How to flirt subtly: 12 steps (with pictures)

How to flirt subtly: 12 steps (with pictures)
How to flirt subtly: 12 steps (with pictures)

Daring flirtation isn't everyone's style. To practice this, grab the attention of the person you like without flirting with them in an obvious way. To flirt subtly, you need to combine confidence and recklessness, so you can leave her hungry for more.


Part 1 of 3: flirting while keeping eye contact

Flirt Subtly Step 1

Step 1. Look at her

When you first meet someone, you tend to look at their zigzag face, briefly make eye contact with them staring from one eye to the other, and end up looking at their nose. The subtle flirtation widens the size of this triangle. After looking at both eyes of the person, ignore their nose and quickly observe their mouth or chest.

If she catches you doing it, she'll think you're eyeing her (and she would be right)

Flirt Subtly Step 2

Step 2. Fixate, descend and relax your gaze

Stare at her until she notices you are looking at her. Once eye contact is made, slowly look away to take a look around before returning to her gaze. This quick little trick (lasting about 15 seconds) will let her know you like her.

Flirt Subtly Step 3

Step 3. Maintain prolonged eye contact

While eye contact creates a certain intimacy, prolonged eye contact creates an even more surprising intimacy. If you keep eye contact with it for more than ten seconds, your body will inevitably experience certain physical reactions. Your nervous system will activate, your heart rate will speed up and your blood flow will increase.

Look her in the eye when she talks to you

Flirt Subtly Step 4

Step 4. Beat eyelashes

When you look at someone you find attractive, you often tend to blink a lot more. As a result, our brain associates the rapid blinking of the eyes with sexual attraction. This is due to two factors. Experiencing an intense emotional reaction, such as arousal, causes our eyes to secrete more tears. To keep the humidity right, we blink more.

Fluttering your eyelashes is a great way to let someone know you find them attractive

Part 2 of 3: Flirting With Your Body Language

Flirt Subtly Step 5

Step 1. Mimic his movements

By simply copying her actions, you'll be able to bond with her and make her both feel like alter egos.

  • If she leans, lean over.
  • If she turns to you, turn to her as well.
  • If she takes a sip, take a drink as well.
  • If she smiles at you, smile too.
Flirt Subtly Step 6

Step 2. Evaluate her limits before touching her

While open flirting seeks directly to touch, subtle flirting first tries to figure out if the person will like it. Before you brush her arm or have fun stroking her back, find an excuse to slip into her private space. Gently approach her to allow someone to walk behind you or pick up something near her. If she comes close to you when you pull back, then that would mean she feels good around you.

If she says something that makes you laugh, try putting your hand on her arm or shoulder. Stay like that for a few seconds while laughing and watch how she reacts to your touch. If she withdraws, it may mean that she is not interested

Flirt Subtly Step 7

Step 3. Experiment with a few gestures of seduction

Subtle and charming gestures are great signals of attraction. As you flirt with her (him), show him / her that you are interested by touching you sensually, adopting good posture and other acts of seduction. Keep in mind, however, that your actions may differ depending on your gender.

  • For example, if you're a girl, stroke your neck, play with your hair, bite your lower lip, look over her shoulder, sway as you walk, part your lips slightly, or play with your jewelry.
  • If you are male, sit or stand with excellent posture to show off your best features, slightly inflating your chest, or assuming a towering position as you sit. For example, sit down with your legs a little wider than your shoulder width apart and put your arm on the back of a chair, like that of the person you are trying to seduce.
Flirt Subtly Step 8

Step 4. Smile

Smiling is the best way to show someone that you are approachable, kind, and willing to engage with them. By interacting with her (him), smiling will show her that you accept her, find her attractive, and let her know that you enjoy sharing this moment with her (him). Smile freely and don't hesitate to laugh (this will allow you to tilt your chin slightly back to show your neck).

Part 3 of 3: Become a flirtatious conversationist

Flirt Subtly Step 9

Step 1. Listen to her

In order to have a good conversation with someone you like, you must listen to them. Let your body language do the talking so they know you are paying attention to what they are saying.

  • Lean forward to let her know that you want to be physically and emotionally close to her (him).
  • Nod your head to show him your sympathy.
  • Make eye contact to show her that you are giving her your full attention. It will be much easier for you to do this if you get rid of your phone.
Flirt Subtly Step 10

Step 2. Ask him questions

Everyone shines and feels at ease when it comes to talking about their passions. While daring flirting tends to draw attention to yourself, subtle flirting makes your loved one shine. To do this, ask him questions about his life and areas of interest. There are a number of questions you can ask him.

  • What gives you passion ?
  • Where do you dream of spending your vacation?
  • What is your favourite hobby ?
  • What's the last movie you saw?
  • How was your day ?
  • Where did you grow up
Flirt Subtly Step 11

Step 3. Give him low-key compliments

The subtle charmer never over-compliments a person he seduces. He always chooses carefully when to do so. As soon as you notice that it's a good time to compliment the person, make it sincere. There are a number of phrases you can use to quietly compliment someone you like.

  • "I love your passion for your job, your studies, your family, your sports activities, etc. ".
  • "You impress me with your patience, kindness, etc. ".
  • “You are an excellent interlocutor, cook, etc. ".
  • For more effect, add a touch of originality to your compliment.
Flirt Subtly Step 12

Step 4. Make some humor

Humor is essential when flirting, but some abuse it while others do little. Don't be afraid to joke with someone you like, but pay attention to their physical cues to know if you're doing the right thing.

  • For example, try teasing her and joking around with her a bit by saying, "What is a beautiful girl like you doing in such a seedy bar?" To which a girl would respond, "wow, do you want me to tell you about myself?" Buy me a drink first! "
  • Stop or moderate your humor if you notice she isn't laughing after several attempts, or starts showing signs of discomfort, such as looking away, avoiding making eye contact, or crossing her arms. But if you notice these signs in her when you haven't tried to make her laugh yet, make some humor. Make her laugh enough.
  • Avoid resorting to overly sexual humor when you are just starting to know yourself. It will make women uncomfortable and men might interpret it as an invitation.

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