3 ways to have perfect legs

3 ways to have perfect legs
3 ways to have perfect legs

Perfect legs are quite coveted in our society and although there are all kinds of beautiful legs out there in the world, everyone can benefit from healthy, toned legs. Anyone can have perfect legs, whether you're trying to show off yours or looking to firm them up.


Method 1 of 3: Show off your legs

Have Perfect Legs Step 1

Step 1. Realize that there is no standard of beauty to match

Everyone has different legs and each type of leg can be ideal in the eyes of the person who has them. Never assume that your legs are imperfect because they don't look like the ones you see in magazines. Not only are your legs unique, it's also very likely that the ones featured in magazines have actually been touched up.

Have Perfect Legs Step 2

Step 2. Wear high heels, not styles that are too thick to show off your legs

This lengthens the leg. Make sure you're comfortable with higher heels so you don't look awkward. Stiletto heels can also make your butt look better.

Have Perfect Legs Step 3

Step 3. Wear well-cut skirts and shorts that show off your legs

If you don't like your thighs, you can always wear an outfit that goes over the knee to show off your gorgeous calves. Go for something a little shorter when you're feeling bold and confident, to show off your legs in a flattering way.

Have Perfect Legs Step 4

Step 4. Make sure you wear pants that fit

You should be comfortable in your pants and have plenty of room. The best pant cuts are those that tighten around the buttocks and legs, but without restricting your movement.

Have Perfect Legs Step 5

Step 5. Wear tights

Tights fit pretty much any fashion trend, as long as you have them in different colors. Wear them under your skirts to immediately have thinner and smoother legs.

  • Wear dark tights in the evening or at night.
  • Consider lighter tights during the day, or try a crazy new color.
Have Perfect Legs Step 6

Step 6. Tan

Tanned legs look healthier and more beautiful wherever you are. Make sure to protect them with sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30, but give them a light tan for a pretty summer look.

Self-tanner is perfect for your legs because it gives them a healthy color without exposing them to UV rays. Plus, a self-tanner is unlikely to leave marks on your legs, which is often complained about with these products

Have Perfect Legs Step 7

Step 7. Have good posture

Think of your body as a line. Your ears should be above your shoulders, your shoulders should be above your hips, your hips should be above your knees, and your knees should be above your ankles. Good support will enhance your legs in any situation.

Method 2 of 3: Take care of your legs

Have Perfect Legs Step 8

Step 1. Avoid varicose veins by limiting prolonged pressure

Varicose veins are those pretty unsightly spiderweb-shaped veins that some women can develop at a certain age. Obviously, you can't always prevent the appearance of varicose veins, but there are a few steps you can take to prevent them from developing.

  • Get regular physical activity to improve leg tone and blood circulation.
  • Wear full screen to protect the skin on your legs.
  • Cross your ankles, not your legs, when you are seated.
  • Limit foods high in salt and its derivatives.
Have Perfect Legs Step 9

Step 2. Exfoliate dead skin regularly

Your whole body keeps shedding dead skin cells and your legs are no exception. Shaving your legs, walking, and wearing pants all end up attacking your skin. You should therefore help it regenerate itself by removing dead skin cells. Use a washcloth, horsehair glove, or exfoliator and wash your legs gently every time you shower.

Try a sugar scrub for even better results

Have Perfect Legs Step 10

Step 3. Hydrate yourself every night

Work a little moisturizer into the skin of the legs each night before bed to keep skin glowing and healthy. A moisturizing cream or lotion prevents the skin from cracking, bruising, or plaque forming.

Have Perfect Legs Step 11

Step 4. Consider removing hair

Most people find hairy legs unattractive. That said, you should never feel like you have to shave your legs to impress someone. You should find a way to remove this hair if you are going to a posh party, want to have the perfect celebrity legs, or if you just find the hairs unattractive.

  • Shave your legs. The most common way to remove body hair is to shave your legs in the shower. It's quick and easy, but the effect is not long-lasting.
  • Wax your legs. It can be quite painful at times, but waxing keeps your legs smooth longer than a razor.
  • Use an epilator. These little devices work much like waxing, except they pluck each hair one after the other. Unlike wax, these epilators are clean and reusable, but many women find them painful.

