How to maintain a beard: 13 steps (with pictures)

How to maintain a beard: 13 steps (with pictures)
How to maintain a beard: 13 steps (with pictures)

Beards are all the rage, and it's no wonder! If it is well trimmed and groomed, a pretty beard can be very classy. However, she can also get dirty and unkempt very easily. Even if you are looking for a style that is a little sloppy, you don't want to look like you are completely slacking off. Maintain your beard by taking a few simple steps to keep it looking the way you want it.


Part 1 of 3: grow your beard

Care for a Beard Step 1

Step 1. Eat a healthy diet

Hair and body hair grows when you get enough essential vitamins. If you are in no rush to grow your beard, you don't need to eat any particular food. Just make sure you are eating a healthy, balanced diet. Fish are very good for the hair. If you want to take dietary supplements, some people recommend biotin, which is a B vitamin.

Care for a Beard Step 2

Step 2. Choose a style

Try to pick one that matches your facial hair. Some people have a hairless space between their beard and mustache. Others have more hair on the sides of the face than on the neck. Examine the type of hair you have on your face and choose a beard style that matches.

Care for a Beard Step 3

Step 3. Sleep well

Studies have shown that a lack of sleep can slow down the growth of beard hair. If you want a good beard, you need to get enough sleep.

Care for a Beard Step 4

Step 4. Resist the itch

When you start to grow a beard, sometimes you will feel a very strong itch. This is normal, as your skin has to get used to all the growing hairs, but the feeling will go away after a few weeks. Don't decide to give up and shave just because you are itching. You will certainly feel relieved, but you will be even less close to achieving a beautiful beard.

Care for a Beard Step 5

Step 5. Wait until the beard has grown

Let it take its natural shape for a few months before trying to change its shape. The hairs should be at least 3 or 4 cm before you start to cut them.

Part 2 of 3: maintain your beard

Care for a Beard Step 6

Step 1. Trim your beard

Cut it to the desired length. It is advisable to cut it in several different directions to be sure not to leave any rebellious hair. Even if you want a very long beard, it is advisable to trim it every few months to remove damaged ends.

Care for a Beard Step 7

Step 2. Choose the shape

Decide which parts of your face you want to have hair on. A shaggy beard that you haven't trimmed or washed can be a special style. A beautiful, well-trimmed and washed beard will give you a completely different style. If you do something in between, you just might end up looking poorly maintained. It is advisable to choose a specific style. Shave where you don't want hair. For example, some men don't like their beards to go down to their necks.

Comb your beard downwards to make sure you shave it evenly

Care for a Beard Step 8

Step 3. Wash your beard

Its very important. Wash your face well with normal face wash and water every morning and night. You don't need to use too strong a product, it just needs to be able to remove any oils that may have built up. Be sure to dry your face thoroughly when you are finished. Use a clean towel to remove as much water as possible from your beard.

Care for a Beard Step 9

Step 4. Use hair products

Apply shampoo and conditioner. You need to groom your beard and keep it healthy just like your hair. You can use whatever products you use to wash your hair. If you have a fairly short beard, soap and water should suffice. If it's longer, wash it off with shampoo. Apply conditioner only if it is very long.

Part 3 of 3: Maintain a Healthy Beard

Care for a Beard Step 10

Step 1. Apply aftershave lotion

Put some on the parts you just shaved. Use a pleasant product, but avoid strong perfumes. Use scents like cedar, juniper, orange, sandalwood, tobacco, or birch. In general, the fewer ingredients the better. If you can't pronounce the name of an ingredient, it's probably best to avoid it. You need a product that is both sterilizing, astringent (meaning it will close your pores) and moisturizing. Razor burn redness around a nice beard doesn't look stylish at all. The aftershave will help reduce them.

Care for a Beard Step 11

Step 2. Apply oil

Put a few drops of beard oil on your skin and rub it gently with your fingers to distribute it throughout your beard. A good oil will keep your hairs in soft tips and strengthen them so that they continue to grow well and be healthy.

  • A good oil will also prevent you from having dandruff on your beard. There is nothing less enticing than looking down and seeing that your torso is completely covered in little white scales.
  • A good oil will also keep your beard and face from getting too greasy.
Care for a Beard Step 12

Step 3. Use wax

This does not mean that you have to use it for waxing. The wax is especially useful for men who want a long mustache, but don't want its ends to curl under their upper lip. A little wax can hold the hairs in the right direction and bring some shape to long, unkempt beards. Buy beard wax at a drugstore and take a very small amount with your finger. Apply it to your beard so that the hairs all go in the same direction.

Care for a Beard Step 13

Step 4. Follow a healthy routine

In addition to eating a healthy diet, make it a habit to apply beard oil and wax, put on aftershave, and wash your face properly several times a week. If you want to have a healthy beard that smells great, you need to follow all of these steps regularly.

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