3 ways to find your friends on Facebook

3 ways to find your friends on Facebook
3 ways to find your friends on Facebook

Facebook has many features to find other users. If you have friends who are not on Facebook, you can send them an invitation to join the platform and become your friend. You will then be able to chat and interact with them using your profile. Be aware that some users hide their Facebook profile and cannot be found. Regardless, there are different ways to connect with your friends on Facebook.


Method 1 of 3: Use the Facebook search bar

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Go to the Facebook search bar

The Facebook search bar is located at the top left of the home page. It allows you to find a specific person, even when you don't know their last name.

Search results are based on the information you provide on your profile

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Type your friend's name in the search bar

As you type, Facebook will display the results that most closely match your profile information. The suggested people list basically contains users who live in your city or region or who attend the same university or workplace.

The more information Facebook has about you, the more accurate the search will be

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 3

Step 3. Add a specific detail

If you can't find your friend with just their name, try including the name of their city, university, workplace, etc. This will help you refine your searches.

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Type your friend's email address

If you know your friend's email address, you can type it directly into the search bar.

His profile will only appear if the email address you entered is the one he associated with his Facebook account

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 5

Step 5. Add it

Once you have found the right profile, click on it and then go to its page to select the button Add and send it a request to add.

  • If the person is a new friend or someone you've lost sight of for a while (or haven't chatted with for a long time), it is recommended that you send them a message with your request as a courtesy.
  • Help them remember you so they don't mistakenly decline your request to add.

Method 2 of 3: Import your email contacts into Facebook

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 6

Step 1. Click Find Friends

This option is at the top right and allows you to refresh the page to generate a list of people you can know based on the information on your profile.

  • You can browse this list to find friends that you didn't think of on the first search.
  • You can also use this list if you can't remember the name of the person you're looking for.
Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 7

Step 2. Go to the Add personal contacts box

This box is located on the right side of the screen and contains the email address associated with your account.

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 8

Step 3. Import your contacts

Follow the instructions provided by Facebook to import your contacts from the email address of your choice. The procedure varies depending on your email service provider.

  • For example, if you are using Gmail, you will be prompted to log into your account, click Export in Gmail and then select the contacts you want to import into Facebook.
Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 9

Step 4. Review the suggestions provided by Facebook

Facebook will search for your friends using email addresses and names imported from your email account.

Method 3 of 3: Invite Facebook Friends

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 10

Step 1. Click the Find Friends link

This button is located at the top right of your Facebook session. If you can't find the person you're looking for using any of the methods above, it's probably because they don't have a Facebook account yet.

You can take the opportunity to invite them to join you on Facebook

Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 11

Step 2. Go to the Invite your friends box

This box is at the bottom right of the page under the other box Add personal contacts. From there, you can access the search bar which allows you to enter the phone numbers or email addresses of people you know and want to invite to Facebook.

  • Type your friend's number or email address in the search box and Facebook will send them a notification inviting them to join you on the platform.
  • To invite multiple people at the same time, place a comma after each email address or phone number.
Find Your Friends On Facebook Step 12

Step 3. Talk to him in person

If you haven't been able to find the person on Facebook and you don't have their phone number or email address, talking to them directly is the best way to break the ice. Let her know that you will like her to join you on Facebook.


  • Some users choose to hide their profile so that no one can find them on Facebook.
  • Some users change their privacy settings so that they cannot be found with a standard search. For example, only the friends of their friends can find them.
  • If you find your friend on Facebook, but the button Add is not available, which means that person's privacy settings prevent them from receiving add requests from anyone. You must be a friend of their friends to add them. If not, you can try to send him a message.
  • If you're adding a friend you've lost sight of for a while, start by introducing yourself with a post on their wall or message before sending them a request to add. Your friend may not remember and add you as a friend.
  • When logging in to verify your email or instant messaging account, Facebook will not save your password.


  • Never give out your Facebook account information to anyone.
  • Maintain your privacy by adding someone on Facebook only if you know them.

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