How to be beautiful in a bikini (with pictures)

How to be beautiful in a bikini (with pictures)
How to be beautiful in a bikini (with pictures)

Whether you want to look good at a beach party or get ready for the summer season, many women seek to look beautiful in their bikinis. Wearing a bikini can be intimidating, especially since people spend most of their time fully dressed. Fortunately, with some effort, the right swimsuit, and a little confidence, it is possible to look pretty in your bikini. Then you can focus on having fun!


Part 1 of 4: prepare your body

Look Good in a Bikini Step 1

Step 1. Eat foods that will reduce bloating

A few days before the day you wear your bikini, cut back on carbohydrates and salty foods, such as frozen meals and processed foods. Also, try to avoid vegetables that produce gas, such as onions, beans, and broccoli, which can cause your bowels to swell. Prefer to eat cooked spinach, celery, asparagus and tomatoes, which are diuretics and could help you shed water weight.

Look Good in a Bikini Step 2

Step 2. Drink plenty of water

By hydrating your body well, your skin will not only be more beautiful, but you will also avoid suffering from water retention, which promotes bloating. Drinking water can stimulate the elimination of fluids and you will look slimmer. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water each day to stay well hydrated, and even more if you are sweating or participating in physical activity.

If you have trouble drinking plain water all day, brighten up your drink with a slice of cucumber, a few blueberries, or a lemon

Look Good in a Bikini Step 3

Step 3. Epilate the areas that need to be epilated

The day before your outing to the beach, don't forget to shave your legs, armpits and bikini line. Shaving the night before will prevent your skin from burning if you bathe in chlorinated water. Always shave with shaving foam and a sharp razor with a moisturizer strip to prevent razor burn.

To remove all traces of hair, make an appointment with a professional who will wax you. These treatments can be expensive, but they will keep you hair free for a long time

Look Good in a Bikini Step 4

Step 4. Adopt a fitness program

Whether you're doing yoga, running, or weight training, find a way to get your core working out. One of the best ways to shed pounds and prepare for summer is endurance sports. Exercise is good for the appearance of the body, but it also keeps the heart healthy. Find an activity you love and get your body moving so you can be your best.

Part 2 of 4: find the right fit

Look Good in a Bikini Step 5

Step 1. Try out different styles and cuts

Bikinis in different colors, patterns, styles and cuts will enhance the body in a different way. If you're not comfortable with a certain fit, don't hesitate to ask a salesperson to help you find the right bikini model and size for your body. Try not to focus on the size listed on the tag, as sizes differ from brand to brand and style to style. Also note that you can choose your bikini top and bottom separately, in order to get a swimsuit that fits you perfectly.

Look Good in a Bikini Step 6

Step 2. Wear a top that fits you well

Every woman is made differently, and you'll need to figure out what your body needs to be the best it can be. A bikini top that supports and flaunts your bust is a key point in looking beautiful in a bikini. Here are some tips to follow.

  • If you have little breast, try a padded or boned top, which will increase the volume of your breasts. You should also look for adjustable straps at the back and shoulders, so that you can tighten it properly. Ruffled tops, triangle tops and headbands are sure to put you in the spotlight.
  • If you have a big bust and need more support, choose a bikini top with ribs and wide straps. This kind of model will suit you better than models with thin straps. Halter tops could also be flattering, as they put the chest forward. Avoid bandeau tops and triangles.
  • If you have rather broad shoulders, try to balance your figure by choosing a more conspicuous bottom and a rather subtle top. Choose a bottom in a bright color, printed or embellished with frills and look for a top with wide straps.
Look Good in a Bikini Step 7

Step 3. Show off your legs with the perfect stocking

Luckily, bikini bottoms come in different styles and cuts, and you're bound to find a model that flatters your body. Whether you want to lengthen your legs or add dimension, there is a style for you. Here are some tips to follow.

