How to become famous on Facebook and get lots of likes

How to become famous on Facebook and get lots of likes
How to become famous on Facebook and get lots of likes

Everyone has a Facebook account these days. And everyone wants thousands of friends and hundreds of likes! Being famous on Facebook can come in handy for several things. Promote his creations, concerts, a website …


Part 1 of 3: Make your page awesome

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 1

Step 1. Have great photos

The photos on your page, like your profile photo and the cover image, are people's first impression of you, so it's really important that they look good. Make your profile picture something really interesting and make sure that the colors of the two pictures go well together.

  • For example, get a nice black and white photo of yourself to use as a portrait and then a large black and white photo of yourself, taken up close, walking in a forest or doing some activity you enjoy to use for your image of yourself. blanket.
  • Matching your photos will make your page look more professional when people visit it.
Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 2

Step 2. Create a character

You want to sound like an unusual person, someone who does interesting things and has interesting opinions. Make sure people see you as a whole person by posting opinions, discussions, and things that are important to you. People should feel like they know you, so make it easy to understand who you are and what you care about.

Always be optimistic or positive. You have to be a person who is optimistic or positive. Constantly complaining about girls or boys, your family or anything else that drives you crazy will just scare people away. They are fed up with their own issues and they want to feel that even when someone is having a hard time, they can find an advantage in the situation

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 3

Step 3. Post cool content

You want the content you post to be engaging. Don't just post about clothes lying around your floor or whiny, passively aggressive attempts to get attention. Instead, post funny stories, good jokes, awesome pictures and interesting facts. Post things that are relevant or improve other people's days, not something awkward and boring.

  • If you have a talent, use it! If you sing, draw, write, or have any other talent you can show, do it! Record videos or post photos to get people interested in the cool things you do.
  • You can also post things you like that you find on Tumblr, Reddit, Upworthy, and other popular sites, if you don't always have the time or the ability to post your own content.
Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 4

Step 4. Don't need a spammer

Don't post too often, post about the social games you play, or use your Facebook wall as an advertisement for a store. When stores ask you to mention them on Facebook for a discount, ignore them. When something you're about to post looks like what would be spam in your inbox, stop. Acting like a spammer will cause people to remove you from their notifications!

Part 2 of 3: be consistent

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 5

Step 1. Make your page public

If you want to have a lot of friends on Facebook and have a lot of people looking at your content, make your page a public page. It will really help make sure that more people see your wall. Remember: don't post something that will come back to haunt you!

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 6

Step 2. Have lots of friends

Add all the people you meet in real life, if possible. Add everyone from your school and try adding your friends' friends too. When someone you're not friends with comments or reacts to your posts, add them. When you see someone on a fan page who might like your page, add them. The more friends you have, the more people will see and react to your posts.

  • Even add people you don't know very well or have only met once. No one is actually a close friend of over 500 people, so don't be put off when you see other famous Facebook users with huge friend lists.
  • Remember to add people you haven't seen for a very long time. Maybe those friendships will even be rekindled!
Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 7

Step 3. Join communities and groups

Find a community that might like you and join it. Fan pages, groups, whatever, where you're the one person to know, because you're a great example of what this group of people find interesting. Groups and communities are great ways to meet people and make new friends outside of your immediate network, giving you a voice across the country and around the world!

Asking a group of people is going to be easier than trying to please everyone. Find your niche and call on them

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 8

Step 4. Encourage interaction

Your posts should make people want to comment, like, or interact with you. Post questions, opinions on controversial topics or inspirational quotes or stories. The more likes, comments, or shared posts you get, the more Facebook will get people to see your posts.

Example posts would look like this: “I am not a political adviser, but the United States has it all wrong in the way it is handling the Syria affair. What do you think ? Or "Macklemore concert next month… I hope I can go!" Who is with me ? "Or" I am selfish, impatient and have no confidence in myself. I make mistakes, I'm out of control and at times hard to deal with. But if you can't stand me in my worst times, then you're as sure as hell that you don't deserve me in my good times. »(Marilyn Monroe)

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 9

Step 5. Interact a lot with other people

They will feel like they know you and will also give you the chance to make new friends. Comment on their status and photos updates, leave birthday messages, and find more ways to interact with everyone you're friends with on Facebook.

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 10

Step 6. Find the right time for important or exciting posts

When posting something that you really want people to see, make sure you pick the right time. Saturday mornings and weekday evenings are the times when the majority of people check their notifications!

Part 3 of 3: Expanding Your Reach

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 11

Step 1. Also use Twitter and Instagram

Post things on Twitter and Instagram to make sure more people see your profile. Make sure there's a link to your Facebook, so they can find you and add you as a friend for even more content and posts. Try not to encroach on the content too much: you want people to have a reason to follow you on all networks, not just one!

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 12

Step 2. Link your Facebook account to a blog

To give people an even greater connection with you, have a blog. It can be on Facebook, but keeping it on a separate site would be better, as it will help increase your audience. Make sure the content on your blog is as interesting as it is personal, so that people are invested in what you write. Link to your Facebook and encourage people to add you.

Become Famous on Facebook and Get a Lot of Likes Step 13

Step 3. Promote yourself on other sites

If you have a blog, find ways to promote your blog elsewhere to attract even more people. Find communities that are interested in the type of content you're posting and commenting on, telling them to add you for all kinds of cool new stuff.


  • The point is to make yourself look cool and interesting, and make yourself seem like the kind of person that people brag about knowing or being friends with. Then, to really seal the deal, make everyone feel like they really know you (even if they don't). They will like to be "friends" with someone like you because it makes them feel cooler, funnier, or more interesting by association.
  • Add people who are already famous.
  • Don't forget to wish everyone a happy birthday!
  • Log in every day if you can.
  • Ask questions about public ideas such as "Who will go to Eurovision this year?" "


  • Don't post anything you'll regret later. A lot of people have lost their jobs, scholarships and friends because of what they posted on Facebook.
  • Getting famous really isn't the funniest thing. Prepare for the inconvenience.
  • Don't be mean! You must be nice and kind to everyone.
  • Do not write racist, political or religious opinions in your status.
  • Don't call yourself famous. Don't be narcissistic.
  • Don't write rude comments about photos or the status of others and yourself.

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