How to find a girlfriend via Facebook

How to find a girlfriend via Facebook
How to find a girlfriend via Facebook

Have you ever fallen in love with a girl you were chatting with on Facebook? If you frequently have passionate conversations with a cute girl you love, you are sure to be tempted to take her to the next level by asking her to be your girlfriend. All you need to do to make this happen is to show yourself as the great friend she is chatting with online and how much she means to you.


Part 1 of 3: have an online conversation

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 01

Step 1. Take care to make sure she is single

If you want to have a girlfriend using Facebook chat, the first thing to do will be to make sure that she is open to you. It would of course be obvious to think that you just have to visit her profile to find out if she is single, however it is not that easy. You have to dig a little deeper. For example, she might be dating someone who isn't on Facebook and she might not have mentioned her relationship, she might be posting on her profile. whether she is "married" to one of her girlfriends as a joke when she is dating someone else or whether she is clearly interested in someone else. How to find out? Here are a few tips.

  • Browse his photos. Did you find any of her photos taken with another guy? Do people comment to say how much they appreciate her photos? If so, it must surely be taken already.
  • Visit his wall. Is there a guy she posts a lot on or a guy she seems to chat with a lot? If so, he might be the guy she's dating.
  • Check to see if she posts a lot of mystery messages that hint at a relationship she has with someone. These could be posts of love songs, emoticons serving as winks, or comments that say they love someone, but in a little confusing way. These are potential signs that show that she loves a person or is dating a person, but doesn't want to flaunt it directly.
  • If she doesn't seem to be dating, but just has a crush on someone, then there's nothing stopping you from trying to attract her!
Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 02

Step 2. Make sure to make your profile interesting

Whether you know the girl or not, it is important to have an attractive profile that is current. If she gets used to chatting with you a lot or commenting on your Facebook posts, there's a good chance she'll want to take a look at your profile. If so, you need to make sure your photos are fun, eye-catching, your profile interesting, and make comments that will make her laugh. Here are some ways to ensure that your profile will attract the girl you're chatting with:

  • put a profile photo that is not too exaggerated and that actually represents your real image. Girls like real guys and not show-offs,
  • post some interesting links or videos on your page, but don't post too frequently or you risk giving the impression that you have nothing else to do with your life,
  • dig through your scrapbook and examine other photos of yourself to make sure there is nothing that makes you look too immature or act like a comedian.
Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 03

Step 3. Don't write to her the second she logs in

If you want to appear serene and get the girl to like you without forcing it, give her at least 10 to 15 minutes online before asking her, "what's up?" This will show that you weren't sticking around on Facebook waiting for her to log in, but just passing through and wanting to see how she's doing. It is true that you might miss talking to her if she disconnects two minutes after logging in, however you will seem less excited if you talk to her a little while later after she logs on.

If she is connected with her mobile phone (you will see the sign on the chat bar), it might not be a good time to chat with her. It could be that she is busy and didn't even realize she logged in because her Facebook account is continually open on her phone

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 04

Step 4. Start the discussion in a familiar way

When you send them a message, you can start with a familiar, selfless phrase so you don't look like you're watching their profile. You can just say, “what's up? ", " how was your day ? Or ask her a simple question like how her football game went or what she thinks about the math quiz you took during the class you took together. You don't need to introduce the most fascinating commentary too early, it will betray you.

  • If you've never spoken to her in person before, be sure to make sure she really knows who you are. A lot of people have friends on Facebook and have forgotten how they know them in real life.
  • To liven up the conversation, just say something like, "How are you?" Or a question that requires more of a direct answer, such as: "How was your game of football?" "
Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 05

Step 5. Create interesting discussion topics

After throwing the ball, you can start talking about topics that will interest the girl and make her talk. It all really depends on what you are interested in and what you think may be of interest to you. You can talk about some rumors that run around your school (without being too sarcastic), the class you took together, an exciting news that appeared in the new issue of the local newspaper, or what you are going to do. this summer.

If she's interested, she'll give you lots of answers, make funny comments, and ask questions. If she is radio silent, understand that you need to change the subject

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 06

Step 6. Start making an intimate connection

If you don't know her well, you can try browsing her Facebook page to get a feel for her personality, from the music group she likes to her hobbies, to find out if she enjoys running or hiking. You don't have to tell them you've visited their profile, but bring these up naturally in conversations. You can also allude to the fact that you grew up in the same place, play the same sport, have the same political opinions or have several other subjects.

Don't get too stressed out if you think you don't have anything in common. You can build a lasting relationship just by sharing one or two common interests. You don't have to be equally fond of music, reading, or sports to start dating

Part 2 of 3: get her hooked

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 07

Step 1. Show her that you care about her

If you want the girl to continue chatting with you, you need to let her know that you really care. First, just keep the conversation superficial and jovial, but subtly evoke some compliments to keep the conversation going. You can say something like, "it's so easy to chat with you" or "you are funny". Let her know that you really appreciate her personality and that you are hoping for something more than your simple conversations.

You can even, cautiously, compliment her on her appearance in any of the photos she posted. You can say: "this dress is pretty" or "your hairstyle looks good on you like that". Just be careful not to overdo it otherwise it might upset him

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 08

Step 2. Don't go too hard

One thing is to be able to have an interesting chat online and to build a relationship with a girl on Facebook. However, another also is to risk being always online and waiting for her to message her as soon as she is online and sending her millions of messages that she barely replies to. Make sure that the two of you write each other and each other as many messages, that you don't stay online 24/7, and that she appears as interested in the conversation as you do.

