on the setting or company rules, but in general, it is best to wear neutral tones while you know the dress code in your workplace. Look for gray, brown, black, blue or beige clothes to keep a professional appearance.

  • White is also a neutral color, but it should be perfectly clean. There is nothing worse than a dirty, yellowish white. It is also advisable to reserve this color in spring and summer. If you wear it in winter, choose an item like a heavy sweater.
  • Black seems to attract dust and animal hair. Always keep a clothes brush with you to keep your outfit clean and presentable.
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Step 3. Dress for a date

For a first date, try black or red. Black gives an impression of intelligence, mystery and self-confidence while red evokes passion and sensuality. Clothing like pants, a jacket, a dress or a top in these colors will make a very striking first impression.

  • Of course, if you don't want to wear red or black, you can choose another color. Choose your favorite or the one in which you feel best.
  • Put on clothes and shoes suitable for the weather conditions. For example, don't wear slippers in the middle of winter.
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Step 4. Fit a photo

If you have your photo taken, wear clothes that provide a lot of contrast. Vivid tones and basic colors like white and black contrast well and will make you stand out in the photo. They will also enhance your complexion.

  • Wear these colors close to your face by putting on items like jumpers, tops and scarves.
  • Avoid wearing a turtleneck top when having your picture taken, as your head will look separate from your neck, which won't look pretty at all!
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Step 5. Dress for a wedding

Avoid black and white. Since these are the colors that a bride and groom usually wear at a traditional wedding, it would be unwise to wear them. Any other color is fine as long as it is not too close to those worn by the bride and groom and those around them.

  • If you are afraid to wear the same colors as the bride and groom, you could choose an item with a pattern like a floral dress or a striped tie.
  • For a winter wedding, try a rich, intense color like emerald green, plum, or dark blue.
  • For a summer wedding, look for a bright and cheerful color like a pastel shade, yellow or fuchsia pink.

Method 3 of 3: Choose a color according to your mood

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Step 1. Choose blue

Use it if you feel calm and confident. Blue gives an impression of serenity and positivity and some believe it promotes creativity and independence. If you're feeling calm and positive, wear blue to convey your mood to people around you.

If you've been stressed or anxious, you can also put on blue clothes to try and help relax

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Step 2. Express your creativity

Wear bright tones. Colors like yellow, green, purple, and orange work well for creating an impression of energy and inspiration. Since they are an eye-catcher, they are also excellent for parties or festivals.

It is possible that very bright light colors can make you look youthful or even immature. If you're worried about being taken seriously, choose simple, professional tones

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Step 3. Wear red

It will help you to have a feeling of psychological strength. Red represents confidence, courage and passion, especially in business. If you want to convince someone or make a strong impression, this color is perfect. Wear a red item like a jacket, top, or dress.

Try out various tones. If a bright red doesn't suit you, try a darker shade

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Step 4. Combine several colors

If you have an artistic temper and are particularly creative in your mood, wear several different colors that go well together. Try combinations like orange and turquoise or pink and green.

Preferably choose solid-colored items to prevent your ensemble from appearing too chaotic

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Step 5. Create a feeling of recklessness

Wear pastel tones like mint green, light pink and lavender blue. They reflect a happy and relaxed mood. Choose clothes with light colors in these tones to create a fresh-looking summer outfit.

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