How to compose a pretty outfit (with pictures)

How to compose a pretty outfit (with pictures)
How to compose a pretty outfit (with pictures)

It feels great to walk out of your house with the confidence that your look is fabulous, but we also often feel like we have nothing left to wear. Whether you want to upgrade your look with clothes you already own or are looking for new ideas to spice up your wardrobe, here's how to get plenty of compliments on your outfit in any circumstance.


Part 1 of 5: Choosing beautiful clothes

Make Cute Outfits Step 01

Step 1. Beauty is subjective and not all of us have the same definition

However, cute clothes are often considered to be associated with youth and innocence. Depending on the colors, patterns, and accessories, the same shirt can look cute, classy, ​​or even sexy. This part will teach you how to choose the right clothes to have a cuter look.

Make Cute Outfits Step 02

Step 2. Start with the basic pieces

You have to own a pair of jeans, for example, because they go with absolutely everything. However, some parts are also essential. Here's where to start.

  • Choose flowing, feminine skirts and dresses. Do not take them too short or too tight, but prefer a length at the level of the knee.
  • Discreet blouses and shirts. Pick up loose, loose sizes and button-front shirts or t-shirts close to the neck with pretty prints.
  • Skinny, skinny jeans aren't your only options. Shorts (especially with lace inserts) and men's jeans can also be very cute.
Make Cute Outfits Step 03

Step 3. Choose your colors wisely

There are certain colors associated with the look you are going for like light colors and shades of pink, blue and white. Clothes in these colors are therefore often considered cute, but you can also change them, for example:

  • neutral colors like brown and cream which are perfect for winter and fall,
  • touches of bright colors like red. But don't wear too many dark colors, as they are often more adult, sexy and chic than cute.
Make Cute Outfits Step 04

Step 4. Also choose the patterns for your outfit

You can go for any pattern you like, but go for delicate patterns and floral prints, as they will soften up pieces considered sexy or chic. The patterns also allow you to give a little more volume and variety to your outfits.

Peas, Swiss peas or micro peas can be very nice

Make Cute Outfits Step 05

Step 5. Also pay attention to the textures

Don't just focus on denim pants, cotton t-shirts and shirts, but vary the pleasures. This will refine your look and you can for example opt for:

  • wool and in particular knitted sweaters which will add a cozy touch to your look. So take cardigans and sweaters that are slightly too big,
  • flannel which is often used for plaid shirts. This material is also perfect for layering,
  • real leather and imitations that will give a softer touch to your outfit,
  • the silk or lace inserts which also bring a little texture to your look.
Make Cute Outfits Step 06

Step 6. You can also add some feminine accessories

As with floral designs, lace or ribbons can soften your outfit. Jewelry also completes your look and gives it a bit of pep.

Make Cute Outfits Step 07

Step 7. Keep in mind the fit and shape of your clothes

Modesty is often associated with a cute look so choose soft, rounded shapes.

  • Choose round necklines rather than V-necklines.
  • Choose loose, loose-fitting shirts rather than tight-fitting models which will be considered more chic or sexy.
  • Over-sized blouses and sweaters as well as long skirts are also considered cute pieces.
  • In winter, a turtleneck sweater is stylish and casual.
  • Feel free to experiment with textures, cotton, ribbed knitted wool, tight stitches when it's cold …
Make Cute Outfits Step 08

Step 8. Choose vintage pieces

Loose 1950s skirts can also add a chic touch to your outfit and are very comfortable to wear. Hippy shirts and bohemian blouses from the 1970s also add a cute touch when paired correctly.

  • You'll find cute pieces at vintage boutiques, flea shops, thrift stores and online.
  • Get t-shirts with names or phrases on it. You can wear them with jeans, skirt and sneakers or boots depending on your style or mood.
Make Cute Outfits Step 09

Step 9. Also think about the shoes you are going to wear

In this case, we often associate cute with feminine, but that doesn't mean you have to go for pink heels. For example, you can decide to wear the following models.

  • Flat ballerinas or moccasins that are very easy to combine.
  • Shoes with lace or bows.
  • Shoes with wedge heels for the summer (and why not a ballerina model with lace details).
  • Heeled boots or biker models that remain feminine while being perfect for outdoor activities. Pair them with a pair of skinny jeans.
  • If you like to wear canvas sneakers or masculine boots, consider a pair with a colorful lining. You can also change the laces to something more colorful or patterned laces.

