How to change your email address (with pictures)

How to change your email address (with pictures)
How to change your email address (with pictures)

Wanting to change your email address can sometimes be very tedious. Especially since electronic messaging services do not help you in this kind of process. The best solution is, quite simply, to create a new email address and to transfer all of your personal data and contacts. Then, you have to set up a referral, so as not to lose anything. Finally, keep your old e-mail active for a reasonable amount of time to make sure that you don't lose important messages addressed to you.


Part 1 of 3: Open a new email address

Change an Email Address Step 1

Step 1. Create a new email address

Electronic messaging does not allow you to change your email address. To work around this problem, open a new email address. You can create it on the same email account as your current address. Alternatively, go to a competitor and create a new email address with one of them. You may find new features there that will better meet your expectations.

Change an Email Address Step 2

Step 2. Opt for email

On the internet, you will find a multitude of possibilities to create a new email address for free. The most popular are Outlook (Hotmail), Zoho, Yahoo! and Gmail of course. Each electronic mail will offer you different services, a part common to all, but other services specific to each one that may be of more or less interest to you. Note that all of these messaging services are free.

  • Note that Gmail email has interesting services such as the ability to store up to 15 GB for free and access to Google Drive. It is also possible for you with a Gmail account to have access to other services such as YouTube.
  • With Outlook, you can store up to 5 GB for free on OneDrive.
  • An account with Yahoo! entitles you to 1TB free storage.
  • Zoho email allows you to access cloud services like OneDrive and Google Drive. In addition, you have ad-free access to your email, as well as free storage of 5 GB for emails and 5 GB for documents.
Change an Email Address Step 3

Step 3. Open an account

Choose which email provider you want to go to. The process may vary for different free email messages. Display the main page and click Registration Where Create an account. Then you will be asked for some information to provide. wikiHow offers the creation process for the best known.

  • Create a Google account.
  • Set up your Yahoo! account
  • Create an Outlook account.
Change an Email Address Step 4

Step 4. Choose a name

When creating your new account, you will be asked to choose the name of your account. If you want to keep this address longer than the previous one, go for a serious name like your own last name. Avoid choosing a humorous name or a name that reflects your passion for a band or an athlete, because over time your tastes may change and you may not like to see this name anymore.

Change an Email Address Step 5

Step 5. Set a password

Pick a password that is difficult for someone else to guess. Your email account is very important, it contains a set of data, contacts that you do not want to divulge to anyone. You must therefore choose a complex password that you will only use for this e-mail. To do this, you must choose a series of letters (upper and lower case), numbers and symbols. At a minimum, choose a password that is 8 characters long.

Read how to choose a strong password, if you would like to learn how to choose a good password

Change an Email Address Step 6

Step 6. Go for double security

Your new account is accessible by your various electronic tools (computer, smartphone, tablet). Depending on the choice of your e-mail provider, this service may be available. Thus, when you want to access your email box on the new tablet you have just purchased, you will first be asked to provide a code that you will have received by SMS or on a second email box. Then, once this code has been entered, you will have to enter the password for your e-mail. This option is provided by the major email account providers.

Remember to look in the security settings of your new email account. This option is available from most suppliers

Change an Email Address Step 7

Step 7. Adapt to your new interface

After opening your new mailbox, you will need to familiarize yourself with the configuration of your new email provider. Take the necessary time. In general, the interface of all mailboxes looks the same with a banner on the left that shows you your different folders, a tab layout when you open several windows, etc.

Change an Email Address Step 8

Step 8. Open your new email account

Depending on your new email provider, you may need to set up your account. For Outlook email, you will need to open your Outlook account and configure it according to the devices you will use to read your emails, see how to install Outlook.

Part 2 of 3: Transition period with your new email address

Change an Email Address Step 9

Step 1. Notify your contacts

Now that you have a new email address, it is important to inform those around you. Send an email from your new email address to everyone you want to notify about your change of email address. Send a message like “Hello, this is my new email address, please include it in your contact book. Note that it will be easy for your recipients to register this new email address as you informed them via your new email address”.

It's easy to quickly send all your contacts an email to let them know you've changed your email address. By sending an email to every contact group you have. If you haven't done so, create contact groups according to your infinities such as contact groups titled “Family”, “Friends” and “Work”. By going through contact groups, it is much easier and faster to inform all your contacts of your change of email address

Change an Email Address Step 10

Step 2. Edit your accounts

You probably have several websites where you have an account for which you are asked to connect with an email address. As a result, all the accounts for which you use your old email address must now take your new email address into account. If you use a password manager like LastPass or just your browser, you can search the list of saved passwords for the list of accounts for which you need to change the email address.

  • First check the most important accounts you use such as accounts linked to state services (taxes, town hall), if you are studying your account with your university, the accounts of the various social media that you use. Finally, do a check of all your accounts that you have on the internet even if they are less important.
  • You can read how to change your email address on Facebook to change your email address from your Facebook account.
  • Read how to add or modify your email address in your Linkedln account if you want to change the email address for your Linkedin account.
  • For Yelp, read How to Change My Yelp Account Email Address to Replace Your Old User Account Address.
  • If you need to change your Twitter account email address, read how to update your Twitter email address.
Change an Email Address Step 11

Step 3. Import your contacts

Check in the services of your new e-mail if you have an option that allows you to repatriate all your contacts. Thus, you can instantly recover your contact book and find them in your new email box. Note that automatically importing your contacts is a guarantee of comfort and security when it comes to transferring all your contacts.

