How to tag someone on Facebook

How to tag someone on Facebook
How to tag someone on Facebook

On Facebook, tagging is a convenient way to associate different people and groups with a post. Tagging yourself or your friends is a great way to share updates and memories with people you know and their friends. Facebook allows people and groups to be identified visually (in an image) as well as in writing (in status updates and comments). Either way, identification is just a few clicks away!


Part 1 of 4: tag on a photo

Tag People on Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Find the photo you want to tag

You can find one by searching either your own photos or those of your friends. Do as follows.

  • For one of your photos:

    click on Pictures at the top of your profile page. You will be able to search through the photos you have taken as well as those that other people have taken of you.

  • For a photo that belongs to a friend:

    go to your friend's profile and choose Pictures in the menu bar. On the next page, search through the photos of him and the ones he has taken.

  • You can also tag any photo you find in your News Feed (or a friend's).
Tag People on Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Click on the photo

Once you've found the photo you want to tag, click on it. A larger version of this photo will open along with its identification options.

Tag People on Facebook Step 3

Step 3. Tap Identify

On your photos, this button is to the right of the photo (near the comments) with a small label.

  • If you don't see this option, put your cursor anywhere on the photo. An information bar will appear at the bottom. Choose option Identify.
Tag People on Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Click on the face of the person you want to identify

If the person you want to identify is in the photo, just click on their face. A new menu will appear.

If you identify someone who is not in the photo, click anywhere in the photo (such as a corner). Facebook users often identify the photographer for example, but you can also identify someone unrelated to the photo if you think they should see it

Tag People on Facebook Step 5

Step 5. Enter the name of the person you want to identify

In the text bar that appeared, type its name. A list of friends that match your text will appear below. Click on the name of the friend you want.

Tag People on Facebook Step 6

Step 6. Continue to add identifiers if desired

Once you identify that person, do the same to identify others. You can identify as many people as you want in the photo. However, it is not possible to identify a person twice in the same photo.

Small caveat: Identifying too much is sometimes seen as rude or annoying. For example, if you tag your friends on a photo that is several years old, they will all receive a notification about something that is not recent. Many people find this annoying

Tag People on Facebook Step 7

Step 7. Select Identification Complete to stop

When you have finished identifying the photo, click the button. Identification completed which is at the bottom of the photo or on the right. You can also simply press the Entrance.

If you have identified one of your friends, it's good! On the other hand, if you have identified a person with whom you are not friends, you will have to wait for them to accept the identification before it is displayed

Part 2 of 4: tagging in a post

Tag People on Facebook Step 8

Step 1. Start typing a friend's name in a post

Identifying someone in a written post is similar to identifying someone in a photo, only faster. When you start typing your friend's name, a list of matching names will pop up. Correct spelling and all caps are important here - if you make a mistake, your friend's name won't show up in the list.

You can do the same in status updates as well as in comments. This process is the same in both cases

Tag People on Facebook Step 9

Step 2. Select the friend you want to identify from the list of options

Click on its name. Their name will appear in your post highlighted in blue to show that this person has been identified.

Tag People on Facebook Step 10

Step 3. Use the "@" symbol to identify a page or group

The great thing about tagging in text is that unlike photos, you can tag pages, groups, and people alike. In this case, Facebook will not automatically detect that you are trying to identify something, so start by typing the @ symbol, then type the group name as follows: @Star Wars. Click on the page that interests you in the list that will have unfolded.

You don't have to like a page or be a member of a group to identify them in your posts. However, the pages and groups you are signed in to will appear at the top of the list

Tag People on Facebook Step 11

Step 4. Repeat the action as many times as you want

The number of identifications per publication is not limited. Repeat the previous steps to add each new identification.

Tag People on Facebook Step 12

Step 5. Complete your post

If you want, you can write a message next to your IDs or you can post them on their own. It's up to you. In any case, your post will not be published until you press the button Entrance or click on the button Publish.

