How to dye your pubic hair: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to dye your pubic hair: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to dye your pubic hair: 13 steps (with pictures)

Do you know the latest trend? Change the color of her pubic hair! Some people do it to cover their white hairs, others to match their hairs to their hair. Whatever your reasons, you can dye your pubic hair with regular hair dye, but then you will need to take care to protect your skin and make sure you choose a product that is free from harmful chemical ingredients. And if you want to dye that area a bright color, you can opt for a temporary fix by applying Kool-Aid.


Method 1 of 2: Using hair dye

Dye Pubic Hair Step 1

Step 1. Choose an ammonia-free and paraben-free hair dye

The pubic area is very sensitive and vulnerable to chemicals. Read the ingredient list on the back of the tincture box, to make sure the product does not contain ammonia or parabens that could irritate your skin.

  • Look for a dye that says "chemical free", "organic" or "natural".
  • You can choose the dye of the color of your choice. Choose the same shade as your hair or have fun with a pink or blue coloring!
Dye Pubic Hair Step 2

Step 2. Apply petroleum jelly to the most sensitive areas

The petroleum jelly will form a barrier between your skin and the dye, so that the dye does not stain or irritate the area. Apply a thin layer to your lips, vulva, penis or scrotum.

Be careful not to apply petroleum jelly to the hair you want to dye, as the substance will prevent the pigments from reaching the hair

Dye Pubic Hair Step 3

Step 3. Put on plastic gloves and prepare the dye

The product leaflet will present the instructions to follow to prepare the tincture. The tincture box should also contain plastic gloves. Put them on before starting to prepare the product, in order to protect the skin of your hands.

  • If the box of your tincture does not contain gloves, you can buy them at a beauty supply store, supermarket or on the Internet.
  • Test the dye on a small area of ​​skin before applying it to the hair to be dyed, to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.

How to test hair dye on your skin

1. Apply a small amount of the dye to your skin with a cotton swab. You can do this test wherever you want, for example on the back of your hand or on the inside of your thigh.

2. Let stand 48 hours.

3. Take a look at the test. If the skin is irritated, burned, or reddened, do not use this tincture.

Dye Pubic Hair Step 4

Step 4. Mix an equal dose of moisturizing shampoo with the tincture

This will allow you to dilute the tincture, so that it is not too aggressive for your pubic area. Pour a dose of shampoo equal to the amount of tincture prepared, into the tincture itself. Mix the two substances with a spoon, until you obtain a homogeneous preparation.

  • The amount of dye will be indicated on the product box. Measure this same amount of shampoo.
  • For example, if you have 80g of hair dye, you will need to add 80g of shampoo.
  • Choose a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients, such as argan oil, vitamin E oil, or the like. Avoid shampoos containing parabens, which will irritate your skin.
Dye Pubic Hair Step 5

Step 5. Apply the dye to your pubic hair

Using the applicator brush supplied with the stain, apply the product, making sure to saturate all the hairs to be stained. Avoid rubbing the dye or letting it come in contact with very sensitive areas, such as your vagina.

  • Most hair dyes will come with an applicator brush. If this is not the case with the product you are using, buy a brush at a specialty store or on the Internet.
  • You can also use a small, soft-bristled paint brush, instead of a hair dye applicator.
Dye Pubic Hair Step 6

Step 6. Let the dye sit for about 30 minutes

This will allow the color to act completely on the pubic hair. Read the product instructions to know its exact exposure time, which may vary depending on the type of product and the brand. Some tinctures will only need to sit for 20 minutes.

  • If you experience any burning or painful itching, rinse the product immediately.
  • Set a timer or use your phone's stopwatch to track the progress of the exposure time.
  • Do not let the dye sit for longer than the recommended time or you may damage your hair and skin.
Dye Pubic Hair Step 7

Step 7. Rinse off the tincture with lukewarm water, using a washcloth

Get in the shower so that the water runs over the treated area and removes the product from your pubic hair. Gently rub the area with a clean washcloth, to remove the dye and petroleum jelly residue.

  • Once the water flowing from your pubic area is clean, you will know that all of the dye has been removed.
  • If any dye remains on your skin after you dry it, dab the area with a cotton ball dipped in an astringent or witch hazel water to remove the spots.
  • Once your hairs are dry, if the color does not please you, you will have to wait 4 weeks before dyeing them again, in order not to damage the hairs.

Method 2 of 2: Dye your body hair with Kool-Aid

Dye Pubic Hair Step 8

Step 1. Mix 2 packets of Kool-Aid and 450 ml of water

Start by pouring the water into a saucepan. Then add the contents of the two packages of Kool-Aid. With a spoon, mix well, until you obtain a homogeneous preparation.

  • Choose a Kool-Aid powder that is the shade you are looking for for your pubic hair. For example, using Cherry Kool-Aid, you will dye your body hair red.
  • You can also mix packages of different colors.

Kool-Aid colors to use for pubic hair


blue raspberry + cherry

Bright red:



lemon-lime + blue raspberry


lemonade + orange + reason


pink lemonade.

Dye Pubic Hair Step 9

Step 2. Boil the liquid for 1 or 2 minutes over medium heat

Place the pot on the heat and bring the water and Kool Aid mixture to a boil. Stir while the liquid is boiling, so that the powder does not fall to the bottom of the pan.

On a gas cooker with 9 heat settings, this will correspond to setting 6 or 7

Dye Pubic Hair Step 10

Step 3. Remove the pan from the heat and pour the liquid into a bowl

Do not leave the mixture in the hot pot, as it will continue to cook, which could impact the vividness of the color. Immediately transfer the preparation to a bowl.

  • If you don't have a bowl, you can use a cup or basin.
  • If you are using a plastic container, be aware that Kool-Aid may stain it.
Dye Pubic Hair Step 11

Step 4. Apply the preparation to your pubic hair

Immerse the brush in the bowl, so that it absorbs the liquid. Then apply the preparation to your hair, making sure to evenly cover each strand with the color. Avoid applying the mixture to the most sensitive parts of this area.

  • Work over an old towel, to prevent the Kool-Aid from staining your floor.
  • You can buy an applicator brush in beauty stores or on the Internet. You can also use a paint brush with soft bristles.
Dye Pubic Hair Step 12

Step 5. Let the Kool-Aid mix sit on your pubic hair

Light hairs, for example blonde or gray, will absorb color faster. However, black or brown hairs will only change color after 30 minutes.

To track exposure time, use a timer or your phone's stopwatch

Dye Pubic Hair Step 13

Step 6. Rinse your pubic hair with lukewarm water, using a washcloth

Run water over your pubic hair to remove the preparation. Gently rub the area with a washcloth to remove the pigments from your skin.

  • Once the draining water is clean, the Kool-Aid mix will have been completely removed.
  • For a deeper color, repeat the entire process once your pubic hair has dried.
  • The color will last 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how often you shower.

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