3 ways to use curlers

3 ways to use curlers
3 ways to use curlers

Big voluminous curls are all the rage right now, but it can be very difficult to get exactly the right effect. Using a curling iron can hurt your arms and the curls created in this way tend to loosen quite quickly. You might be telling yourself that curlers are a grandma's method, but there are several techniques that will allow you to use these old-fashioned hairstyle items in the twenty-first century!


Method 1 of 3: Use heated hair curlers

Use Hair Rollers Step 1

Step 1. Choose the curlers

Thin curlers give tight curls while larger curlers give softer, wavy curls. Your hair should go down to at least your shoulders if you want to use large curlers. Heated curlers are suitable for virtually all hair types except for very fine and brittle hair which has a tendency to break. These curlers are particularly effective in reducing frizz.

  • If you have long, thick hair, you will need at least ten to twelve curlers. For shorter or thinner hair, five or six should be enough. Curlers with a felt coating make the hair even smoother and shinier so they are excellent for hair that tends to frizz.
  • If you have very curly hair, blow-dry it before rolling it up. This will allow you to achieve beautiful, even curls.
Use Hair Rollers Step 2

Step 2. Heat your curlers

It is important to heat the curlers to the optimum temperature before you start putting them in your hair. Follow the instructions in the leaflet. If you have a box of heated curlers with multiple temperatures, you may need to experiment to find the best temperature for your hair.

To make tight spiral curls, use small curlers and high temperature. To create larger, looser curls, use large curlers and a low temperature

Step 3. Apply a heat-setting product to your hair

You can find heat-setting sprays and creams at most drugstores and beauty stores. This type of product will help protect your hair from heat and make curls hold longer. Distribute the product evenly through your dry hair.

Step 4. Part your hair into sections

Create a 5-7.5cm wide "mohican" from your forehead to the back of your neck. Secure this section with pliers. Use a tail comb to part the hair on the sides of your head into a few even sections and secure each one with a clip.

Step 5. Start by rolling the hair around your forehead

Comb a section of hair the same width as the curler you are using; it must not be more than 5 cm thick. Pull this section upward away from your head. Place the curler on the tips of the strand and wrap the hair down and towards your scalp and wrap the curler towards the back of your head. Hold it in place with pliers.

Continue to roll up the “mohican” section, working your way from front to back. Take strands that you can work with easily and wrap them around the curlers and then hold them in place with pliers

Step 6. Then roll up the sides

To create more volume, wrap the hair at the top of the side sections diagonally. Comb one of these strands, pull it upwards away from your head and place a curler diagonally over the ends. Wrap the wick firmly to the roots and hold it in place with tweezers. Repeat the process until you have rolled up all of your hair.

Use Hair Rollers Step 7

Step 7. Leave the curlers in your hair until it is cool

Allow the curlers to cool completely before removing them from your hair. If you remove them too quickly, your curls will last less. If you have very thick hair, the curlers will take longer to cool, but be patient. The results will be worth it!

Step 8. Remove the curlers

Start at the bottom and work your way up to the top of your head. Hold each curler with one hand and pull out the tweezers with the other.

Do not pull on the curlers to remove them, as this will mess up the curls and may damage your hair as well. Let the curlers fall out of your hair

Step 9. Style your hair the way you want

If you brush your hair, you will largely undo the curls and create a wavy movement. To keep beautiful curls tight, gently run your fingers through the hair. Apply hairspray to make curls hold longer.

If you want more volume, lean forward and let your hair hang down in front of you. Shake your head a few times and gently run your fingers through the hair. This will result in larger and voluminous curls

Method 2 of 3: Use foam curlers

Use Hair Rollers Step 10

Step 1. Choose your curlers

Foam curlers are suitable for many types of hair, but they are particularly suitable for fragile hair because they are not likely to catch or damage the hair. Choose the curlers according to the size of the curls you want. The smaller the curlers, the tighter the curls will be. Bigger curlers give hair a soft, wavy movement. Your hair should go down to at least your shoulders if you want to use large curlers.

Large curlers may not work well if you have very thin hair as it can get too heavy and fall out. You may need to experiment to see what looks best for your hair

Step 2. Distribute styling mousse through your hair

Using a curl-promoting product is especially important if you have thin or straight hair. Otherwise, your curls could come undone after just a few hours. Use the recommended amount on the spray and distribute it evenly through your hair after towel-drying.

Step 3. Part your hair into four sections

A tail comb works well for this step. Part your hair so that you have one section in the middle of your head running to the top of your head (imagine a “mohican”), one section above each ear, and one at the back. Secure each section with clips.

