3 ways to be a mystery girl

3 ways to be a mystery girl
3 ways to be a mystery girl

You may be tempted to open up to everyone around you. After all, it doesn't make us hot or cold that people know a ton of things about us. But if you really want to spark someone's interest, playing the mystery card may be a better tactic. Read on if you want people to ask, "What the hell is this?""


Method 1 of 3: Think mysteriously

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 1

Step 1. Be yourself

Have you ever met someone who is really different from you? So different that even his way of seeing the world is just… fascinating? These people are not mysterious in nature, they are mysterious just because they are different from you. Do you know the only way to be different from others? It is by being yourself.

Honestly, think about it a bit. When a man and a woman start to see each other, the mystery mainly comes from how each sees the world and interacts with it. The man sees the woman strolling in his feminist universe knowing that he will never be part of it and vice versa. It's the same with your universe, whether you are a man or a woman, and it does not matter the relationship

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 2

Step 2. Be Confident

You have to be confident to truly be yourself in today's world, a world the media portrays as a place to blend in and succumb to fleeting trends. When we say "grow or disappear", it is clear that the only way out will be to develop. And people love confident people because they are very magnetic. They are persuasive, attractive and admirable and it is generally unknown why.

There is nothing mysterious about having low self-esteem. When this happens to you your actions are dictated to you by "what will we say" and you keep asking yourself this question "Will people accept me?" »1) It is not attractive and 2) It is very easy to notice and understand that you have low self-esteem. The confident person - that is, one who is comfortable in his own skin, who asserts himself, who stands up for what he believes in, is the one to whom people naturally flock, the one that people look and say "What's so special about her? "

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 3

Step 3. Be calm

People who show their emotions in the open leave little room for mystery. After a few days, we know what revels them, what makes them happy and what can push them to shut themselves up in their corner. But if you are that person who keeps calm at all times, no one will know what is affecting you. But the opposite effect, however, is that they will try harder to find out!

Be light-hearted even in the most dramatic situations. And if you have to show emotions, show those which may not necessarily be relevant to the circumstance. It's cold outside, but why isn't it snowing? What is wrong with Mother Nature? What game does she want to play? ! This winter is really not worth it. You are going to Belize

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 4

Step 4. Be polite

Since mystery rhymes with "dark" and "distant," it is essential to address these negative points with politeness. Being mysterious doesn't mean being rude and insensitive. Do not confuse them! Everyone deserves to be treated well, no matter what image you want to portray.

Having a slight smile on your face at all times is a great start. You will seem more friendly and approachable, but on top of that people will be asking, "What the hell is going on in his head?" You know what it is if you've ever met someone laughing or smiling to themselves on the street

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 5

Step 5. Don't be afraid of being silly

As we age, we slowly take in the full measure of what society expects of us and how to behave in public. You could put a chicken wing in your mouth, chew it, and spit out the bones on the ground, but you don't (well, probably not). You don't have to follow this example to the letter, but think for a moment what effect it would have, it wouldn't be bad. When a waiter walks up to your table to take your orders, sometimes you feel like saying "I could tell you, but I'll have to kill you afterwards" quite inexpressively and it works.

While not the most sophisticated of tactics, it will make people wonder what's going on in your brain. And it can be funny! So the next time you order a shrimp salad, precede your order with this "I'm allergic to shellfish." When asked why you are ordering it, say you are trying to get used to it

Method 2 of 3: Interact with others

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 6

Step 1. Keep the details to yourself

When people ask us questions, we usually know what they expect answered. When someone asks "Are you in a relationship right now?" ", We know this implicitly means" Do you have a relationship? " If so, what type and with whom? Instead of saying, "Yes I have a boyfriend, his name is George. George Glass. "Just say" Yes. They won't know if they need to ask more questions, but they sure will be dying!

