3 ways to avoid frizz in wet weather

3 ways to avoid frizz in wet weather
3 ways to avoid frizz in wet weather

Humidity is a real plague on the hair. Fortunately, by adopting the right reflexes, you will be able to tame your frizz, especially thanks to specific products and grandmother's remedies. If you're not ready to put up with frizz even in humid weather, this article is for you!


Method 1 of 3: Use daily hair care

Step 1. Get the right haircut

If you live in a humid area, consider adopting a haircut that matches your hair type. Long hair and straight cuts make it possible to weigh down hair that would otherwise tend to frizz. A layered cut or a plunging bob, on the other hand, will remove a good part of the material and lighten the hair. A layered cut, in particular, will highlight curls, but promote the appearance of frizz.

Prevent Puffy Hair in Humid Weather Step 2

Step 2. Wash your hair on alternate days at most

Washing your hair is essential to remove impurities, but washing too often will promote frizz. The shampoo will indeed remove the natural oils from your hair, which smooth the hair fiber and fight frizz.

Some people even wash their hair only once a week. How often you wash your hair is up to you, but be aware that by washing it no more than once every two days, you will get healthier hair and less frizz

Prevent Puffy Hair in Humid Weather Step 3

Step 3. When using conditioner, rinse it off with cold water

The effectiveness of this trick is disputed, but the idea is very simple: cold water allows the scales of the hair to contract, which limits frizz and brings shine to the hair. Nevertheless, some scientists claim that the scales of the hair are not living cells, they will not contract under the effect of the cold. What is certain is that this trick will not promote frizz, so nothing prevents you from giving it a try.

As mentioned below, there are hair masks and conditioners specifically designed to combat frizz

Step 4. Dry your hair carefully

If your hair tends to frizz, gently wring it out with a towel instead of scrubbing it. Let them air dry as much as possible to limit frizz.

  • If you are using a blow dryer, avoid making too many strokes with the blow dryer. Dry your hair gently, strand by strand, on the cold setting.
  • Remember to direct the airflow along the hair, towards the tip and not perpendicular or upwards, which will give you volume, but also promote frizz.
  • Keep in mind that using a hair dryer dries out the hair, which promotes frizz.

Step 5. Avoid over-combing your hair

You might be tempted to straighten your hair with a long combing straight out of the shower. But brushing or combing your hair causes friction, which creates heat and promotes hair breakage. Your hair will then tend to frizz. Instead of combing your hair like your life depends on it, use a spiked brush or wide comb to untangle your lengths, then finish styling with your fingers.

Step 6. Choose a hairstyle suitable for your hair type

In a humid climate, your hair will tend to do what it wants. Fighting your hair type will only bring you frustration and you will probably lose it every time. If your hair is straight, resist the urge to curl it when the weather is wet. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, show off those waves instead of trying hard to straighten your hair.

  • Try pulling your hair up into a bun or a ponytail and apply some anti-frizz gel.
  • If you really can't tame your hair on a particularly humid day, don't underestimate the benefits of a tightly knotted hat or scarf!

Method 2 of 3: Choose the right products for your hair

Prevent Puffy Hair in Humid Weather Step 7

Step 1. Choose a shampoo designed to fight frizz

There are shampoos specifically designed for each type of hair. You will easily find special “anti-frizz” shampoos in supermarkets. Otherwise, look for moisturizing or smoothing hair products.

Prevent Puffy Hair in Humid Weather Step 8

Step 2. Choose the right type of conditioner

With or without rinsing, it all depends on what the product contains. When choosing a conditioner, look for a product that contains at least one of the following ingredients: amino silicones and cationic surfactants. These two ingredients help fight the two main causes of frizz: static electricity and brittle hair.

  • "Amino silicones" help the silicone contained in the product to adhere to damaged hair and provide lasting hydration.
  • The "cationic surfactant" helps limit frizz caused by static electricity by providing a positive electrical charge.
Prevent Puffy Hair in Humid Weather Step 9

Step 3. Use a straightening hair product

Smoothing serums coat the hair and thus help reduce frizz much better than conditioners. However, some of these products are thick and can weigh the hair down. Use them sparingly and experiment a bit to determine how much product to use on your hair type.

Step 4. Apply styling product

If the serums make it possible to smooth the hair, they do not really help to hold the hair in place. Use a smoothing wax or a light gel to fix your hair.

Method 3 of 3: Prevent frizz with grandma's remedies

Step 1. Try an olive or coconut oil mask

Regular masks keep hair healthy and thus limit frizz. Apply a good spoon or two of lukewarm coconut or olive oil to your ends. Wrap your hair in plastic wrap or a bathing cap and leave the oil on for 30 minutes to several hours. Then wash your hair as you normally would to remove excess oil.

Do not apply the oil to all of your hair, but only to the ends or the lower part of your lengths. Applying the oil to your scalp may clog your pores and develop pimples on your scalp

Step 2. Apply a leave-in oil

Leave-in oils like argan oil and baby oil may help you tame your hair. Pour a few drops only in the palm of your palm, rub your hands and apply the product to your hair.

Step 3. Use foods rich in oil, such as mayonnaise or avocado

Foods rich in oil like mayonnaise or crushed avocado also help strengthen hair and prevent frizz. On the other hand, these two foods are difficult to apply without putting it everywhere. Then try mixing a tablespoon of mayonnaise with your conditioner or mash an avocado as you would for making guacamole, apply to your hair and cover for 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water until your hair is clean and smooth.

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