You can use any type of clip to attach these sections, but you should be able to find inexpensive pelican clips, like those used by hairdressers at a beauty store or online. They allow the sections to be separated quickly and easily

Step 4. Roll up strands of hair

The width of the strands depends on the size of the curlers you use: they should not be wider than the curlers and should not be more than 5 cm thick.

Comb each strand before winding it. Use your tail comb to comb through your hair to untangle any tangles and gently pull the strand away from your head

Step 5. Start by wrapping the hair in the front of the "mohican" section (near your forehead)

Wrap this hair up and back of your head, so it is away from your face. Straighten the hair as you roll it up, holding the end with one hand while winding it with the other. After making two full turns, tuck the protruding ends and finish winding the wick.

  • If you want the entire strand to have volume, start curling it about 2.5cm from the tips and continue to the roots. Secure the coiled bit with pliers.
  • If you want your hair to stay straight near your head, start about three inches from the roots and wind the strand to the ends. Then wrap the curler up to your scalp. Hold it in place with pliers.
Use Hair Rollers Step 15

Step 6. Continue wrapping strands at the sides

Divide each side section in half horizontally using a tail comb to part the hair just above your ears. Wrap the two strands of each side section down (away from your face, toward the hairline at the base of your neck) and hold them in place with tweezers.

You may want to use curlers that are larger at the bottom and smaller at the top to create a less even effect

Use Hair Rollers Step 16

Step 7. Divide the back section into three or four strands depending on the thickness of your hair

Wrap each strand around a foam curler, wrapping it around the back of your neck. Hold them in place with pliers.

Step 8. Use a hair dryer to secure the curls

Blow-dry your hair until it is dry and lukewarm to the touch. You need to warm your hair enough to set the curls. Leave the curlers in place for about fifteen minutes and then gently remove them.

  • Do not brush your hair after removing the curlers! This will destroy the curls. If needed, use your fingers to gently separate the curly strands.
  • If you want more volume, lean forward, letting your hair hang down in front of you. Shake your head a few times and gently run your fingers through the hair. This will result in larger and voluminous curls.

Step 9. Apply hairspray

Using hairspray to set the curls even more will help them hold their shape for longer, especially if you have naturally straight or very thin hair.

You can also define individual curls with hair wax. Just take some wax with your fingers and run them over the curls you want to define

Method 3 of 3: Use curlers for wet hair

Use Hair Rollers Step 19

Step 1. Choose your curlers

You can use several types of curlers with wet hair. Wire mesh or velcro curlers are the easiest to roll up, but they can snag thick or curly hair. Foam curlers are fairly easy to roll up, but since they're permeable, your hair might take longer to dry. Smooth magnetic curlers hold well and give well-defined curls, but they are also the most difficult to roll up. Experiment until you find curlers that work for you and your hair.

Use Hair Rollers Step 20

Step 2. Wash your hair and use conditioner

Since your hair will dry out when stretched, it is advisable to use a very moisturizing shampoo and conditioner before putting curlers in your wet hair. You can gently towel dry your hair in the shower to remove excess water, but do not towel dry it. Comb your wet hair.

Step 3. Part your hair into sections

Separate from your temples. You need to make three sections: one above each ear and one at the top of your head. You can leave the hair behind for now.

Step 4. Start wrapping strands where your hair begins

Comb a section of hair the same width as the curler forward and then pull it up, away from your head. Spread a little styling gel or cream on the strand. Then wrap the hair around the curler to the roots, wrapping the curler backwards, keeping it away from your face. Hold the bit in place with a pin or pliers.

Step 5. Continue curling your hair

Take one strand at a time, run gel or cream over it, and curl the hair away from your face. If you want small, tight curls, use small curlers that are close together. If you want bigger curls, use bigger curlers.

Use Hair Rollers Step 24

Step 6. Dry your hair

If you want to avoid heating your hair, allow it to air dry completely before removing the curlers. It can take several hours or even overnight. You can also use a blow dryer to dry your hair wrapped around the curlers. In this case, leave the curlers in place for about 15 minutes after you blow dry your hair to cool it down and to set the curls.


  • Take the hair that comes out as you roll and work it in while wrapping your hair around the curlers.
  • You can also use wire mesh or velcro curlers for Method 1. However, avoid Velcro curlers if you have thick or curly hair: they may catch and damage your hair.
  • Experiment with curlers of different sizes and temperatures (if using heated curlers) to get the style you want. Curlers are less damaging to the hair than curling irons, so don't hesitate to have fun creating different styles!

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