Method 3 of 3: tone your leg muscles

Have Perfect Legs Step 12

Step 1. Have between three and five hours of endurance physical activity each week

This is the type of activity that increases your heart rate and makes you feel short of breath. Consider swimming, running or cycling. Even a simple walk is a great way to keep your legs in shape and reduce the fat around the thighs. You can try the following activities:

  • cycling
  • to swim
  • take the stairs
  • to ride an elliptical trainer
Have Perfect Legs Step 13

Step 2. Try a variable intensity sports activity

To be more toned, your muscles need periods of more intense activity to build muscle fibers. You won't do this with a jog, but variable intensity running will do. To do this, run at full speed for 30 seconds and then run more slowly for a minute to relax. Sprint again for the next 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times.

Remember to warm up and relax before and after your workout

Have Perfect Legs Step 14

Step 3. Lunges forward

Very deep slits will firm the thighs and buttocks. To do this, advance one leg as far as you can. Gradually lower the knee of the other leg and your waist towards the floor, to make a plie. Stand up and switch sides and repeat these movements ten times for each leg in three sets in a row.

Have Perfect Legs Step 15

Step 4. Try kicking your legs

They firm the inside of the thighs and produce that famous gap that is often discussed. Lie on your right side and lift your left leg diagonally, much like trying to wedge a ball between your thighs. Repeat 20 times then switch sides. Work each side three to five times.

Have Perfect Legs Step 16

Step 5. Work your calves

It's easy to do anywhere you can find a little ledge. Stand on a step of stairs or any raised surface with the front of your feet and not touching your fulcrum with your heels. Gradually lift your feet and go on pointe then return to your starting position. Repeat it twenty times in sets of three movements in a row to have calves with hellish curves.

Have Perfect Legs Step 17

Step 6. Lift weights to strengthen the leg muscles

One of the best ways to make your legs look fabulous is to work on your muscles to tighten them up. The misconception that bodybuilding will make a woman more massive is quite fallacious. Strength training is simply a way to get better results fast and you will decide how much muscle mass you gain. There are obviously all kinds of devices to work out with, but the few exercises below are a good starting point for toning your calves, thighs and butt:

  • lying down
  • squats
  • leg work
Have Perfect Legs Step 18

Step 7. Make sure you exercise safely and effectively

The right technique is the most important thing to master when trying to build muscle. Slouching can injure yourself and prevent your muscles from growing as fast as they normally would. Here are some basic principles to remember:

  • forget the expression "you have to suffer to be beautiful", because physical activity should be difficult, but not painful, otherwise you risk hurting yourself,
  • plan to do three to five sets of ten to fifteen movements for each activity in order to obtain the best results,
  • Maintain good posture, your back should stay straight and the joints should never be fully stretched, while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.


  • You cut off the blood circulation when you cross your legs and promote the appearance of varicose veins. You avoid this problem by just crossing your ankles.
  • Be patient. There is no quick fix for perfect legs. The most important changes come from long-term choices that lead to a healthier lifestyle, which are good for your body. Create good habits and stick to them for maximum physical and physiological benefits.
  • Research the products sold online and try them out in a store before you buy them. Some ingredients can be harmful to your skin and increase your sensitivity to UVA and UVB rays, they can irritate the skin or cause allergic reactions, among other problems.
  • Perfect legs can come in all kinds of shapes and proportions. The most important thing is to take care of your body as best you can.
  • Know that you can only get a big gap between your thighs when you are too thin.


  • Always use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 or higher when you tan. Don't worry, you'll get a tan anyway. Tanning too much is dangerous and can lead to serious skin problems, such as malignant melanoma (skin cancer).
  • Beware of diet pills and other pharmaceutical preparations that promise to improve your figure quickly. These products also produce serious side effects and are often ineffective. It is arguably a scam if it sounds too good to be true.

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