  • Try to relate the actual stories accurately without ever really going into depth. Don't comment, stick to what really happened.
  • Let's say your boyfriend asks you questions about your ex. Instead of dwelling on why it didn't work out between you, tell her, “We weren't meant for each other. I stopped thinking about it after the relationship. " Simply. Lapidary perhaps, but relevant to the question and honest.
Be a Mysterious Girl Step 7

Step 2. Be indecipherable

Most of our interactions with others are not verbal. We have ten or so "words" that tell others how we are feeling at a particular time. Be aware of this fact and take advantage of the clues that people rely on. Do you know how serious James Bond is when he tells a joke? It's something like that. When he flirts with a woman, he's just as stoic. This is a mysterious guy.

Think about your body expression when interacting with someone. Experiment with varying your body language and then watch how people react. Play with your tone of voice, your gaze. Let them wonder what the hell is going on with you

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 8

Step 3. Take your attention away from the other person

It is surprisingly very easy. Start a conversation with someone and all you have to do is ask them questions to get them to spread out over their life. In the end, she'll think you're very good at keeping the conversation going and won't even realize she hasn't learned anything about you. In short, people love to talk about themselves, so take advantage of it!

Ask open-ended questions. Jump at the chance as soon as it presents itself. Get them to talk about it. Look really interested in keeping this going. You will appear kind, attentive, and you will be someone worth spending time with even if you aren't really saying anything. Easy, isn't it?

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 9

Step 4. Talk about facts

When the conversation revolves around you, turn it around by talking about other facts. Don't talk about your opinions, beliefs or experiences. So you can enrich a conversation without really talking about things about yourself.

Instead of saying, "Wow, I read this stuff on the internet the other day while I was killing pre-drink time with Sally." It seems that drinking more than a liter of water daily causes significant weight loss in the long term. I'm sure I'll try, it doesn't cost me anything! Instead, say, "Scientific research has shown that increasing your daily water intake leads to weight loss." It is certainly a viable technique. You talk about the same thing without really saying more about what you plan to do

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 10

Step 5. Be mysteriously absent

So, to be invited to parties, you actually only have to go there when you are truly invited. But when you go for the first time and people start to adore you, feel free to be away in mysterious ways. Voluntarily absent yourself from certain holidays. Make people wonder where you've been. Arrive late. Leave earlier without giving an explanation. Make them ask questions.

Don't make it a habit. If every time you leave a party without warning, people will find you weird and it will annoy them. If you don't respond to the first invitation, no one will invite you to a party again

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 11

Step 6. Make your past a mystery

If you're the newcomer to town and want to keep the plot going, don't say anything about your past. You will be amazed at the result! When someone asks you where you are from, say something like "The most important thing is not where you come from, but where you are going." Or, play the card of simplicity and say "Utah" without further details. It might save you some weird looks.

If you have a problem with making your past a mystery, make it a game. Tell a story about how you lived in Vietnam in the near past and how you worked on a ferret farm. Then tell about your experience as a cook in a fancy restaurant. Then immerse yourself magically in the tale of the year you spent with Charlie Sheen. It might just as well boost the image of yourself you're cultivating, right?

Method 3 of 3: Cultivate your mysterious personality

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 12

Step 1. Hold on tight

Arching shows low self-esteem and shyness, not mystery. Ideally, you should put your chest forward and your shoulders back while keeping your stomach straight. You can improve your posture by exercising (plus it's good for your health). Holding yourself well will make you more attractive and show that you are confident in yourself. It will also attract the attention of others, both women and men, and thus you will have the opportunity to speak with more people.

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 13

Step 2. Develop your own sense of style

Unfortunately, clothing trends make us very easy to catalog or at least make people feel like we are. Do you wear thick dark glasses and a scarf? Tendency. Do you wear a miniskirt and a top that highlights your chest? No need to say more. Do your pants fall to your knees with your shoe laces undone? Phew. Instead of being stuck with a trend, create your own.

