How to register on Facebook: 7 steps (with pictures)

How to register on Facebook: 7 steps (with pictures)
How to register on Facebook: 7 steps (with pictures)

Facebook is one of the most recognized applications in the world. Millions of people around the world use Facebook to connect with friends, family, and even to sell products. Most of your friends are likely to already have Facebook accounts. To be in touch with them, all you have to do is register. Signing up on Facebook is a simple task. You just need a valid and working email address.


Part 1 of 2: Register

Sign Up for Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Create an email address

Use your favorite web browser and go to an email site (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) then create an email address.

  • Make a note of your new address, as you will need it to register on Facebook.
  • If you already have an email address that you want to use, go to step two.
Sign Up for Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Go to the Facebook home page

In your browser's address bar, type and press Enter. You will be taken to the main Facebook page.

Sign Up for Facebook Step 3

Step 3. Sign up on Facebook

On the home page, you will see several fields under the option Create an account. Enter your first name, last name and a valid email address, a password, your date of birth and then select your gender. Click on Create an account after finishing.

  • Sometimes the Facebook home page displays a different page than the one described. You will just see a button Register now next to the name Facebook. Click on it. Provide the necessary information for registration including your new email address.
  • Remember the address you used. This email address is the address that Facebook will send you notifications you receive on your Facebook profile, so make sure you don't forget your email account password.
Sign Up for Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Confirm your registration

Facebook will send you a confirmation message after registration, so navigate to your email address that you used for registration and click on the confirmation message. Click on the link provided for confirmation.

By clicking on the link, you will be taken to your new Facebook profile

Part 2 of 2: Find Friends and Build Your Profile

Sign Up for Facebook Step 5

Step 1. Find Friends

After creating your account, enter the address you used to register and click on Find friends. Facebook will search for the contacts in your email account and automatically send them a friend request.

Sign Up for Facebook Step 6

Step 2. Build your profile

You can enter your high school, college / university, employer, current city, and hometown.

  • Click on Save and continue once you have finished.
Sign Up for Facebook Step 7

Step 3. Upload a photo

Choose whether you want to upload a photo or take a photo with your webcam.

  • After you finish, click Save and continue.
  • Congratulation ! You are now registered on Facebook and can now be in touch with your family, friends and colleagues.

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