How to request recommendations on Facebook

How to request recommendations on Facebook
How to request recommendations on Facebook

Whether it's a restaurant, garage, hair salon, or any other service, you will usually try to ask friends or family for recommendations before trying a new business. With Facebook, you can reach more people more easily than with any other medium. The best way to get advice from people you know is to write a new post on Facebook. However, the site also has a feature dedicated to recommendations or you can also try to join a group that can help you with your request.


Part 1 of 3: Formulate your request correctly

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Ask a question

The best way to engage your Facebook friends or use the recommendations feature is to phrase your post as a question. Like any good question, it should be short and polite. Instead of writing something like, “I'm in London for the weekend and would like to eat fish and chips,” try asking a question like “where can I eat good fish and chips in London?"

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Use the word "recommendation" or a synonym

Facebook's recommendation feature has an algorithm that recognizes status updates that ask for recommendations from their friends. Even though there isn't a list of words that are sure to be recognized, you can try the word "recommendations" in your post to trigger the feature.

Don't be afraid to change the wording of your post. If that doesn't work, you can always edit it and start over by adding "recommendations"

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 3

Step 3. Specify the location in question

Whether in a specific city or neighborhood, you must mention the area that interests you. This will make sure that your friends give you proper recommendations while helping the Facebook function to extract the information of the exact businesses and services that your friends suggest to you.

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Make a specific request

Be sure to include the type of service you are looking for in your request. For example, if you are looking for a mechanic, you could also specify what kind of work you want on your car, such as an oil change or painting the body. You could also include a budget, especially if you want restaurant tips. This will ensure you get recommendations that are appropriate for your needs.

Here is an example of a well-turned request: “Hi everyone! Anyone know a good place to eat sushi in downtown Toulouse? I'm looking for a place at 50 € for two maximum! Thank you ! "

Part 2 of 3: Use Facebook's recommendations feature

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 5

Step 1. Click on the status box near the top of the screen

You will find it in the same place whether you are on the home page or on your profile page. To quickly get to the home page, you can click on the Facebook logo at the top left of the screen.

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 6

Step 2. Write a post only with text

After clicking on the status box, the text option should be selected by default. Write your request in it.

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 7

Step 3. Publish the post

After writing your request for recommendations, click on the blue button Publish at the bottom right of the status update box. This allows you to post your request on your wall.

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 8

Step 4. Add a card

Click on Add a xxx card to your post just under the card that will appear under your status. This should display the exact location you mention in the post (eg city, region or country) instead of "xxx". By selecting it, you will add a small map of the place you are talking about and you will be able to see your friends' suggestions on it.

Part 3 of 3: Asking a group for a recommendation

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 9

Step 1. Find a group with appropriate keywords

No matter what Facebook page you are on, you can find the search bar at the top of the screen, right next to the Facebook logo. Enter your request here, whether you are looking for advice for a restaurant, a hobby or a service. Press on Entrance to start the search.

For example, if you are looking for a good mechanic in Lyon, you can search for "garage Lyon". Pay attention to the name of the group, as this will tell you if it is appropriate for what you are looking for

Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 10

Step 2. Join a relevant group

Once you have found a group that can help you with your search, you should join them. You can do this by clicking the button join the group.

  • Be aware that depending on the nature of your request, you may not be able to find a group that can exactly help you. This is especially true if you live in a rural area.
  • Some groups are private, and the administrator will have to approve your request to join. The time needed may vary from group to group, from a few hours to several days.
Ask for Recommendations on Facebook Step 11

Step 3. Mail your request

Near the top of the group's page, you'll see a text box that will invite you to post something. It should look like the text box you find on your profile or news feed. Write your request there.

  • Since you may have joined a group depending on your location and the service you are looking for, you don't have to write a question as specific as in the other methods.
  • Also be aware that many Facebook groups have rules about what you can and cannot post. Make sure you review them carefully before asking a question or you could get banned from the group. You often find them in a “hooked” post at the top of the page or in the group description.


  • Be careful when revealing your location on a Facebook group you just joined. You could post personal information which could put you at risk.
  • If you get recommendations from friends on Facebook who you don't know well, you could check the service they recommend by comparing it with the opinions of other friends or comments on specialized sites.

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