How to take a good Facebook profile picture

How to take a good Facebook profile picture
How to take a good Facebook profile picture

A flattering, attention-grabbing profile picture is an important part of a successful Facebook account. Take a natural expression and position your body the right way. By having someone else take the picture, the possibilities will be even more numerous! Once the photo is taken, you can edit it slightly before posting it on your profile.


Part 1 of 4: choosing the right expression

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 1

Step 1. Slightly squint your eyes

Make sure you don't adopt the expression of a rabbit caught between the headlights of a car. The easiest way to pull off any portrait is to squint your eyes slightly.

Be careful not to squint your eyes so much that you look like you're looking to see something

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 2

Step 2. Tilt your head to the side

It's not for nothing that almost everyone hates their photo of a driver's license, passport, and other paperwork. Positioning your head straight ahead, with your eyes wide open is not very flattering. Before taking the shot, show your best profile and tilt your head slightly.

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 3

Step 3. Uncover your sparkling smile

A smile will enhance any photo. Studies have shown that a smiling face attracts more sympathy than a face with a neutral expression. Relax your mouth, show some teeth, and smile naturally.

Don't clench your teeth too much, and make sure your smile doesn't look forced

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 4

Step 4. Banish the cul de poule mouth

Unusually straining lips or any other unusual expression could spoil your profile picture. Exaggerated expressions may make you look silly and overshadow your pretty face.

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 5

Step 5. Prefer natural

People will need to be able to relate your profile picture to your usual appearance. Your profile photo should highlight your features as they are on a daily basis.

  • If you are wearing makeup, wear brightly colored lipstick and make sure your eyebrows are perfectly contoured, so that they highlight your expression.
  • Remove your sunglasses or any accessory that might hide your face.

Part 2 of 4: strike a pose

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 6

Step 1. Have someone else take the photo, if possible

When the photo is taken by someone else, it will be easier for you to pose exactly the way you want. The person can also bring you an outside look and give you his opinion on the pose and the shot.

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 7

Step 2. Frame your head and shoulders or your head and torso

A profile photo should focus on your face, but if taken correctly it can show more of your body as well. For a simple and confident pose, place one hand on your hip. Direct your elbow slightly back.

If you include any part of your body in the photo, make sure your face remains the focal point and your features are clearly visible

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 8

Step 3. Orient your body

Good posture is important, but standing perfectly straight would make you look stiff and unnatural. Slightly tilt your body to the side and subtly tilt your head forward. Your body will appear more relaxed and better proportioned.

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 9

Step 4. Turn to the side slightly

Professional photographers speak of the “rule of thirds”. Draw 2 imaginary vertical lines that would divide the image into three equal parts. Most of your body should be placed on one of these lines, rather than directly in the center of the shot.

Part 3 of 4: choosing the right frame

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 10

Step 1. Do not take the photo in front of a mirror

Nowadays, a selfie taken in front of a mirror, with the phone visible, will look bad. For a more successful result, turn the phone over and take the photo. Most recent smartphones allow you to take a photo while seeing yourself on the screen.

  • You could also lean the phone or camera against something and use the self-timer to take the picture.
  • A selfie stick could also help you take a more flattering photo.
  • If you had to take a photo in front of the mirror, hold the phone (or camera) at shoulder height and tilt it up. By zooming in enough, the camera will not be visible on the snapshot.
Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 11

Step 2. Include a nice background

On a simple white background, your portrait will be somewhat boring. Try taking the photo in front of a beautiful landscape, in your working environment, or even in front of a colorful background.

Make sure that the bottom is not too loaded. For example, if you took a picture of yourself at a concert, your face might get lost in the crowd

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 12

Step 3. Consider the lighting

You will need to strike a balance between a shot that's too dark and a shot that's too bright. It is very difficult to take a good photo at night and the daylight between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. is usually too bright to take a good photo. Take your profile picture in the morning or at dusk.

  • For taking pictures, natural light is considered the best. You can still take a good profile photo indoors, under artificial lighting. Just position yourself so that the light source does not shine directly on you.
  • If you must use the flash, have someone take the picture, so that the flash does not reflect too strongly on your body.

Part 4 of 4: retouch the photo

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 13

Step 1. Crop the image

On Facebook, your profile picture should be square. It will be displayed at 170 x 170 pixels on a computer and at 128 x 128 pixels on a smartphone. Before uploading your photo, you can work on it with suitable software, to ensure that the result is successful, even after the photo is cut to this dimension.

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 14

Step 2. Make sure the color saturation is low

A portrait whose colors are too intense will not look natural. With your photo editing software, lower the color saturation before uploading your photo to the site.

Make a Good Facebook Profile Picture Step 15

Step 3. Adjust the brightness

If the photo is too dark, you can use photo editing software to increase the brightness. However, be careful not to overdo this setting. By exaggerating the brightness, your face will appear washed out and the result will be very unnatural.

If your photo is way too dark, take another one in better light


  • If possible, use a regular camera, rather than a phone. Taking a selfie with a phone is very convenient. However, a camera will have better settings, which will allow you to get a better shot, especially if you can ask a friend to help you.
  • If you're taking a profile photo for a business Facebook account, wear clothes that you would wear to work or that are slightly more stylish. Even for the photo of a personal account, remember to make an effort of dress. Wear clothes that show off and make you feel confident.
  • Keep in mind that the clothes you usually wear will not necessarily have the same effect on your profile picture. For example, a loose blouse that elongates your legs won't have the same effect on a portrait that only shows your face and shoulders.

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