You shouldn't make her feel like you're on Facebook every time she logs in. Let her wonder if you will be there or not

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 09

Step 3. Show you have another life outside of Facebook

If you want the girl to be interested in you, you have to show her that you do other things besides uploading photos to your Facebook log. You can talk about your plans for the weekend, something you will be doing tonight, or just mention that you will be visiting some friends later. You don't have to lie to make your life seem more interesting than it really is, but you have to let her see that you are not just a guy who spends his time on Facebook.

If you're going to celebrate your Aunt Bertha's 50th birthday, you don't need to tell her. Just say, "I have to go meet some people." So you vaguely inform her that you have plans without her knowing all the details

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 10

Step 4. Consider subtly hinting at their profile or posts

Although it may seem unpleasant at first, once you get to know each other you can talk about some of his posts. If she posted a photo of herself and her friends on the weekend on Lake Tahoe, you can ask her how the trip went. If she posts a new article that she seems to be interested in, you can discuss it with her (as long as it doesn't get you into an argument). This method can help you know what to discuss and move the course of your discussions forward.

You shouldn't apply this method at the start of a conversation, but rather use it as a resource in case you run out of additional discussion topics

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 11

Step 5. Show her that you are really following her

If you really want to grab the girl's attention, you have to show her that you care about her. If she brings up a topic, like a dance concert she'll be in, bring up the topic again next time, asking how it went. If you see her at school and find that she is wearing a new dress or has had her hair done, give her a compliment (without implying too much). Let her know that you really care about her and that you care about her style and everything she says.

  • You can say something like, "How did the math question go?" Was she as hard as you imagined? Or, "Did you have fun on your uncle's birthday?" ". This will show him that you care about the details.
  • If you need to remember what you've been talking about, you can always scroll down the scroll bar to review your old conversations.
Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 12

Step 6. Log off when the going gets interesting

Another thing you can do to grab their attention is to end the conversation when it gets interesting. You don't have to have a nice conversation for a moment and then run out of talking points before you decide to leave it. Find a time when the conversation is really interesting and start ending it before you log out, so you leave her in a thirst for more conversation.

  • Of course, you need to stay sympathetic and tell her you need to go instead of abruptly logging out.
  • This advice also applies when speaking with the girl in person. You need to break up when the conversation gets interesting, rather than doing it when it's nonchalant, so you can leave a good impression.

Part 3 of 3: Make her your girlfriend

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 13

Step 1. Consider offering her a date when you're online

One of the things you can do is date the girl, or even ask her to be your girlfriend, through Facebook. While some girls would like you to do it in person, if you've established a strong bond with her online and think she'll respond positively, you can set out to date her online. Several people might advise against this, but if you think this is right for you and your friend, you can just try to find a good time to ask her if she would like to be your girlfriend.

Making the request online can inhibit the strain that this request could place on each of you. You won't have to worry too much about how you go about saying the appropriate words because you will instead be typing them on the keyboard and for that same reason, she also won't have to worry too much about saying the right words. how to give the appropriate answer

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 14

Step 2. First spend some time with her

Even though you may have fallen in love on the internet, it would help you to know who this girl is and whether or not you are actually compatible or not, by spending some time with her in person. If you go to the same school or live close to each other, start taking initiatives to go on occasional group outings with her and then see if you can go out as a couple, even if it is. will be just for dinner, to go for a walk or to see a movie. This will let you know if you are compatible or not.

Just talk to him in a familiar tone. Say something like, “I'm going out with some friends this weekend. Would you like to join us? Or, "will you go to the carnival tonight?" I'll be there with some friends”

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 15

Step 3. Make sure your feelings are mutual

Whether you are with her in person or just chatting online, before you ask the question you need to know if you are more than a friend to the girl or not. Even if you get along well, she may consider you more of a simple friend or be interested in someone else. When you are with her or when you chat with her, pay attention to see if she is genuinely interested in you, if she is flirting with you a bit, and if she asks you questions about your privacy. Take a good look at her attitudes to find out if she has a crush on you.

It is true that you cannot read people's minds and therefore it may be difficult for you to know if she likes you or not if you are only chatting on the internet. It would be difficult for you to refer to things like the tone she speaks and her personality if you don't have a long physical time with her

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 16

Step 4. Find the right time to make the offer

If you have decided to ask him to become your girlfriend, then you need to find the right time to ask him, whether it's online or in person. In case you make the offer to her online, you need to find a time when you are complimenting each other, when the conversation turns out to be very interesting, or when you are in. in the process of planning an upcoming ride with her. If you're chatting with her in person, make sure you're on your own, that she's in a good mood, and that the flow is really flowing between you before you make the offer to her.

Once the timing and timing are right, just tell her that you really appreciate her and would like her to be your girlfriend. You don't have to elaborate a speech to say it and she will truly appreciate your frankness. Just say, “I was so glad to have known you. You are so smart, fun and so open. I would very much like you to be my girlfriend”

Get a Girlfriend Via Facebook Chat Step 17

Step 5. Respond appropriately

Whether the answer is yes or no, it's important to react in a way that makes you worthy of a mature gentleman. If she says she would like to be your girlfriend, then you need to perform some dancing steps, show her how happy you are, and show her a sign of affection. If she refuses, let her know it's okay.Let her know that you appreciate her honesty and hope to keep your friendship with her.

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