  • Incorporating identifications naturally and fluently into your message is a common way to use them. Take a look at the examples that follow (identification is in italics).
  • “Having a great time with Marie Dupont at the @ Louvre Museum. "
  • You can also put the identifications at the beginning or at the end of your message as in the following example.
  • “We're having a great time. Marie Dupont @ Louvre Museum »
  • Otherwise, you can just post IDs without a message.

Part 3 of 4: mobile options

Tag People on Facebook Step 13

Step 1. For the browser version of Facebook on mobile, identify as you do on a computer

Almost any smartphone that has an internet connection can access the browser version of Facebook at To be clear, these instructions are for the browser version of Facebook, not the mobile app.

  • Identify photos:

    open the photo and click the button Identification which is below. Type the names of the people you want to identify (separated by a space), then press Ended. You can select specific locations to identify in the photo via the mobile browser.

  • Identify in a publication:

    it is practically the same as on a computer. Start by typing the name of the person or group and select the correct option from the list that appears.

Tag People on Facebook Step 14

Step 2. Learn to identify on Apple or Android devices

The Facebook app for Apple and Android contains several simple identification options. These two platforms essentially use the same process: the differences are very minor. You will find them below.

  • Identify photos:

    go to the photo you want to identify. Look for the blue ID icon at the top. Touch the face of the person you want to identify. Type their name in the text bar, then touch the name of the person you want from the list that pops up. For Apple devices, you will probably need to select Ended to close the action.

  • Identify in a publication:

    this is the same as for mobile browsers or computers (see above).

Step 3. Learn to identify on Windows devices

Logging in in the Windows Facebook app is very similar to what you do on the Apple or Android apps. However, there is a difference when it comes to posts.

  • Identify photos:

    it is basically the same as for Apple and Android (see above).

  • Identify in a publication:

    this is identical to Apple and Android, except that you must put an "@" before each identification, even to identify your friends.

Part 4 of 4: understanding identifications

Tag People on Facebook Step 16

Step 1. Use them to grab the attention of specific people

IDs create connections between specific content on Facebook and a person, page, or group. When you tag someone in a photo or in a post, people who see that content will have a link they can click to visit the page of the person you've tagged.

Also, identifying someone will send them a notification, unless that person has chosen not to receive one when identified. This means that you can draw that person's attention to your content by tagging them: the notification will take them directly to the content in which they've been tagged

Tag People on Facebook Step 17

Step 2. Know that identified content will appear in your friends' news feed

When you tag someone in a piece of content, that piece of content will appear most of the time in their News Feed. It may also appear in the News Feed of people who are friends with the identified person. It is important to understand this: for example, you should not embarrass a friend by tagging them in an unseemly photo, because their friends and relatives will see it more easily.

Tag People on Facebook Step 18

Step 3. Adjust your credentials privacy settings to change who can see them

Fortunately, it is possible to ensure that the things you post on Facebook (including the identifications you make) are seen only by people you choose. You can do this with a tool called “post audience” which only works on your own photos and status updates.

  • When updating your status or posting a video, look for the button with an arrow that points down and is next to the "Post" button. You should see your current audience settings (usually “Public” or “Friends”). Click the button and use the options in the drop-down menu to determine who can see your post (as well as any identifications you might have made).
  • Again, be aware that you cannot control who can see your comments when you leave them on someone else's photo or status.


  • To remove the identifications which concern you on a photo, go to your news feed, then click on "Photos" in the left column. Scroll down and click on the small icon with a pencil at the top right of the photo on which you want to remove an ID. Then select Delete identification in the menu that appears.
  • To remove an identification that concerns you in a comment, go to your news feed and click on "Posts in which you are identified". Scroll down the list and find the post where you want to remove an ID. Click the button with the pencil at the top right of the comment, then select Delete identification.
  • Be aware that while you can identify pages in your written posts, it is not possible to do so for photos, unless certain pages have been pre-approved by Facebook.
  • Even if a person has already been tagged on an image, you can get around the rule of one tag by picture by using a nickname on the next tag.
  • Not everyone likes to be tagged in photos on Facebook. This is especially true if the photo is not very flattering or unseemly. If you're not sure whether tagging someone is a good idea, send them a message first to ask for their permission.

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