Part 2 of 5: Choosing the Right Accessories

Make Cute Outfits Step 10

Step 1. The right accessories will immediately transform your outfit

A simple pair of jeans and a white shirt can turn into a very cute outfit with the right accessories. This part will explain how to choose your accessories and jewelry.

Make Cute Outfits Step 11

Step 2. Choose jewelry that complements your outfit

Take feminine and charming accessories, because they will reflect your personality.

  • If you like simple pieces, choose a silver chain with a heart-shaped pendant that you wear over a V-neck t-shirt. You can complete your outfit with a pair of earrings.
  • If you want your outfit to be more daring, turn to chunky bracelets, dangling earrings, and a brightly colored necklace. Your jewelry will add a little spice to a simple outfit.
  • Do not hesitate to wear your jewelry brought back from travel, because it will be truly unique.
  • Small or medium sized rings are a good choice. They can be worn with anything and are tasteful.
Make Cute Outfits Step 12

Step 3. Wear a scarf or a hat, as they will enhance a rather simple outfit

You can wear these pieces all year round.

  • Men's hats will add a chic, yet still cute touch to your outfit. You can also easily add a brooch or any other accessory.
  • Soft cups are perfect for the cooler months of the year.
  • A wide-brimmed felt hat can be both chic and cute in summer, especially if you wear it with wide sunglasses and red lipstick.
  • Chunky scarves are perfect for the winter. Fabric scarves will be more suitable in autumn or spring, when the weather is warmer.
Make Cute Outfits Step 13

Step 4. Prefer a small pouch to a large handbag

You can carry your phone, wallet and lipstick there. A clutch is also easier to pair with your outfit. You can take a printed pouch or simply decorated with a small bow.

Make Cute Outfits Step 14

Step 5. Also wear accessories in your hair

If your outfit is rather discreet, you can slip a flower in your hair or a rhinestone or leather clip.

  • In summer, for example, you can slip a hibiscus flower through your hair.
  • You can also make your own hair clips by purchasing a simple pattern from a craft store and gluing buttons, small ribbons, or silk flowers on it.
  • Try different textures for your hair, for example raffia in the summer and spring or velvet in the fall and winter.
Make Cute Outfits Step 15

Step 6. Wear no more than three accessories

If you multiply the accessories, your look will look too messy and cluttered.

Make Cute Outfits Step 16

Step 7. Be careful to match your accessories

If you are wearing two big accessories, like a hat and scarf, make sure you pair the designs together so that they go together.

For example, you can choose a necklace that will be the centerpiece and choose clothes that highlight it

Make Cute Outfits Step 17

Step 8. Add some color to your outfit with your accessories

If your outfit is made up of neutral colors, like white, black or khaki green, you can add a splash of bright color with your accessories.

  • If you're wearing white pants and a striped top, add a pair of sunglasses or a red belt.
  • You can also associate your accessories with your outfit. For example, if your shirt has white flowers, choose a white scarf.

Part 3 of 5: Putting the pieces together to get a cute outfit

Make Cute Outfits Step 19

Step 1. Choose the piece that will be central to your outfit and grab the most attention

This means that the rest of your outfit will be more discreet so it doesn't steal the show.

  • If you wear a pair of oversized sunglasses, you can pair it with a white blouse and red lipstick. Leave your hair down.
  • If you have a new pair of shoes that you love, pair them with a little black dress and a cute belt or scarf in the same color.
  • Maintain attention to the colorful patterns of your scarf by teaming it with a pair of jeans and a dark colored t-shirt.
  • If you don't have any inspiration, you can just close your eyes and grab a random piece from your walk-in closet. Compose the rest of your outfit around this piece. This will allow you to get your creativity going when you don't know what to wear.
Make Cute Outfits Step 20

Step 2. Work on your outfit with the layers

Don't layer more than three layers though.

  • You can wear a lace tank top under a short shirt. The tank top will be visible under the neckline of your shirt.
  • Cinch a loose blouse with a wide belt around your waist.
  • Pair a simple shirt with a chunky sweater. Cinch the sweater around your waist with a wide belt.
Make Cute Outfits Step 21

Step 3. You can contrast the colors of your outfit

For example, combine a white or pink shirt with light jeans and add a touch of bright color with an accessory to make your outfit more interesting.

