7 ways to have blue eyes

7 ways to have blue eyes
7 ways to have blue eyes

Who doesn't love piercing blue eyes? Unfortunately, unless you were born with this color, you cannot have it naturally. You can, however, create the illusion that you have blue eyes. We answer your questions about different ways to have blue eyes so you can safely try various techniques.


Method 1 of 7: Can you change your eye color naturally?

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Step 1. No

Like the color of skin and hair, irises are genetic. This means that unless your genetic code or cell structure changes, you cannot permanently change your eye color without surgery. It is determined by the amount of melanin in the irises: when they contain very little, they are blue. When they contain a lot of them, they are brown.

Many babies are born with blue eyes because their bodies have not yet produced a lot of melanin

Method 2/7: What's the easiest way to have blue eyes?

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Step 1. Wear contact lenses

They can make you look like you have blue eyes without having to make any physical changes. Go to an ophthalmologist and get a pair prescribed to avoid damaging your eyes. If you must wear glasses, you can be prescribed blue lenses to wear every day.

Tinted models found in costume and beauty stores can be dangerous and damage your eyes. Always purchase lenses from an eye care professional

Method 3 of 7: Can you create the illusion of clearer eyes with makeup?

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Step 1. Yes

You can use shades of blue and brown to make your eyes appear lighter. When choosing eye shadow and eyeliner, look for soft tones like light brown and sky blue rather than black. They will help bring out the bluish highlights in your eyes and make them look clearer and more vivid.

Try to wear brown, not black, mascara

Method 4 of 7: Can mood change eye color?

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Step 1. Yes, however, the effect is very subtle

When you experience an intense emotion, such as anger, sadness, or excitement, your pupils may dilate or contract, which may have a slight influence on the apparent color of your irises. However, they are unlikely to change by more than a tone or two.

Method 5 of 7: Can honey make eyes blue?

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Step 1. No, it's an urban legend

Some people claim that by using a mixture of honey and hot water as eye drops, you can make your irises blue. There is no scientific evidence to support this hypothesis and you may simply be severely irritating your eyes.

  • The iris is located in the center of the eyeball and not on the surface. Drops cannot change the color of your eyes because they cannot reach your irises.
  • The same goes for the lemon juice drops. They will only sting your eyes.

Method 6 of 7: Can surgery make my eyes blue?

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Step 1. Yes, however, the process is very risky

There are two types of surgery to change eye color: laser depigmentation and iris prosthesis. Both methods can cause inflammation, cataracts, too much pressure in the eyeballs, and even loss of sight. Moreover, laser depigmentation is prohibited in some countries. If you are considering having your eye color changed permanently, consult an ophthalmologist before making a decision.

Most eye care professionals will advise against having your iris color changed through surgery. It's too dangerous and it's not worth taking so many risks

Method 7 of 7: What if my eyes change color?

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Step 1. Get tested

It can be a sign of illness. If your eyes change color on their own, it could be because of heterochromic iridocyclitis (inflammation of the eyes), depigmentation, uveitis (inflammation inside the eyeballs), or trauma. All of these pathologies can lead to loss of sight and health problems. If you notice anything wrong, see a doctor right away.

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