  • If you have rather short legs and an equally short torso, find a swimsuit that will lengthen your figure. Choose a swimsuit that goes up high on the thigh, these styles are made to lengthen the legs. This cut will have its effect on round hips as on straight hips. Vertical stripes can also help give the illusion of a slimmer body.
  • If you have a slender body and long legs, try swimsuits with frills at the hips and bust. Swimsuits adorned with jewels, ruffles, bows and ties help to bring dimension and they will bring volume to your figure. Choose a model with horizontal rather than vertical stripes and prefer bright colors.
Look Good in a Bikini Step 8

Step 4. Create curves on a thin body

If you lack curves at the top or bottom, choose a swimsuit that will create some. High waisted bottoms, bikinis with ruffles and bows and strapless swimsuits will look great on you. Wear a solid color bottom and a printed or embellished top, to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Avoid wearing a top and bottom in the same solid color, and don't wear vertical lines.

Look Good in a Bikini Step 9

Step 5. Choose a swimsuit that covers you properly

If you're more of a big butt, try a bikini bottom that includes a skirt, which will cover what you want to cover. If you want to wear ruffles or bows, save them for the top. Look for a bottom without texture, which will not add more volume to the lower part of your body. Also avoid garish prints and overly vivid colors.

Part 3 of 4: show off your body

Look Good in a Bikini Step 10

Step 1. Moisturize your skin

Apply moisturizer to hydrate and revitalize dry areas for luminous skin. Apply the cream from your shoulders to your toes, before putting on your bikini. Make sure to make the product penetrate well, using circular motions.

Look Good in a Bikini Step 11

Step 2. Apply self-tanner

Tanned skin will make you look thinner and hide any bruises and other blemishes. Take a trip to the local drugstore and choose a self-tan product. To apply it, first exfoliate your skin with a washcloth, then spray or apply the self-tanner. Be sure to follow the product instructions for the application to be successful.

If you don't want to apply the self-tanner yourself, make an appointment with a professional. Most tanning salons offer self-tanning treatments. Be aware, however, that these can be expensive

Look Good in a Bikini Step 12

Step 3. Wear covering clothing

Wearing something over your bikini will make you feel more confident and add style to your beach look. You could wear a cotton halterneck, a fringed sarong, or a lace kimono. These pieces are ideal to wear when you are not swimming and lounging by the water, as they will allow you to cover yourself without having to fully dress.

Look Good in a Bikini Step 13

Step 4. Accessorize with a hat

Sun hats help protect your skin while looking chic. Look for a straw hat, which will go wonderfully with your beach look. Contrary to what some people think, anyone can wear a hat, especially with a bikini.

Look Good in a Bikini Step 14

Step 5. Create the illusion of a slimmer waist

A good way to slim down is to lift your breasts up with a bikini top with whales or by using waterproof adhesive plaster. To use the plaster, first glue it under your arm and bring it inward, pulling it so that it lifts your breasts and highlights your cleavage. To secure everything, use 3 pieces of tape on each side.

Part 4 of 4: be sure of yourself

Look Good in a Bikini Step 15

Step 1. Give yourself a compliment before you leave your home

Make sure you are in a positive frame of mind before you leave your home, so when you get to your destination, you'll be ready to have some fun. Hiding in a corner, walking around arched, or finally deciding that you can't put on a bikini, you won't be able to have the super time you deserve. Before you leave the house, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself the following compliments.

  • "I'm beautiful in my bikini and I'm going to have a great day!" "
  • “I am a very beautiful woman and I deserve to be good about myself. "
Look Good in a Bikini Step 16

Step 2. Stand up straight

Having good posture creates flattering lines that will help you look more confident. Just throw your shoulders back and lift your chin up, so you look slimmer and taller. Imagine that your navel is pulled towards your spine, it will help you to tuck the belly. If you find yourself hunching over, try to remind yourself throughout the day to maintain good posture.

Even when you are seated, you should get into the habit of standing properly, keeping your back straight, shoulders back, and chin up

Look Good in a Bikini Step 17

Step 3. Remember that people are focused on themselves

If you are among other people in swimsuits, chances are these people are much more concerned with their appearance than yours. Most women have complexes about their bodies and looks, just like you, and they too probably want to look beautiful and feel good in their bikini. If you can let go of your complexes and have a good time, your positive vibes could reach the people around you and create a positive atmosphere.

When you arrive at the event or meeting point, focus on everything except your bikini. Think about the friends you will be spending the day with, the relaxing time that awaits you, or the new memories you are about to make for yourself. The image you send back in a bikini should be the least of your worries

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