  • If you have a vintage navy blue dress with white stripes, you can cinch it with a red belt which will add some pizzazz to your outfit.
  • If your outfit only has one color, like light blue or white, you can add a brown scarf or belt.
Make Cute Outfits Step 22

Step 4. Carefully combine your plain and patterned clothes

Try for example to combine similar colors. Start with the background color of your pattern when composing your outfit.

  • If your skirt features pink flowers on a blue background and a few pops of white, you can wear a white shirt to highlight these details.
  • If you are wearing a striped top, you can pair it with a pair of dark or white jeans. You can add a few touches of color with a pair of red glasses or a colorful bracelet.
  • Never wear more than two different designs, as your outfit will be too crowded to look really cute.
Make Cute Outfits Step 23

Step 5. Make bolder associations, but with caution

Contrasting outfits and accessories often go well together like jeans and basic t-shirts, lace and pearls. However, this is not the case with all contrasting pieces like a pair of sneakers and a classic black dress worn with elegant jewelry. Here is a list of associations to avoid.

  • If your outfit is more classic and you're wearing a pair of sneakers, it might distract from the rest of your look.
  • If your outfit is more punk or grunge, a shirt with a collar might look out of place.
Make Cute Outfits Step 24

Step 6. Make old clothes up to date

Here is how you can do it.

Wear a short dress over a pair of jeans, wrap a colorful and patterned scarf around your waist to cinch a simple dress, wear an accessory in a whole new way. You can place a belt under your chest or try other combinations that you never thought of

Part 4 of 5: Putting together an outfit for a special occasion

Make Cute Outfits Step 25

Step 1. Dress for the seasons

Certain colors and prints may be worn depending on the season. For example, tropical prints and bright colors will be more suitable in summer. Dark or neutral colors, on the other hand, will be more appropriate in winter and will give a more comfortable look to your outfit.

  • For spring, you can wear floral designs or pastel colors. For example, you can pair a pastel blouse and floral prints with a pink ruffle skirt. You can also wear flat, feminine shoes and a small clutch.
  • For summer, wear white clothes, bright colors and original prints. You can also dare long dresses, wide-brimmed hats, costume jewelry and large sunglasses. You can also wear high heel or wedge sandals.
  • Wear more neutral colors in the fall. You can also wear, depending on the weather, thick woolen sweaters and flannel shirts. For example, when it starts to get cold, you can pair a long woolen sweater with a pair of full-colored leggings and riding boots.
  • Wear darker colors in winter and less white. If you like to wear light colors, consider wearing ivory or cream pieces. Trench coats and heeled boots are also very popular in winter.
Make Cute Outfits Step 26

Step 2. Wear simple pieces or casual clothes during the day

In general, your outfit should be kept as simple as possible, but you don't have to skip the accessories. The fabrics and colors you choose can make a huge difference and make your outfit more casual or dressy. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Your makeup should be kept simple during the day. Use light or neutral colors, like pastel or earthy tones.
  • The materials must be kept simple. Avoid sequins, sequins and silk and instead focus on jersey, wool, flannel, cotton, linen, jeans, etc.
  • Always favor light colors. If you don't know which dress to choose, take the lighter one, as it will always look more casual than a black or red dress.
  • Don't wear too much jewelry unless you are looking to achieve a bohemian look. Avoid overpriced or loaded pieces, as they won't go with your casual look.
Make Cute Outfits Step 27

Step 3. Go for a more glamorous outfit in the evening

More chic clothes are perfect for a night out, as it is the perfect occasion to impress. Here are some evening outfit ideas.

  • You can dress up a dress or skirt easily with pretty jewelry and heels.
  • A more pronounced make-up will be adapted under a subdued light.
  • Darker colors like navy blue, black and deep red give a more formal touch to your outfit.
  • Opt for sequins and silk for your evening outfit.
Make Cute Outfits Step 28

Step 4. Choose the right outfit for school

You can have different styles in school, but choose an outfit that suits your body type and that you are comfortable in.

