3 ways to get bigger eyes

3 ways to get bigger eyes
3 ways to get bigger eyes

Do you find your eyes too small? Learn to enlarge your gaze, through natural methods, with makeup and by framing them correctly.


Method 1 of 3: Make your eyes bigger naturally

Get Bigger Eyes Step 1

Step 1. Get enough sleep

If you tend to stay up late, you probably know the red, dry eyes that accompany lack of sleep. To have the biggest eyes possible, it is essential to get enough sleep. To regenerate properly, the eyes need at least 5 hours of sleep per night. Of course, however, you will need at least 7 hours of sleep to feel your best every day.

Get Bigger Eyes Step 2

Step 2. Drink water

Puffy eyes are often the result of dehydration. By giving your body all the water it needs, you will avoid puffy eyes. The recommended amount of water is usually 8 glasses per day. If you have trouble getting enough water throughout the day, take a bottle of water with you everywhere. Take a few sips every time you think about it. The list of benefits of water is very long. Not only will you look more awake, but you will also feel better awake.

Get Bigger Eyes Step 3

Step 3. Moisturize your face

If moisturizing the area around your eyes will enhance them the most, consider moisturizing your entire face. You will appear sharper, and that will have an impact on the effect your eyes will have. Treat yourself to a good moisturizer, as well as a special eye cream. Creams designed for this area are very gentle, which is ideal for sensitive skin on this part of the face.

You will be able to use your face cream around your eye area, but you will likely notice better results using a product specifically designed for that area. You will especially benefit from using a special cream if you have wrinkles around your eyes

Get Bigger Eyes Step 4

Step 4. Massage your eyes

Gently massaging the area around the eyes promotes blood circulation, prevents dark circles and thus enhances the eyes. Slowly massage around your eyes, making small circular motions. However, if you intend to massage this area of ​​your face regularly, invest in a vibrating massage ball. These devices are not very expensive, they prevent the transmission of sebum from the fingers to the face and are specifically designed to promote blood flow around the eyes.

If you massage with your hands, make sure your fingers are clean. Otherwise, you risk transferring bacteria to your face and irritating your skin

Get Bigger Eyes Step 5

Step 5. Work your eyes

The best way to improve the appearance of any part of the body is to exercise it. If that doesn't allow you to actually enlarge the size of your eyes, it's still important to make sure your eyes are as big as possible.

  • Quickly switch between a near view and a far view. Alternating between the two will force your eyes to adjust faster.
  • Directional eye exercises will improve eye mobility and reaction time. Try to move your eyes in different directions. Hold your head in place, then look up, down, right, and left. Try to move your eyes as far as you can in each direction to get the most effective exercise.
Get Bigger Eyes Step 6

Step 6. Adjust your eyes to dim light

It is well known that pupils adapt to the intensity of the light to which they are exposed. Being in a dark or poorly lit room, your pupils will have to widen in order to capture as much light as possible. In a dark place, your pupils will naturally be larger and your eyes may then appear larger as well. Be aware that by exposing yourself to bright light, you will experience the opposite effect. To make your eyes appear larger, avoid looking at too bright a light source.

Studies suggest that pupils contract and dilate even when all you think of is different lighting. If you are in an environment where you cannot control the lighting, imagine yourself in a space lit by dim light and see if that has any effect on your eyes

Get Bigger Eyes Step 7

Step 7. Use an eye mask

By putting on an eye mask for 10 minutes, you will reduce inflammation around the eyes. By doing this regularly, the skin on your face will be softer and your eyes will appear better. If you don't have an eye mask on hand, you can get a similar effect by applying ice cubes to the area around your eyes.

Method 2 of 3: Use makeup

Get Bigger Eyes Step 8

Step 1. Apply eye shadow

Eye shadow effectively draws attention to the eyes and gives them volume. Prefer to apply your eye shadow first, as it will be a colored base for the rest of your makeup (mascara and eyeliner, for example). The color and tone of eye shadow you choose will depend on your eye color. A shade that emphasizes a certain eye color may not do the same with eyes of a different color.

