3 ways to become popular on Facebook

3 ways to become popular on Facebook
3 ways to become popular on Facebook

To become popular on Facebook, you'll need to be able to come up with engaging posts that others will like, share, and comment on. The more interactions your posts generate, the more visible they will be in other users' news feeds. Most of your posts should be happy and fun, and you should do what you can to get people to engage with your content. To encourage interactions, contribute to group pages and take an interest in the content of other Facebook users.


Method 1 of 3: Post popular content

Become Popular on Facebook Step 1

Step 1. Create positive and happy posts

Posts that elicit a strong emotional response, especially those that make people happy, tend to be like the most and get shared the most. Therefore, when writing your posts, use humor. Even when you want to broach a political topic, for example, formulate your point with humor so that the post is more popular.

Keep in mind that posts that cause negative emotions, such as outrage, can also become popular in terms of likes, but positive posts will be more easily shared

Become Popular on Facebook Step 2

Step 2. Promote interesting or exciting content

Exciting or wow posts can also elicit positive emotional responses. For example, a short post about a positive experience you have had might become popular, as may a link to an interesting article you have read.

The scientific articles that tend to interest people the most are those on recent astronomical discoveries or the discovery of an adorable animal species

Become Popular on Facebook Step 3

Step 3. Include lots of visual content

In terms of popularity, photos have pride of place. People will be more likely to like and comment on posts that include photos, than those with videos or just text. On the other hand, the quality of the photo will then be very important. Only post crisp images and consider adding a filter or cropping the photo to make it look better before posting.

  • Always tag the people who appear in the photos you post.
  • If you're not sure whether someone in the photo would agree to it being posted, ask them before you do so.
Become Popular on Facebook Step 4

Step 4. Write short posts and captions

It is always good to add a caption to a photo, but in terms of text less is more. Even for posts that don't include a photo, keep it short. Posts of around 80 characters are generally the most popular.

Become Popular on Facebook Step 5

Step 5. Don't hesitate to post trendy photos

Some of the photos that attract the most attention are completely lacking in originality. For example, travel photos and celebrity photos will have a very high chance of being successful.

Surprisingly, even has-been celebrities get a lot of likes. And your photos of Machu Picchu? Gold for your social networks

Method 2/3: Generate post interactions

Become Popular on Facebook Step 6

Step 1. Post things your Facebook friends will want to share

In order for your posts to be as popular as possible, they will need to do more than impress your friends. Your friends are more likely to share your posts if they think they'll impress their friends too. To do this, think of a way to please your friends' friends.

  • For example, word your posts so that they are accessible to as many people as possible.
  • For example, instead of using language specific to your social group, use language your friends could use in their own social circle. This will make it easier for people to share your posts, rather than trying to rephrase them.
Become Popular on Facebook Step 7

Step 2. Publish your posts during Facebook's busiest times

On weekdays, Facebook traffic is at its strongest after work hours and in the early evening. That said, the most traffic occurs on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Posts uploaded at these times will be most likely to be successful.

  • Your group of friends might be more active at times that are different from the norm. You will then need to experiment with it to determine when your posts get the most attention. Then get into the habit of posting at those specific times.
  • For example, young adults might be more active later in the evening. If most of your friends are the same age, think about when they are most likely to connect to Facebook and post your posts accordingly.
Become Popular on Facebook Step 8

Step 3. Encourage your friends to engage with your posts

Asking questions or asking for advice is a great way to get your Facebook friends to engage with your posts. You could do this with humor or even when you need information. You could even ask a question in a humorous tone, but still in order to get advice from your friends.

  • For example, post something like "Is it just me sick of paying to have my oil changed?" ". Many people will recognize themselves in your comments and will like your post and your friends who know good tips to change their oil or know how to change it themselves will probably comment on your post.
  • More easily, you can get your friends to interact with your posts by providing them with relevant content. For example, post a pop-up message, such as "the two strangest foods I eat together are scorpion confit and giant spiders in green sauce."
Become Popular on Facebook Step 9

Step 4. As soon as possible, tag other users

One of the best ways to get others to engage with your posts and become popular on Facebook is to get the attention of specific users. To do this, tag the friends who you think would be most likely to interact with the post or those who have the most interesting tips or information to share.

Method 3 of 3: Get as many likes and comments as possible

Become Popular on Facebook Step 10

Step 1. Like and share other people's content

Do you know the expression "stroking in the direction of the hair"? This could be even more true in the virtual world. The more you like and share other people's content, the more likely they will be to engage with your posts.

Become Popular on Facebook Step 11

Step 2. Join or create groups

Joining or creating groups could help you connect with people who share your interests. This will give you access to a network of users who will appreciate a certain type of post. In addition, the posts of other group members will provide you with information that you can share or comment on in your own posts.

Become Popular on Facebook Step 12

Step 3. Make useful posts

Posts that teach others something can get lots of likes and be shared widely. This is especially true when you are sharing something that will be immediately relevant in the lives of your friends. For example, post about a new app you recently started using and briefly explain how it makes your life easier.

Become Popular on Facebook Step 13

Step 4. Use current content

Comments on recent or current events should be as fresh as possible. By taking the lead on events that interest your circle of friends, you can be sure to boost your popularity. Also, get in the habit of briefly offering your point of view when sharing media content and being clear about what you like or dislike about what you post.

Become Popular on Facebook Step 14

Step 5. Don't post too often

Posting too frequently could actually lower your popularity on Facebook. Indeed, some users will choose to unsubscribe from your profile (even if they will always appear in your Facebook friends) and they will never see what you post. Limit yourself to a maximum of two posts per day. Once a day would probably be even better, especially if you post it at the right time.


  • Never post personal information on a public Facebook page. For example, your phone number and address should only be shared through private means of communication, like Facebook Messenger.
  • Be smart about what you post on Facebook. Keep in mind that family members of all ages, colleagues, and others will see what you post. Photos of frenzied parties and inappropriate comments, for example, will not have their place on Facebook.
  • Stay pragmatic in your quest for popularity online. Developing a receptive audience on a social network takes time. If this is something you want to do, understand that you will need to invest a lot of time and energy in it.

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