  • High or wedge heels can be awkward to wear all day and you will hardly be able to run. Wear low heels or flats like ballet flats, canvas sneakers, or boots.
  • Layer your pieces. Some classrooms are quite cool. So wear a flannel sweater or jacket over your shirt, which you can easily slip on or take off.
  • Don't wear too many accessories, as they might prevent you from taking notes or wearing your backpack properly. If you wear jewelry, make sure it doesn't get in your way. For example, you can sport a cute collar, but make sure it doesn't get caught in the straps of your backpack.
  • You can style your hair or leave it loose. Opt for braids, a ponytail or a bun to avoid having your hair in front of your eyes.
  • You can wear a shoulder bag instead of a backpack. They are often large enough to hold your books and will look more feminine than your usual satchel.
Make Cute Outfits Step 29

Step 5. Wear a nice outfit that is appropriate for work

Your work outfit should be classic, but that doesn't stop you from adding your personal touch. Depending on your workplace, you will have to adapt to the dress code. More casual outfits are fine in some cases, but here's what you need to consider before putting together your outfit.

  • Your shirt should be discreet. You can wear tight t-shirts, but avoid high necklines. Blouses and button-front shirts are perfect for work.
  • Avoid tight-fitting pants and short skirts. Instead, take tailored pants or straight-cut jeans.
  • Wear neutral colors and avoid patterns. Too bright colors and original patterns are less suitable for your workplace.

Part 5 of 5: Adopt the right makeup and the right hairstyle

Make Cute Outfits Step 30

Step 1. The right makeup and hairstyle can also make or break a cute outfit

It is therefore necessary to give these elements the necessary attention when getting ready in the morning. No need to exert too much effort, but a few small touches will go a long way. This section will give you the advice you need to do this. Choose the ones that will suit your style.

Make Cute Outfits Step 31

Step 2. Use light or neutral colors for your makeup for a more understated look

Dark colors make it more mature, especially during the day.

  • For soft colors, go for shades of pink, blue green and light purple
  • For neutral colors, you can adopt cream, ivory and brown.
Make Cute Outfits Step 32

Step 3. Match your makeup with the rest of your outfit

Your makeup can be quite classic or glamorous. The same goes for your outfit. When choosing your makeup, make sure it goes with your look.

  • If you are wearing a simple outfit, a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, opt for low-key makeup in neutral colors.
  • If you wear fluid and pastel pieces, prefer makeup in light colors.
  • A classic look usually goes well with natural makeup.
Make Cute Outfits Step 33

Step 4. Know when and how to wear makeup

Too much makeup will sometimes be inappropriate for the occasion and will distract from your outfit. However, a little makeup can enhance a chic outfit.

  • Wear little makeup during the day. Choose neutral or soft colors.
  • In the evening, wear a little more makeup. You can opt for brighter or darker colors.
Make Cute Outfits Step 34

Step 5. Don't neglect your hairstyle

You are free to choose the hairstyle you like, no matter what your outfit, but some will go more specifically with certain looks. You can wear your hair loose or styled to the side. You can also braid your hair and add a pretty flower to the base or end of your braid.

  • For example, you can wear a hairstyle very different from your outfit to add a little pep.
  • More elaborate hairstyles, like a crown of braids, can enhance a rather demure outfit.
Make Cute Outfits Step 35

Step 6. You can also wear a pretty nail polish

Use a nail polish that is the same color as your outfit or that contrasts with your clothes. You can also add a bit of bright color to a neutral outfit with your polish.

  • If you're wearing a white outfit, pair it with a bright red polish.
  • If your look is more neutral, choose a natural polish like beige or pink. You can also do a French manicure.
  • You can also opt for an artistic polish and add rhinestones or pretty flowers.


  • Take inspiration from your surroundings if you run out of ideas. You can also search the Internet or watch TV and movies.
  • Experiment on weekends or when you have nothing to do, so you have ideas ready for the week.
  • Follow your own inspirations and don't try to emulate others. Only wear clothes that you are comfortable in and that reflect your personality.
  • Always respect others and don't wear t-shirts with messages that might offend others.
  • Choose basic pieces that will go with all of your clothes like skinny or straight jeans, a little black dress and basic t-shirts.
  • Trends are fleeting. So a room can be trendy today and out of date the next day. When shopping for clothes, don't just buy trendy pieces and also go for classic clothes that never go out of style like jeans and tight t-shirts.
  • Fashion magazines and blogs can be great sources of inspiration.
  • Go to the stores to find strong new pieces for your wardrobe. Also take inspiration from shop windows.
  • You can also go to vintage or second-hand shops. You will find unique pieces and great designers.
  • Borrow or exchange your clothes with your friends. You will be able to test new styles before purchasing new parts.


  • You can wear lightly stripped pieces if you wish, but keep in mind that this can attract unwanted attention.
  • Don't wear clothes that you are uncomfortable with.

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