3 ways to accept having a flat chest

3 ways to accept having a flat chest
3 ways to accept having a flat chest

If you find it hard to come to terms with your flat chest, tell yourself that you are beautiful the way you are. Many busty women would like to have a smaller bust, and small breasts even have several advantages that you may not be aware of. Accept your body as it is, and remember that with a flat chest, it's easier to find clothes that fit, exercise, and have your breasts checked. Wear tight-fitting clothes that show off your body to have a better self-image. For example, you could wear tops with decorations and items that show off your arms or waist.


Method 1 of 3: Accept your body shape

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 1

Step 1. Love your flat chest

This type of breast has many advantages. For example, you don't have to wear an underwire bra, and breast exams are easier. The physical activities are also easier for women with a rather small bust and you will not suffer from the back problems caused by the big breasts.

It will also be easier for you to find clothes in your size. For example, you won't have to worry about not being able to button a blouse

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 2

Step 2. Appreciate your other parts

Your flat chest doesn't define you. Your body has many other parts that you can love. Take the time to think about the parts of your body that appeal to you and your personal qualities.

  • For example, you might have beautiful hands, long and elegant legs, or a perfect butt.
  • You might also have good listening skills, be a loyal friend, or have a great sense of humor.
Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 3

Step 3. Choose good activities

Do things that make you feel good. Remember that no matter what your breast size is, you are a beautiful person both physically and morally. Your physical appearance is only a small part of you. Make a list of your skills and activities that appeal to you to remind yourself of all the reasons you can be confident in yourself.

  • For example, you might be good at swimming or able to score baskets in basketball every time you shoot.
  • You might be organized, be a good friend, or be creative and artistic.
  • Maybe you love to sing and dance, are good at math, or can cheer up sad people.

Method 2 of 3: Dress confidently

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 4

Step 1. Put on fitted items

Look for clothes that conform to your shapes. They will highlight your body much better than loose items. Choose clothes that are tight without being too tight or restricting your movement. Avoid the ones with clamps, as they may make your breasts look weird and attract attention for the wrong reasons.

If you must wear a garment with darts, it may be too loose at the chest. Consider having it modified by a designer to adapt it to your body

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 5

Step 2. Look for decorated tops

Wear items with decorations to show off your chest. A top with frills, pearls, gathers, lace, pockets or zippers will make your bust look bigger. Pick an item you adore and wear it with something fairly simple at the bottom, like solid colored pants or a skirt.

A decorated top worn with a simple bottom helps to draw attention to the decorations

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 6

Step 3. Vary the collars

Change shape often for an interesting style. Since you have a small breast, you can wear a high neck as well as a plunging neckline. Change frequently and choose tops with interesting details, like openings. Strapless dresses and tops also look great on women with small breasts.

Women with fuller breasts are less fortunate because many tops don't fit very well on them

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 7

Step 4. Wear horizontal stripes

They make it possible to create the illusion of a stronger breast. Since horizontal stripes can accentuate curves, they are ideal for women with small breasts. Look for colors that contrast a lot, like white and black or blue and red.

Try wearing a striped dress or a striped top and plain pants

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 8

Step 5. Highlight your arms

They will help distract from your chest. Put on sleeveless tops and dresses to expose your arms as much as possible. Wear a sleeveless top with a bottom that hides you more, like pants, rather than wearing both a short skirt and a top that bares your arms and shoulders.

Bandeau tops are great for showing off your arms and shoulders

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 9

Step 6. Cast your size

Wear high waisted pants, skirts and shorts to show off this part. The fabric will mold your buttocks and follow their curve up towards your waist, giving you an elegant and well-defined silhouette.

Try pairing high-waisted jeans with a top with a V-neck. Add a flashy necklace to complete your ensemble

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 10

Step 7. Highlight your legs

This will draw attention to your lower body. Wear shorts or a miniskirt to show off your pretty legs. Pair them with slippers or slender pumps to show off your calves. Wear a top that hides you a bit, like a blouse with three-quarter sleeves, rather than a bandeau top or tank top.

Balance is very important. You have to look classy, ​​and an outfit that strips you off too much will give a whole different impression

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 11

Step 8. Wear jewelry

They can help you make your chest stand out. If you want to attract a little more attention to your bust, put on a showy necklace. Choose items with large pendants, lots of colors, or shiny elements. You can even layer several simple necklaces for an original effect.

  • If you're layering necklaces, pair showy and understated designs. For example, you could wear a thin chain, a necklace of small pearls and a large necklace with a showy decoration.
  • When layering several necklaces, it is also important to take into account their length. Combine several different lengths to achieve a harmonious effect that does not draw attention to a single point.
Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 12

Step 9. Limit the padding

You can wear a push-up bra or a lightly padded model, but don't overdo it. If you have a flat chest one day and a C cup the next, people might notice!

When buying push-up or padded bras, make sure they all have the same outside size. You don't want your breasts constantly changing in size

Method 3 of 3: Face the teasing

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 13

Step 1. Avoid obnoxious people

The best way to deal with the kind of person who is likely to harass you is to avoid them as much as possible. If she doesn't have a chance to laugh at you, you won't have to face her insults. Take steps to avoid these people. For example, eat lunch at another table and don't sit next to them in class.

  • If you have to sit next to a mean person in class, ask the teacher if you can change places. Explain that the person you are next to is preventing you from concentrating.
  • If such a person is in your group of friends, you may need to find another group to stay with, especially if your friends are not standing up for you.
Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 14

Step 2. Let the insults pass

When someone laughs at your flat chest, pretend you haven't heard a thing. Mocking people seek to provoke a reaction and if you give them satisfaction, they might just keep going. Keep your cool and stay away or pay no attention to insults.

The same goes for online exchanges and social networks. If you want, you can remove comments from people who insult you or even block them

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 15

Step 3. Defend yourself

If you let the insults pass and they continue despite everything, try to defend yourself, even if it is difficult. Tell the person who is harassing you, “Stop insulting me, it's hurtful! Or "Stop talking to me." When you have said what you had to say, walk away and be proud that you had the courage to stand up for yourself. Sometimes you just need to be assertive to stop harassing you.

Try to stay calm when dealing with these people. If you appear too upset, they may continue to laugh at you just to provoke the same kind of reaction

Deal with Having a Flat Chest Step 16

Step 4. Be strong

Do not lower yourself to the level of the people who make fun of you by insulting them in turn. Be mature by refusing to answer. You could also tell them something like, “I'm sorry if my appearance bothers you, but I know the physical isn't everything. I have a lot of qualities and abilities of which I am happy and proud."

If you continue to be insulted or made fun of, talk to a teacher, the childcare center or a social worker. These people may be able to intervene to put an end to the harassment


  • Be yourself. People will like you for who you are and not judge you based on your body.
  • Make sure your bras are the right size.
  • Regardless of your breast size, you are beautiful.


  • If you have concerns about your health, don't rely on the information you find online. Only a doctor can tell you if you have a problem or not. This goes for all health issues and it is important not to forget this.
  • If your partner tells you that your breasts are too small, that person doesn't deserve you.
  • Cosmetic surgery has many risks and can have many complications. Think carefully before making such a drastic decision.

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