Go ahead if you like the idea. You can combine styles to make one or alternate them. One day it's the dark glasses, another day a The North Face jacket and the next day it's a personalized top or all three at the same time. Do not hesitate, it's all at your convenience

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 14

Step 3. Have "quirky" hobbies

At the sight of a normal footballer, you would think, "He's got to be athletic, takes classes like carpentry, loves to party on weekends and dates a very pretty girl." To a high school gang member, you'd probably be thinking, "A little introverted." Clever. Certainly very few close friends. Attached to members of his family. Kind. Maybe playing video games a little too much. Although all of these things are false and stereotypical, combine them all the same. Be the one who wears flashy lipstick and clothes that are too short and who performs The Divine Comedy. Be the saxophonist that lights up the football stadium on weekends. Go ahead, do it!

The more dynamic you are, the more difficult it will be for people to label you. And there is nothing mysterious about you as soon as people manage to label you. So break “your” moorings and do things you normally wouldn't do. You will not seem that more mysterious, you could also discover new passions that you would never have thought of

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 15

Step 4. Hide your emotions as much as possible

When people have no trouble creating a reaction in you, they won't hesitate to do so. When they find out what really annoys or turns you on, then they feel like they have you at their mercy. Avoid showing your emotions in the open if you don't want to be labeled. People will never know what is true until they are in doubt about the feelings that drive you. By doing this, people will hardly know what you like or dislike and what you believe in. Most people have their tongues a bit too hung up!

Don't speak loudly. Have you heard people speak very loudly? It doesn't make them look mysterious at all… Feel free to whisper when communicating with the person sitting next to you, keeping a neutral facial expression. Others will probably think you are talking about them! It's a game, and you win …

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 16

Step 5. Stay offline most of the time

There are people who update their Facebook status every six seconds with things like “Oh, my God, I forgot to eat dinner”. Don't be that kind of people. These people are spoiling Facebook for the rest of us. Do not post pictures of everything about to come into your mouth or pictures of you taken in the bathroom during your idle time, do not post anything unnecessary on Facebook trying to 'express your delicate and flowery emotions. Only say things online that are really worth it.

Truth be told, we don't care what each of us is doing all the time. Believe it, the less you know, the better off you are. If you really want to be a mystery, let people wonder where you are, who you are with, and what you do. So avoid statutes like "Chez ci, chez ça." »Resist the temptation to use hashtags at the end of everything you say. Social networks are certainly useful, but by no means should they be the gateway for the rest of the world to everything you say or think

Be a Mysterious Girl Step 17

Step 6. Do it thoroughly

There are a ton of ideas that you could take advantage of if the mystery really interests you. You might be doing weird things like wearing dark sunglasses. You could purposely decorate your room in a style that is both gothic and fairy. You could use claws to say things like, "I was at the post office today. You could wear a cape. How far are you ready to go?

Do you want to have a little fun with this? Pretend to be someone else. At a party, introduce yourself under a false name and ask them if there have been people there in the recent past. It's not quite the same as being yourself, but it can be fun


  • Try to put words people want to hear at the end of your conversations.
  • The trick is to stand out by blending in with the crowd. In other words, it's because you won't be bold that people will identify you as having a unique personality.
  • Avoid being stereotyped as "mysterious". As bizarre as it may sound, the moment you are stereotyped as such, your "mystery" will no longer be so mysterious.
  • Do not use phrases like LOL in your text messages. Instead, say, “This is funny. It might be difficult, but it just adds to the mystery, especially since people will take it more seriously.
  • Allow very few people to be in the secret of your mystery game, otherwise… there will be no more mystery!
  • Know why you want to be mysterious. Is this a game you play?


  • Being too mysterious might cause people, especially your parents, to believe that you are involved in something that is not very clear.Take it easy and don't push the plug too far.
  • Being mysterious doesn't mean having no friends. You can have a ton of friends while still being a mystery. It all depends on how you go about it (like how you present yourself).
  • People might think you don't like them anymore. They might stop bothering you and start ignoring and even pulling away from you. If you want to keep your friends, refrain from being mysterious at all times. There is no point in being a loner, although it can be fun.
  • You might be called a “cranky”.
  • Some people might find you "weird." Above all, don't take it badly, but see it more as a compliment.

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