  • Brown eyes are very versatile and can wear just about any color.
  • Blue eyes wear neutral tones best, like brown or dark gray.
  • Green eyes are best highlighted by warm, soft colors. A soft purple or a golden brown will work best.
  • The color of your eye shadow doesn't have to be the same as your eyes. On the other hand, it could make your eye color stand out even more.
Get Bigger Eyes Step 9

Step 2. Use a nude eyeliner

Nude eyeliner is a discreet, yet effective way to brighten up the eyes. Your eyes will appear sharper. And since the eyeliner will be barely noticeable, it will be very versatile and will adapt to any situation. On the other hand, if you want to dramatically enlarge your eyes, try a white eyeliner instead.

Get Bigger Eyes Step 10

Step 3. Try out the feline look

Smoky and feline makeup is a very fashionable and effective way to make your eyes look bigger. Using liquid eyeliner, draw a thin line from the outer corner of your eye and finish with a tip. With the feline look being so prevalent and relatively straightforward, there are many different ways you can wear it.

Remember to apply a primer first. Use an eye shadow the same color as your skin color for this. This will make your eyeliner stand out the best it can be, especially if you are using black or brown eyeliner

Get Bigger Eyes Step 11

Step 4. Apply false eyelashes

If you want to get as much attention to your eyes as possible, false eyelashes are great. They will open your eyes and provide an imposing frame blending into your natural lashes. Apply the glue to the tape connecting the lashes and place it as close as possible to your natural lashes. While false eyelashes don't change the size of your eyes, they will still make your eyes look larger.

Get Bigger Eyes Step 12

Step 5. Try a white eyeliner

While white eyeliner can seem a little intimidating, it will still make you look the most alert. Indeed, white eyeliner opens the eyes. Apply a thin line along your lower lashes and if you are looking for a more original look, you can even finish this line in cat eye. Don't be afraid to wear your white eyeliner on its own. While this product is usually applied in combination with other colors, it will allow you to achieve a bold look if worn alone.

Get Bigger Eyes Step 13

Step 6. Blend a white glitter shadow around your eyes

Like white eyeliner, a sparkling white shadow will brighten up your eyes. Apply your shadow all around your eyes and blend it carefully, until you get the effect of a cloud. Make sure the product is applied evenly and subtly fades into your brows.

  • A sparkly shadow will usually be reserved for special occasions, but you could still try to incorporate it into your everyday look.
  • If you're new to glitter, picking the right sparkle product might take a few tries. This product will nevertheless allow you to create glamorous and original looks.

Method 3 of 3: Frame your eyes

Get Bigger Eyes Step 14

Step 1. Curl your eyelashes

Even if your lashes are naturally curved, consider curling them regularly. Eyelashes are the natural frame of the eyes and curling them will draw more attention to that part of your face. Curled lashes will also give the illusion of larger eyes. Using an eyelash curler, start at the base of your lashes and hold the tool for three seconds. Do not hold the eyelash curler longer than this or you may tear your eyelashes out.

Get Bigger Eyes Step 15

Step 2. Wear rimmed contact lenses

Rimless contact lenses work like regular lenses, but they intentionally cover part of the white of the eye, while slightly increasing the size of the irises. You will get a doe look, reminiscent of Japanese cartoon heroines. While these types of lenses are mostly popular in Asia, you can get a pair on the Internet. These will cost you between 15 and 30 € and are also available from medical brands. For example, you can get them on the LensCircle site.

Rimmed lenses are accused of causing certain hazards and of causing injury and even blindness to some users. They are not subject to European standards. There hasn't been enough research done on the subject, however, and perhaps the fear of the unknown is actually more important than the risk itself. However, you should keep these potential issues in mind if you decide to wear this type of product

Get Bigger Eyes Step 16

Step 3. Ditch the glasses

Thick eyeglasses tend to visibly narrow the eyes through the lenses. If you have a major correction, just taking your glasses off will already make a big difference. Contact lenses are almost impossible to notice and you should fit into them without a problem. If you can afford it, a laser operation will allow you to permanently correct your eyesight. A thinner pair of glasses might also help.


The white eyeliner opens the eyes. Black eyeliner tends to do the opposite. Keep this in mind when putting on makeup, as it could have a big impact on the apparent size of your eyes


  • Don't become obsessed with the size of your eyes. Bigger eyes won't necessarily make you look better. Your eyes will just have to match the rest of your face.
  • Large eyes are more prone to developing nearsightedness. If considered a sign of beauty, large eyes suffer more from sight problems. If you have rather small eyes and would like to have bigger ones, be aware that large eyes also have drawbacks.

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