How to make your legs look longer

How to make your legs look longer
How to make your legs look longer

Many people would like to have longer legs. Even though it is not possible to change your genes, there are several tricks you can use to create the illusion of long, slender, and sexy legs. The right color stockings help lengthen your legs, and the right choice of hem, waistband, and shoes will also help you achieve the look you've always wanted.


Part 1 of 4: Finding the right shoes

Walk in High Heels Step 11

Step 1. Choose more high heels and wedges

One of the most obvious ways to help your legs look longer is to wear shoes that add inches to your waist. High heels will also force your feet to straighten out, making your calves more shapely and longer.

Avoid wearing heels too often. Over time, high heels will damage your joints and cause chronic back pain

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Step 2. Wear flesh-colored shoes

A shoe that matches your skin color will create a long, unbroken line when wearing a skirt or shorts. The solid color and the extra length at the foot will create the illusion of longer legs.

Wear Chelsea Boots Step 2

Step 3. Match your shoes with the bottom

You can create the same unbroken line by syncing your shoes with the pants or tights you are wearing. For example, you could try wearing black tights with black high heels. This monochromatic look creates a clean line that the eyes travel up and down without hitting any obstacles.

Select Shoes to Wear with an Outfit Step 13

Step 4. Avoid ankle straps

The horizontal line created will make the observer's eye stop too soon, which will make the legs shorter. Ankle straps have the opposite effect of high heels and V-shoes. If you like this kind of look, consider wearing tights of the same color to avoid interrupting your leg line.

Wear Cowboy Boots Step 10

Step 5. Wear long boots

Knee-length boots help create a clean, unbroken look from mid-thigh to the floor. Knee-length boots have a similar effect, but less exaggerated. On the other hand, ankle-length ankle boots cut the leg just above the foot. Like the ankle straps, they will make your legs look shorter.

This rule does not apply to ankle boots with a V-cut instead of the horizontal cut. An ankle boot with a v-cut might even help make your legs look longer, as it extends the leg line downward

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Step 6. Choose pointy shoes

There are two ways to lengthen the foot and leg in a pointed shoe. First of all, the pointy shoe usually has at least 2cm more at the toe, which makes it physically longer than a round toe shoe for the same size of foot. Then, the point also gives the illusion that the foot (and by the same the leg) is longer.

Part 2 of 4: playing with your figure

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Step 1. Tailor your clothes

A streamlined figure will look taller, which will lengthen the appearance of your legs. Clothes that don't fit well will weigh down your figure, which will make you look smaller. At the same time, clothes that fit on you make you look smoother. If you can't find clothes that fit you in store, take yours to a tailor or learn how to modify hems at home.

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Step 2. Wear plain clothing

Try to create an outfit that is mostly or all of one color. When your clothes are only one color, it can be harder to see where your legs start and end.

Even though all the colors will make the legs look longer, darker colors like black will have a better effect

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Step 3. Cover your legs in dark colors

Black allows for a slimming effect, which makes your legs look longer. You don't have to dress all in black to take advantage of its ability to make your legs look longer. Black tights or black pants will go well with any outfit.

Dress as a Petite Woman Step 6

Step 4. Add vertical stripes

The vertical stripes help draw the eye from top to bottom, giving the illusion of more length. It is because of this effect that vertical stripes are known to "thin out". Use it to your advantage by wearing pants, tights and skirts with vertical stripes.

Well-drawn folds and vertical rows of buttons can create the same effect

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Step 5. Choose slightly shorter jackets

A slightly shorter jacket can also help you lengthen your figure. It helps to give balance to a longer torso, which also makes the legs longer.

  • While these jackets will help you have longer legs, you should avoid jackets that end at mid-stomach if you have a long bust. A shorter top will lengthen your bust.
  • A jacket with a light edge rather than a chunky hem can also give the illusion of longer legs.
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Step 6. Wear well-cut skirts and dresses

If you are trying to balance a longer torso, an A-line skirt gives the appearance of a higher waist and longer legs. Empire waist skirts are also well suited to this type of figure, as they create the illusion of a higher waist by shifting the gaze. This fit is great for smaller women, as the empire waist helps to lengthen the silhouette.

