4 ways to show off small breasts

4 ways to show off small breasts
4 ways to show off small breasts

If you find that your breasts are too small, you don't need to take hormones or have cosmetic surgery to get them a size that's right for you. The right bra or clothing can be very effective in making your breasts appear bigger. If you are still not satisfied, you can also do exercises to build muscles and improve your posture to increase your bust size. If neither of these methods works, makeup applied with the contouring technique can highlight your breasts so that they appear fuller.


Method 1 of 4: Choosing the right bra

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 1

Step 1. Take your measurements

Measure yourself so you can choose a bra that fits you. A well-fitting bra can make your breasts appear larger than if you were wearing something that doesn't fit well. Measure your back circumference just below your breasts, going around your rib cage to determine the length of the elastic. Then measure your bust, going over the fullest part of your chest.

To find your cup size, subtract your back measurement from your chest measurement and consult a size guide that matches your country's measurement system

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 2

Step 2. Choose a full cup bra

Choose this style over molded models for everyday wear. In a molded bra, the breasts can settle to the bottom of the cups and appear small. Instead, choose a full-length model with seams to maintain the shape and size of your chest.

  • Molded bras hold their shape even when you're not wearing them, while full cup styles are made from soft fabric that hugs your breasts.
  • If you still prefer to wear a molded model, make sure the size fits you perfectly to avoid giving the impression that your chest is smaller.
Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 3

Step 3. Use frames

Look for an underwired bra to enlarge your breasts and give them a nice shape. This type of model can subtly lift the chest while adapting to its size. The support it provides brings comfort to the breasts while giving them a natural shape. Underwired bras can have a basket, bandeau or plunging cut.

Underwire can be unpleasant to wear for women with a pear-shaped body or ribs that stick out a lot, as they can warp and sting the skin. If you're uncomfortable with an underwire bra, try a push-up or a full cup style

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 4

Step 4. Try a push-up

Choose a pattern with crescent-shaped foam. This shape can bring your breasts to the middle so that your cleavage is more defined. Look for a push-up (or padded) bra with soft pads that will conform to the natural shape of your breast better than firmer cups.

You can also buy a sports bra or padded bikini top to give your breasts more volume when playing sports or swimming

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 5

Step 5. Replace your bras

Check their condition every 3 to 4 months. When they are old and worn, they do not support the breast as well. Spandex especially tends to break down over time when you wear it frequently. Put on your bra and look at yourself in profile in a mirror. If your nipples aren't up, but facing down, it's time to change your bra.

Method 2 of 4: Wear the right clothes

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 6

Step 1. Put on tight clothes

They will allow you to give an hourglass shape to your body. If your waist looks slim, the hourglass shape will be accentuated and your breasts will appear larger. Choose a garment that is cinched or with a high waist to better showcase your body. Wear a belt to further slim your waist

A loose, flowing top can make your bust look smaller

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 7

Step 2. Look for horizontal stripes

They can make your bust appear larger and your breasts larger. The wider the stripes, the more marked this effect. Wear a striped top with a plain skirt or pants to show off your bust to the max.

Depending on your body type, the horizontal stripes may not suit you. A frilly top can also make your bust stand out without making your entire upper body look wider

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 8

Step 3. Wear the correct accessory

Look for something that goes down to your chest. If your bust is the eye-catching part of your ensemble, it can help your breasts look fuller. Wear a necklace, pendant or brooch on the chest to draw attention to your bust. A short necklace with a large pendant can be perfect for making your breasts look bigger.

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 9

Step 4. Put on sculpting lingerie

It can give the impression that your breast is more generous while respecting your natural morphology. Sculpting tops with a built-in bra are ideal for increasing your breast size. Buy these items yourself to make sure you get the correct size.

  • Don't buy oversized sculpting underwear. If they don't fit you enough, they may wrinkle and show under your clothes.
  • You can also try wearing two smooth cup molded bras one on top of the other to make your bust look bigger.

Method 3 of 4: Exercise and improve your posture

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 10

Step 1. Keep your back straight

This will bring out your bust to the fullest. If you slouch, your breasts may look a lot smaller than they actually are. If you tend to slouch or arch your back when sitting or standing, try to straighten up and keep your back straight. Do exercises to improve your posture to straighten your back and make your chest stand out more.

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 11

Step 2. Do push-ups

They will allow you to strengthen your chest. Contrary to what many people think, if you have large muscles in your torso, it will make your breasts look bigger and not smaller. Do push-ups every day to work those muscles. Place your hands flat on the floor and spread your arms and feet about the width of your shoulders. Bend your elbows and then push yourself upwards so that your arms are extended. Repeat the exercise the number of times you want. Start with five to ten push-ups per session and gradually increase the number over time.

  • If you can't do push-ups with your toes supported, try kneeling down and using the same technique.
  • Try doing push-ups against a wall. Use the same technique, but lean against a wall, not the floor.
Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 12

Step 3. Use a medicine ball

Use a weighted ball or medicine ball to make the muscles in your torso bigger. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat. Hold the ball above your chest and throw it vertically as high as possible. Catch it with outstretched arms then lower your arms back to their starting position and repeat the exercise.

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 13

Step 4. Do bench presses

Use dumbbells or a barbell. Strength training the chest can end up making your chest feel fuller. Start by using a barbell, as it is easier for beginners. Once you've gained some experience, move on to dumbbells.

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 14

Step 5. Persevere

Strengthen for at least a month before you measure yourself. It takes time to build muscle, and you may need to perform the exercises for 4-6 weeks before you see a change in your body shape. If you haven't obtained any results after this period, increase the duration or intensity of your sessions.

Change your strength training routine every 6 to 12 weeks. In this way, your body will have to constantly adapt to new exercises and will continue to exert efforts and to build muscles

Method 4 of 4: Make up your cleavage

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 15

Step 1. Choose an applicator

Choose a blush or contouring brush. A medium flat brush is perfect for this technique. The softer, supplied powder brushes do not blur makeup as well and provide less control over the shapes drawn. Small eyeshadow brushes aren't ideal either, as they tend to leave streaks in makeup.

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 16

Step 2. Take some bronzer

Choose a matte product. Contouring involves forming fake shadows on the chest to make your breasts look bigger. Choose a powder darker than your skin a tone or two so that the shapes look natural and you can control them well.

  • Test makeup on your hand before putting it on your chest to make sure the color is right.
  • In addition to the bronzer, you need a slightly shiny powder complexion illuminator.
Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 17

Step 3. Make up the top of your breasts

Apply bronzer between the top of your breasts and your cleavage by drawing a V shape. Then apply a little complexion illuminator on the top of each breast and around the V. Your breasts will appear larger and more rounded.

Make Small Breasts Look Bigger Step 18

Step 4. Blend makeup

Run the brush over the bronzer and the complexion illuminator so that the powders blend into each other and their outlines do not stand out. Look at yourself in a mirror and make sure there is no visible makeup.

Observe your reflection somewhere where the light is natural to see the effect


  • Adult female breasts continue to grow long after the age of 20. If you are young, your breasts may not have finished growing yet. Compare her to the breasts of other women in your family to try to estimate how big she might be.
  • You can layer two bras to make your breasts look bigger. Put the smaller one first and the larger one on top.
  • Tan lines on your chest can define the shape of your breasts and make them look bigger.

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