3 ways to hide leg veins

3 ways to hide leg veins
3 ways to hide leg veins

It is not uncommon to notice inflammation of the veins in the legs in some people due to poor blood circulation or certain genetic issues. When they are visible, these veins are not very pleasant to see. Also, wearing shorts or swimwear can become a real headache if you realize that the veins in your legs are exposed for everyone to see. Fortunately, you have the option of temporarily masking your visible veins with a foundation. You can also use natural remedies and exercise to improve your blood circulation and make your veins look smoother.


Method 1 of 3: Use body makeup to cover up visible veins

Hide Leg Veins Step 1

Step 1. Start with clean, exfoliated legs

You will have an easier time applying makeup which will last longer if your skin is free of all dirt, oil and dander. To do this, take a shower, wipe your legs dry, and use a sponge or a textured-bristle brush to gently rub your skin in circular motions to remove dead skin cells. Then rinse again in the shower.

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Step 2. Buy a concealer designed to conceal visible veins

Several companies specializing in skin care and makeup offer products that are designed specifically to conceal the veins in the legs. You can find these products in a beauty product store or in the pharmacy near your place of residence.

  • Usually, these correctors are yellow or orange in color and better conceal the blue tone of the veins.
  • It is advisable to buy a waterproof concealer, especially if you will be going to the beach.
Hide Leg Veins Step 3

Step 3. Apply concealer only where you can see your veins

If you apply the corrector only where your veins are noticeable, it will allow you to have a more even complexion in your legs. Most concealers are usually in liquid form and can be applied with a soft makeup brush.

  • Pass the product directly on the affected part and then use the brush to spread it lightly so as not to leave a visible line that illustrates where it ends.
  • You can also apply the concealer using your fingers, but it can be difficult to clean up afterwards.
Hide Leg Veins Step 4

Step 4. Apply body foundation to concealer

You will need to apply body foundation to the concealer as well as to the other parts of your legs. To make the concealer less noticeable, you can apply a layer of body foundation to your legs. This will blend in with the concealer and thus make your legs look more even and smooth.

Go for a foundation that matches the skin tone on your legs, not your face, which could be darker

Hide Leg Veins Step 5

Step 5. Use a makeup remover

You should use a makeup remover to clean your legs at the end of the day. As is the case with facial makeup, it is best not to leave products that you have passed on your legs to sleep at night. You may not know it, but it can cause your pores to clog and irritate your skin over time.

Use a cleansing cream. It's a good idea to use a cleansing cream designed to clean heavy makeup. Be aware that soap and water will not be enough to properly clean makeup from your legs

Hide Leg Veins Step 6

Step 6. Try the self-tanning cream for a longer lasting effect

If you want your veins to be less visible without makeup, then make the effort to use a self-tan product. In fact, darker skin makes the veins less noticeable. So it is advisable to choose a moisturizing tanning cream to keep your skin healthy.

Method 2 of 3: Improve blood circulation to reduce the appearance of the veins

Hide Leg Veins Step 7

Step 1. Exercise regularly

You need to exercise regularly to improve blood circulation to your legs. The most suitable exercises to keep your legs moving regularly are walking, cycling and bending the legs, among others. They will improve your overall health and as a result will help reduce the appearance of the veins.

Hide Leg Veins Step 8

Step 2. Keep your legs elevated as you rest

You should keep your legs slightly elevated when you sleep or when you need to sit for long periods of time. You can do this by placing a pillow or two under the feet at night or using footrests when possible.

The ideal would be to elevate your feet above the level of your heart

Hide Leg Veins Step 9

Step 3. Avoid sitting or standing for too long

When you don't move your legs for long periods of time, blood circulation is reduced, and this can make your veins worse by making them more visible. Make an effort to move around often to allow your blood to circulate better.

If you work in an office, make the effort to sit on an exercise ball rather than a chair. This will keep your legs moving

Hide Leg Veins Step 10

Step 4. Wear compression stockings during the day

Talk to your doctor about the size and strength of the compression to use, and how long you should use them. You must have at least two pairs so that you can wear one while the other is washed.

You should wear your compression stockings every day and for as long as your doctor recommends, but be aware that you will need to take them off at night before sleeping

Method 3 of 3: Use natural remedies

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Step 1. Spray apple cider vinegar on your legs

You will need to spray apple cider vinegar on your legs to improve your blood circulation. Spray a small amount of this undiluted product on your veins and massage gently. Do this treatment twice a day for a few months. This will help your blood circulate well and will probably make the veins look smoother.

Hide Leg Veins Step 12

Step 2. Massage your legs with coconut oil

Regular self-massage helps increase blood flow to your legs and can help relieve pain as well. Heat the coconut oil until it has the consistency of olive oil and massage your legs using gentle up and down movements.

  • You can massage your legs at least once a day or whenever they are painful.
  • Be careful not to press directly on the swollen veins.
Hide Leg Veins Step 13

Step 3. Spread aloe vera gel on your legs

If you can find an aloe vera plant near you, you can cut off the end of a stem and use the gel that comes out of it. Lightly rub this on your legs, precisely where your veins are visible, to improve blood circulation.

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