3 ways to firm facial skin

3 ways to firm facial skin
3 ways to firm facial skin

The skin of the face sags with age. It's completely natural, but it can have a huge impact on your self-esteem. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can firm and smooth it out. Whether you use a simple rejuvenating cream or a permanent treatment, you can partially reduce the signs of aging on your skin so that you have a face you want to present to those around you!


Method 1 of 3: Use a firming cream

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Step 1. Use a collagen cream

It will help your skin to stay supple. When shopping for skincare products, look for a face cream that contains collagen peptides. Collagen is a protein found in the skin that helps it stay hydrated and elastic. Over time, this substance breaks down, which leads to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles. A cream that contains it can replenish your skin's natural collagen level so that it appears firmer and hydrated.

Not all collagen creams contain the same ingredients or the same percentage of collagen. Read the instructions for your product carefully to find out how often you should apply it

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Step 2. Apply vitamin C serum

It will firm your skin and bring radiance to your complexion. This type of serum contains a high amount of vitamin C which can firm the skin, reduce sun spots and aging, reduce redness and increase collagen production. Unlike drinking this vitamin (which is also good for your health!), Serums put it in direct contact with your skin so that its benefits are absorbed directly.

  • Vitamin C serums are suitable for most skin types. It is therefore a good option for people with allergies or sensitive skin.
  • They often contain other ingredients that firm the skin, such as retinols, hyaluronic acid, and collagen peptides.
  • Most of these serums can be applied once or twice a day, but always read the package leaflet to find out what frequency of application is recommended.
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Step 3. Try hyaluronic acid

It will make your skin firmer and plumper. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally produced molecule that binds water to collagen in the skin of your face. Much like collagen, it eventually breaks down over time, leaving the skin vulnerable to dehydration and wrinkles. Apply a serum or moisturizer containing this ingredient every day to rehydrate your skin so that it looks firmer and healthier.

In general, hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types and generally does not cause an allergic reaction, acne or rosacea. You can therefore incorporate it into your daily skincare routine

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Step 4. Use glycolic or lactic acid

Look for a cream or serum that contains it. These ingredients work by exfoliation, which means they remove the top layer of the skin. Be aware that they can also increase sensitivity to UV rays. If you notice that your skin reddens in the sun more than when you didn't use the cream, stop applying it and try another treatment.

Consult the list of ingredients before purchasing a product. The level of lactic or glycolic acid must not exceed 10% so as not to present a danger

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Step 5. Use retinol

It will reduce wrinkles. It is one of the most common firming ingredients and you can buy it at almost any drugstore. Creams containing it have been shown to help reduce wrinkles, firm skin, and reduce signs of damage.

  • Retinol may be the most effective ingredient for some people, but it has a lot of potential side effects, including dryness, irritation, sensitivity to the sun, redness, swelling, and blistering.
  • Since it can be irritating, it is generally not recommended to use it more than two to four times per week. If it causes side effects, apply it only once a week. If the effects continue or are very severe, see a doctor.
  • Retinol can also help reduce acne.

Method 2 of 3: Firm your skin professionally

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Step 1. Get a face massage

It will firm your skin painlessly. In general, a facial massage is a pleasant treatment that can help sculpt and lift the skin by working the muscles of the face. According to the institute, a session costs around € 50 in 2021 (some specialized techniques can cost much more) and it will undoubtedly be necessary to perform several for the process to be effective, but in general, it only takes a few sessions to obtain lasting results.

  • In most institutes offering these massages, you can choose to complete the treatment with a firming moisturizer, such as hyaluronic acid serum, to increase the benefits for your skin.
  • Professional massage is likely to produce the best results, but you can also purchase a massage tool to use yourself. You can find it online and in some skin care stores. Their price is very variable and (in 2021) can range from less than 50 € to several hundred euros.
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Step 2. Try microneedles

They will act faster. This treatment is minimally invasive and non-surgical. It consists of piercing the skin with microneedles so that it produces collagen and additional tissues. The process is likely to cause redness and irritation, but usually these effects wear off quickly and your skin becomes smoother, firmer, and fresher within hours or days.