Dress as a Petite Woman Step 10

Step 7. Find high waisted socks

The eye naturally assumes that the legs begin where the waist begins. By wearing high-waisted stockings, your legs will appear to start higher below your torso. Therefore, they will look longer than they actually are.

Wear Bootcut Jeans Step 7

Step 8. Tuck in your shirt

Just like the high waist which makes it possible to lengthen the legs and shorten the torso, a long shirt will have the opposite effect. To prevent an excessively loose blouse from shortening your legs, you must tuck it into your bottom. Stretch your legs even further by wearing a shirt tucked into a high-waisted bottom.

Wear Bootcut Jeans Step 3

Step 9. Avoid low rise pants

As you guessed, low waist pants have the opposite effect of high waist pants - they make your legs look shorter. If you are trying to lengthen them, you should avoid any kind of pants. If you don't like the look of high waisted stockings, then don't go to another extreme. Instead, wear pants that sit on your natural waist.

Part 3 of 4: taking care of the hems

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Step 1. Keep the hems high

You can lengthen the size of your legs by showing them. Wear shorts and short skirts more often. The shorter it is, the more you will lengthen your figure.

Dress as a Petite Woman Step 2

Step 2. Wear skirts with asymmetrical hems

Straight, horizontal hems interrupt the look as it descends along the silhouette. Increase the length you get when wearing a skirt by choosing one with an asymmetrical hem. The latter will help soften the break, allowing the eye to make a smooth transition with the rest of the legs.

Wear Ankle Boots Step 15

Step 3. Avoid skirts up to the calf

Since the calves are large muscles, they tend to be the thickest part of the legs. When you wear a skirt that goes down to the calves, it can make even the tallest woman look short. Instead, choose skirts that go down to the ankles or up to the knees and above.

Wear Chiffon Pants Step 5

Step 4. Choose wide pants with low hems

Wide-sleeved pants that fall over the top of the foot make the legs slimmer by creating a long, unbroken line that lengthens your appearance. On the other hand, shorter pants will cut that line. Pants that touch the floor are too long and could shorten your figure.

Part 4 of 4: contour the legs

Get Smooth Legs Step 2

Step 1. Exfoliate them with an exfoliating product

Like many women who contour their face with makeup, it is also possible to contour the legs to improve their shape. Before you start, you need to have smooth skin to work on. An exfoliating product helps remove dead skin cells and leaves skin smooth, clean, and unblemished.

Get Smooth Legs Step 6

Step 2. Hydrate your legs

Spread some of your favorite lotion on your skin. It will be easier to work on if it is hydrated rather than dry. A smooth satin finish will have better natural highlights, which will help lengthen your legs.

Cover Up Stretch Marks on Legs Step 10

Step 3. Apply a self-tanner

Follow the instructions on the bottle of the self-tanner of your choice. Spray a thin layer on the skin, focusing on the areas near the muscles and joints. Use an applicator glove for this step to achieve a more even finish and reduce stains on your hands.

For a less permanent effect, you can use a browning product or a slightly darker foundation instead. When using this kind of makeup, be sure to spread it all over the skin with your fingers in circular motions

Cover Up Stretch Marks on Legs Step 4

Step 4. Apply a moisturizer

Use an instant glow moisturizer or sparkle lotion for highlights. Choose a second moisturizer that contains a shimmering lotion. Apply to the areas where the light falls naturally on your legs: along the shins, in the middle of the thighs and around the calves.


  • Always look at yourself when wearing a mirror of your choice large enough to determine if you have achieved the desired result and if it highlights your figure. If you're not sure, ask a family member or friend for their opinion.
  • Keep your overall body shape in mind when choosing an outfit to wear. For example, if you have wide thighs, a miniskirt might make them look even wider, as it lays the horizontal line down the middle of your thighs. This length will then make your legs wider than they are long. Work with clothes that show off you overall, not just your height.

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