How to make your lips look amazingly soft

How to make your lips look amazingly soft
How to make your lips look amazingly soft

Beautiful full lips are a real eye-catcher on a face. However, the lips can be sensitive and they get damaged easily. You can learn natural aesthetic methods to make your lips fuller and softer. Learn how to take care of your lips and make them the center of attention of your face.


Part 1 of 3: soften your lips

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 1

Step 1. Be patient

Whatever strategy you use, make it routine. Your lips may not immediately feel soft. That will take time.

  • You can adopt a daily routine. You can wash and exfoliate your lips after brushing your teeth every morning and evening. This habit will naturally enter your daily routine.
  • If you are using a brush, it is recommended to limit its use to twice a week.
Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 2

Step 2. Apply petroleum jelly

You can apply petroleum jelly to your lips using your finger or a toothbrush. The toothbrush can help exfoliate your lips or push in petroleum jelly.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 3

Step 3. Add a sugar scrub to your routine

You can make a honey-based scrub to exfoliate your lips while moisturizing them. It will make your lips very soft.

  • A simple sugar scrub consists of a mixture of one cup of sugar and half a cup of olive oil that you will apply like a paste.
  • There are many great yet easy recipes for making your own sugar scrub. These recipes usually involve a few ingredients including sugar, oils, and water. You can find an easy recipe in the article Make a honey lip scrub.
Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 4

Step 4. Apply a tea bag

This tip may sound a little odd, but applying a tea bag to the skin has been scientifically shown to help revitalize it. After letting your tea steep in hot water, apply the sachet directly to your lips for 3 to 5 minutes. You will notice that your lips will be softer after this application.

  • For this trick, you can use any type of tea. Green tea is especially good because it is rich in antioxidants.
  • Wring out the excess water in the tea bag before applying it to your lips.
Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 5

Step 5. Apply moisturizing lip balm

A good tip is to have different lip balms and put them in different jackets or bags. This way, you will be sure to always have it with you.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 6

Step 6. Avoid aromas, tinctures and fragrances

Artificial additives can dry out your lips and make them look less healthy. Stick to natural products, it's best for your lips.

Part 2 of 3: Prevent damage to the skin

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 7

Step 1. Stay hydrated

People often don't drink the recommended amount of water. Doctors suggest that if you are thirsty, you are already showing signs of dehydration. This can very easily dry out your lips and cause chapping. Stay hydrated on a daily basis by drinking the right amount of water for your lifestyle. This will help repair your lips and maintain their softness.

The amount of water needed for each person depends on their activity level, weight, season, etc. For optimal hydration, it is recommended to eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 8

Step 2. Avoid spicy foods

Spicy foods, such as chili peppers, can dry out or irritate the lips. If you're about to enjoy your favorite spicy curry, be sure to coat your lips with balm or oil to protect them.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 9

Step 3. Apply almond oil, coconut oil or butter

These are healthy oils to hydrate your skin. They also taste great and can add extra protection to your lips.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 10

Step 4. Avoid taking showers that are too hot

These can dry out your skin. Avoid showers that are too long and too hot to help repair your skin. Instead, take shorter showers or use cooler water.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 11

Step 5. Dress appropriately

The climate can dry out your skin. If you find yourself outdoors during the winter months, the wind can be particularly brutal. Wear a sling around your neck and around your mouth to prevent these areas from suffering further.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 12

Step 6. Humidify your environment

An air humidifier can help inject humidity into a room. It can help hydrate your skin naturally. Often the air is drier and more harmful to your skin in winter.

Part 3 of 3: Choosing a Good Lip Moisturizer

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 13

Step 1. Choose a lip balm that has sun protection

Sunburn can cause cancer, blisters, cracking and can make your skin peel. Use a lip balm that contains sunscreen (with an SPF of at least 15) or sunscreen to apply to your lips. Apply daily to protect your skin from the sun.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 14

Step 2. Avoid allergens

Make sure your lip balm is free of anything that could cause you an allergy. This may cause an adverse reaction. Cleaning products can contain chemicals such as salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. These products cause dryness of the skin, and sometimes an allergic reaction.

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 15

Step 3. Consider using cucumber

Cucumber is very hydrating and can look fantastic on your lips. Consider using a moisturizer that contains cucumber.

You can also apply a cucumber directly to your lips for 3-5 minutes. This will allow your lips to absorb the moisture from the vegetable

Have Amazingly Soft Lips Step 16

Step 4. Choose a moisturizer that contains vitamins A, B, and E

These are essential vitamins that can help you retain moisture and keep your body healthy.

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