  • In the Gmail account, go to the top right on the cogwheel, these are the Settings. Click on it then on Settings. Select Accounts and imports then click on Import mail and contacts. A dialog box opens and asks you to enter the email address whose data you want to import. Enter your old email address, then follow the procedure.
  • For the Yahoo! mailbox Click on the icon Settings (the cogwheel), select Setting. Then you click on Accounts then on Add another mailbox. Enter the email address of your old account then click on Add a mailbox. A window opens asking you for your password, enter it then follow the instructions to finalize the procedure (see: connect a third-party mailbox to Yahoo Mail).
  • It is also possible to add your old email account back to Outlook. To do this, click on the cogwheel (Settings) in the Outlook navigation bar. Select Connected accounts. In the new page that appears, you can add an account Gmail by clicking on the button for this purpose or on that of Other mail accounts. Then follow the procedure given to you.
Change an Email Address Step 12

Step 4. Recover your contacts

Transfer your contact book from your old email address to your new email address. The export of contacts is done by means of a file which will contain all the recorded data of all your contacts. Once in possession of this file, you will be able to import your contacts into your new email account.

  • For the procedure in Gmail, read how to export Gmail contacts.
  • For the procedure in Outlook, see how to export contacts from Outlook.
Change an Email Address Step 13

Step 5. Transfer your contacts

After exporting your contact book from your old mailbox, you are able to import them into any new mailbox. However, some e-mail systems do not require you to export and then import your contacts. Gmail, Yahoo! and many others have an option in their settings that allows you to directly import your data and contacts from your old mailbox.

Change an Email Address Step 14

Step 6. Make an email resend

Consider forwarding mail from your old inbox to the new one. It is important to do this, because you are not safe from an oversight such as not having changed the email address of an account on the internet or one of your contacts may not have received your email. 'informing you of your new address. Be careful, it would be a shame to lose a business opportunity.

  • The method of mail forwarding varies depending on the e-mail system. However, you will be able to see in the parameters of your email box the possibilities available to you. Some e-mail systems allow you to keep a copy of e-mails sent to the old account. The option, delete the email once the email has arrived in the new email box also exists.
  • To send emails from Gmail to another mailbox, read forwarding Gmail messages to another account.
  • For the procedure with Yahoo !, read how to forward messages from Yahoo!
Change an Email Address Step 15

Step 7. Install your new email

Once you have finished recovering your data and contacts from your old address on your new mailbox, it is now time to install your account and email address on all your electronic devices (smartphone, tablet). Note that the setting is different depending on whether you are using the Android or iOS operating system.

  • Read how to sign in to Gmail on Android to set up a Gmail account for your Android devices.
  • To install all other email accounts on your Android devices, see Configure an Android email account.
  • Read how to set up Gmail on iPhone to set up Gmail account for your iOS devices like iPad, iPhone.
  • To set up all other email accounts on your iOS devices, see Configure an iOS email account.

Part 3 of 3: Delete your old email address

Change an Email Address Step 16

Step 1. Delete your old address

Think carefully before permanently deleting your old email address. If you have set up call forwarding to your new e-mail, it is not necessarily necessary to delete it. At the very least, you can keep it for a few more months and thus be sure not to miss any messages that are sent to you.

  • Don't see your old email address as a constraint, if you keep it. First of all, it is free. Then you can still use it for second-rate activities like subscribing to mailing lists or smaller internet accounts. This will reduce spam sending to your new address.
  • Keeping your old email address will allow you to always have access to accounts for which you forgot to replace the email address with the new one. Note that if you delete your old e-mail and you still have online accounts for which it is requested, it will become complicated to reconnect to these accounts.
Change an Email Address Step 17

Step 2. Keep your old email address for 6 months

Do not hesitate to keep your old e-mail for at least 6 months. This will ensure that you receive all messages sent to you. Even if you no longer use it, your provider of your old mailbox will not deactivate it. It is safer to do this to avoid not being able to receive an important email.

Change an Email Address Step 18

Step 3. Record an automatic message

Many electronic mailboxes allow you to configure a message sent automatically to all your senders such as "On vacation", "This email is no longer valid". Use this tool in your old email inbox to let all your senders know about your new email address. Note that if your inbox usually receives a lot of spam, don't. The various spam senders would take the opportunity to forward spam to your new address.

Read automatic reply on your inbox to know how to configure an automatic message

Change an Email Address Step 19

Step 4. Permanently close your mailbox

Once you are sure that you are receiving all your emails on your new email and that all your online accounts are indeed accessible with your new email inbox, delete your old email address. However, be aware that you can keep your old address as long as you want. Remember, once you delete your old email address, you won't be able to go back.

  • Learn how to delete a Gmail account if you want to delete your account.
  • For Yahoo! Mail, read! how to delete a Yahoo! account to close your account.
  • To close a Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail), see Close your Microsoft account.

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