How to show off your curves: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to show off your curves: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to show off your curves: 13 steps (with pictures)

A curvaceous hourglass figure is considered by many to be the ideal body. But every woman can look like this, regardless of her basic figure, whether she is androgynous, athletic or very feminine. It is important to know the right tips to have this look when you dress, if you want to emphasize or create curves.


Part 1 of 3: wear the right underwear

Show off Your Curves Step 1

Step 1. Find the right underwear for you

The right size bra and panties or shaping underwear like lycra are important for accentuating or creating curves. Underwear that does not fit well will not emphasize your curves properly, but it will also be quite uncomfortable.

Quality lingerie stores offer qualified sales staff who will find the perfect bra for you. Be aware that sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so you might have a different size bra in each brand you wear

Show off Your Curves Step 2

Step 2. Try on and buy a bra

Buy a bra that accentuates and emphasizes your bust while supporting it, when you've found the right size.

  • Get bras with underwire, a good lining, or even a little padding. Each of these elements can make a figure that is little emphasized or androgynous fabulous.
  • Shop for different styles, so that you have several choices of look. You could, for example, choose a flesh-colored bra for your light-colored clothes and a black one for your darker outfits. Wearing a seamless bra will create a smoother figure.
Show off Your Curves Step 3

Step 3. Have the model that supports you in the right place

Lycra underwear allows you to control very specific parts of the body by emphasizing or creating curves while smoothing your figure.

  • These shaping models come in different sizes and shapes depending on where you want to accentuate or shape. You can get for example a model that will act as a classic sheath and will shape the silhouette and emphasize the curves of your buttocks, stomach and thighs, whether you have naturally curves, or you are more androgynous.
  • You can buy these shaping underwear in many stores, as well as online at the sites of the biggest brands of lingerie.

Part 2 of 3: wear clothes to create and accentuate curves

Show off Your Curves Step 4

Step 1. Have your clothes made to measure

Clothing is usually mass-produced to match defined types of sizes. Clothing that is custom-sewn to your figure will accentuate or emphasize the curves while hiding any areas you don't like. These bespoke pieces can also create curves if you don't have one naturally.

  • Your clothes should conform to the lines of your body without being too tight if you want them to accentuate your curves. They should follow the contours of the waist, fit over the shoulders, and fall flexibly to the thighs and calves.
  • You can make your clothes a little more fitted, but not so close to the skin, if you want to create curves on a slimmer figure.
  • You can have, for example, an A-line top that is designed to better conform to the lines of your body by adding stripes to it, or have your dresses and skirts draped in such a way that they just follow the curves of the body.
Show off Your Curves Step 5

Step 2. Wear solid colors and try contrasting colors

Solid colors will create a slimmer silhouette and a combination of two solid colors will further enhance your curves.

  • You can also use color contrast to create curves. A dress, for example, whose sides are a different color than the front and back yoke will emphasize your waist and give you a more curvy look.
  • Horizontal contrasting colors, like wearing one color over another is a bit more subtle, but it'll also highlight your curves.
Show off Your Curves Step 6

Step 3. Wear the correct fabrics

Since fabrics can fall on each silhouette differently, choosing the right fabric for your clothes will accentuate or create curves.

  • The best choices are medium density weaves and soft fabrics that will fall well on your curves. Consider cotton with a small percentage of lycra to allow the outfit to lightly hug your body while still maintaining its shape.
  • Consider fabrics that contain a little more lycra to better support your body while creating curves, if you don't have a lot of it.
Show off Your Curves Step 7

Step 4. Choose clothing details to accentuate or create curves

Small applications or clothing details such as a basque or a corole bottom will accentuate or create curves by drawing the eye to specific places on your body.

  • Basques are a good way to make your hips look more curvy. The basque should be well drawn and not dangle along your dress. Stick to tailored pants or a straight skirt that goes below the knees to create a more structured look if you're wearing a top with a basque. This will give your hips more curves and will slim your waistline.
  • A high neckline can make a person look quite boxy, so you should go for collars that give off the neck well and draw attention to your face.
  • Tops that reveal the shoulders or strapless dresses emphasize your body horizontally, which highlights the fullest part of your body. It will also slim your waistline and help you achieve an hourglass figure.
  • An A-line skirt that tightens at the waist will also create curves, especially if you pair it with a top that is more form-fitting and tucked into the skirt.
  • Draping, often seen on soft, stretchy fabrics, is another way to structure and emphasize curves.
Show off Your Curves Step 8

Step 5. Accentuate your waist

The most effective way to enhance your figure and create curves is to emphasize the waist.

There are plenty of ways to accentuate your waist, including wearing a belt or a loose skirt or wearing tops that are designed to fall over the waist

Show off Your Curves Step 9

Step 6. Don't wear clothes that are too loose or too big

Wearing this type of clothing will erase your curves and create an overly monolithic silhouette.

Anyone can wear prints, but take your figure into account. If you are naturally curvy enough, use the patterns to accentuate one part of the body while keeping the rest of the outfit quite understated. If you are naturally thin, you can wear designs with just about anything. You could, for example, consider a patterned blouse with a cinched waist to create curves

Part 3 of 3: wear accessories that accentuate the curves

Show off Your Curves Step 10

Step 1. Wear a belt

Highlighting the waist is one of the best ways to show off your curves and it will also help you mark your waist with any style of dress.

Make sure the belt matches your style. There are an infinite number of belts and it is essential to find the right model to mark your size. If, for example, you put on a fairly tight top, wear a thinner belt as well. For dresses, you can choose wider sashes, including a Japanese-influenced obi

Show off Your Curves Step 11

Step 2. Wear high heel shoes

A simple pair of classic heeled shoes will not only lengthen your legs, but they will also allow you to create an hourglass figure.

Make sure to choose heel designs that are fairly simple and avoid those that feature details like a strap at the ankles, which will cut your figure line

Show off Your Curves Step 12

Step 3. Accentuate your style with jewelry

You should show off your curvaceous style with the right jewelry. From earrings to bracelets to necklaces, you will gain confidence with these little details.

  • Longer drop earrings and necklaces will emphasize your shoulders.
  • A series of shiny bracelets can draw attention to your hips.
Show off Your Curves Step 13

Step 4. Be confident

The best accessory a woman should wear to draw attention to her curves is her self-confidence. Creating a style that flatters your curves knowing you look good will give you that confidence.

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