  • Professional microneedle treatments generally cost around € 150 to € 300 per session. Usually, it takes several sessions to get the best possible result. The exact number depends on the desired result, your skin type and your age.
  • The price of micro-needle tools or dermarollers ranges from around € 10 to € 50, but on average, count around twenty euros. They don't pierce the skin as deeply as medical devices, which means they cause less significant changes.
  • Using a device at home can help your firming cream to penetrate deeper, making it more effective.
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Step 3. Try an ultrasound facelift

The result will be even more durable. This fairly recent treatment is very successful today and is often used to firm the skin of the face. This is a non-surgical process that sends energy and heat to the deeper layers of the skin through ultrasound, making it firmer. Just like other non-surgical procedures, this treatment also increases the production of collagen.

  • Although the procedure is relatively new, most people see the effects within 3 months of the first session and the results last for several years.
  • A full face lift using ultrasound costs around € 2,000 in 2021.
  • These treatments are non-invasive and are generally not very irritating. Therefore, a healing time is not necessary which means that you can resume your daily activities as soon as the session is over.
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Step 4. Treat yourself to a radiofrequency facelift

It will stimulate the production of collagen. This treatment is quite similar to an ultrasound facelift. It is carried out using a device that heats the deep layers of the skin with radio waves in order to increase the production of collagen. In general, the skin on the face is immediately firmed up, which makes this method a very good option if you have a major event planned for a short time.

These treatments cost around 100 to 250 € per session and the results last around 6 weeks

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Step 5. Try laser abrasion

Although laser skin treatments are generally used to remove scars, warts, rosacea or telangiectasias, ablative lasers, such as those with CO2 or Erbium lasers, can also be used to reduce wrinkles. They help firm and smooth the skin of the face by removing the most damaged top layers.

  • These treatments can cost between 600 and 1,200 € for the entire face.
  • Treatment is not usually dangerous, but it is important that it be performed by a medical professional who knows your medical history as well as the results you are looking for.
  • This process is more invasive than other firming treatments, such as ultrasound, but less than cosmetic surgery.
  • It may take up to 3 months for your skin to fully recover from treatment, but the results usually last a very long time.
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Step 6. Consider cosmetic surgery

The effects will be permanent. A classic facelift is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess skin, redistributing fat and tissue, and firming the skin of the face and neck. This is a very invasive and expensive process and it takes several weeks or even months for the skin to fully recover from it. However, for many people, this treatment can produce very long lasting results and make their skin firmer and smoother for years to come.

  • The average cost of a facelift can range from around € 6,500 to € 8,500 or more.
  • Cosmetic surgery is associated with several serious risks and potential side effects, including bleeding, infection, heart problems, thrombosis, severe pain, and persistent swelling.
  • Since the process is very invasive and has many risks, it is not a good option for everyone. Consult your doctor to find out if a surgical facelift is likely to be dangerous for you.

Method 3 of 3: Use natural techniques

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Step 1. Practice facial yoga

This is a series of exercises to be performed with your face. Studies have shown this method to be effective, especially for plump cheeks, but you need to be prepared to give it plenty of time. To get good results, you need to do facial yoga every day for about half an hour a day.

This technique is time consuming, but it is non-invasive and inexpensive

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Step 2. Take food supplements

According to some recent studies, taking collagen, zinc, CoQ10 and vitamin C supplements daily may help reduce small wrinkles and firm facial skin. It is not yet clear how well these supplements can work, but it may be worth talking to your doctor to ask if you can incorporate one or more of these supplements into your diet.

You can buy all of these supplements in tablet or powder form

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Step 3. Use a natural mask

All-natural face masks are all the rage, and for good reason! They are most often made from fruit extracts, vitamins, and other natural firming ingredients, like aloe vera and collagen. They are inexpensive and firm the skin quickly and easily.

  • There are still debates about their long-term effectiveness, but many natural face masks firm the skin right away, making them ideal in the short term.
  • Make your own natural beauty masks to firm the skin on your face even less costly.
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Step 4. Take care of your health

Apply sunscreen, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol to help your skin maintain its natural elasticity and prevent skin from falling. 'she relaxes. In addition to preventing or slowing the aging of your skin, good health may help you to naturally firm it and eliminate some signs of aging.


  • Botox injections and other similar products do not necessarily tighten the skin, but they can reduce wrinkles.
  • Although there is little scientific evidence for their effectiveness, some specialists advise different facial exercises to firm facial skin.


  • You can buy devices to treat your laser wrinkles yourself, but always make sure that they are reliable and come to European or French standards.
  • Always consult your primary care physician and an experienced dermatologist before trying any new product or treatment.
  • Both laser and surgical facelifts require anesthesia. Be sure to discuss the risks associated with it with your doctor before the procedure.

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