4 ways to organize Chrome favorites

4 ways to organize Chrome favorites
4 ways to organize Chrome favorites

Bookmarks, in which you save a website for later, are really handy if you know where to find them. Unfortunately, the majority of Internet users very often find themselves invaded by bookmarks, because they save lots of sites for later, then they forget them altogether. Google Chrome has found a way to make it easier for you to organize your bookmarks, although you'll have to take the time to sort your entire list.


Method 1 of 4: Use Bookmark Manager

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 1

Step 1. Open the Favorites Manager to view all your favorites on one page

It's the easiest technique to organize all your favorites and folders without having to juggle multiple menus and multiple bars. The Favorites Manager allows you to sort your favorites, create and organize folders, rename or edit favorites, and find all of your links.

Check that you have the most recent version of Bookmarks Manager by opening the "About Google Chrome" page (URL: chrome: // chrome /). If you don't have the most recent version, it will update automatically from this site

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 2

Step 2. Click on the three gray lines in the top right corner of Chrome

This will open up Chrome's settings menu. Click on these bars and a small white menu will appear, displaying "New tab".

This icon is more commonly referred to as the “Hamburger Icon”

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 3

Step 3. Click Favorites>. A second menu will appear with a few options at the top and all of your favorites at the bottom. From there, you can browse your favorites and start sorting them.

  • Click on Bookmark this page to automatically save the web page that is currently open in your browser. Add open pages to favorites will create a favorite for each currently open tab.
  • Click on Show bookmarks bar to display your favorites as accessible buttons below your search bar.
  • Click on your favorites and drag them to sort them or to put them in folders.
  • Right click on a link to modify it, rename it or to copy and paste a favorite.
Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 4

Step 4. Click Favorites Manager to take full control of your favorites

A personalized page will open, where you can easily edit your favorites. Your favorites will be displayed as a list in the center of the page, while your folders will be displayed in the bar on the left. Double-clicking on a favorite will open it in a separate tab, while clicking on a folder will display the favorites that are in that folder.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 5

Step 5. Notice how Chrome automatically organized everything in 2 or 3 folders

Look at the folders on the left side of the screen. You will probably see a series of "nested" folders, which means you have one folder inside another. They will be stored in one of these three folders. All of your favorites should fit into these three big folders.

  • Favorites bar: this folder is reserved for your most used favorites. Anything in that folder will be displayed on the bar at the top of your Chrome browser window.
  • Other favorites: you will find here everything that you have not put in your Favorites bar.
  • Favorites on mobile: If you've signed in with your Google account on your computer and on your phone, then all of the bookmarks you've saved on your Chrome Mobile app will appear in this folder.
Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 6

Step 6. Click and drag a favorite or folder to move it

It's easy to organize your favorites from this page: just click on a link, keep the mouse button pressed and drag it to the folder you want. Release the mouse button to store the favorite in this folder.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 7

Step 7. Click Folder ▼ Where Organize ▼ to add a folder or a favorite.

By clicking on one of these menus at the top of your favorites manager, a small menu will appear to give you the possibility to add new files or new links. You will be asked to give the favorite a name and attach a link or indicate where the new folder will be located. These decisions are not permanent, however, as you can always move them to a new location.

You can also undo your last changes from this menu

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 8

Step 8. Right click on a link or folder to rename it

You can also edit the link or copy and paste the favorite to move it to another location. Just right click on it then click on Edit favorite / folder to add a description, modify the URL or rename the link.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 9

Step 9. Use the search bar to search your favorites, including their content

This is the best new feature of Chrome's Bookmarks Manager: the search bar will read the titles of your bookmarks, but also the content of its page when you want to search for something. For example, if you've favorite a few “Best Movies of the Year” lists and want to quickly see if American Hustle is among them, you can search for the title without having to click on each favorite.

This is a great tool to help you organize them, as you can search for "Movies" and move all the results to its own folder

Method 2 of 4: Store favorites in folders

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 10

Step 1. Click on the little star next to the URL to bookmark this page

The URL is the address of the web page you are visiting (http://www.wikihow.com, for example). This manipulation saves the page so that you can find it more quickly in the future and a small options box is displayed. You can also press the keys at the same time. Ctrl / Cmd and D to add a page to your favorites.

  • Click on the trash can to forgo the link.
  • Click on the bold text to edit the title.
  • Click on Add to folder to display a list of all your favorite folders.
Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 11

Step 2. Reserve the bookmarks bar for sites you visit regularly

The Favorites bar is a collection of links that sits right below your search bar, allowing you to find them quickly whenever you need them. You can quickly add a link to the bookmarks bar by clicking the small icon immediately to the left of "HTTP" and dragging it into the bar below your URL. If the favorites bar is not displayed:

  • click on the three gray lines in the top right corner of Chrome;
  • click on Favorites;
  • click on Show bookmarks bar;
  • otherwise, press the keys at the same time. Ctrl / Cmd, Shift and B to display the favorites bar.
Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 12

Step 3. Create folders to group all favorites of the same genre

The secret to sorting your favorites is to use folders, because they clear up the clutter and help you find the favorite you are looking for faster. To create a favorites folder, right-click on the favorites bar then click on Add a folder. This will bring up a small window where you can give the folder a name and choose its location. Here are some ideas for folder names:

  • trip;
  • job;
  • blogs to follow;
  • children;
  • games;
  • finances;
  • special projects.
Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 13

Step 4. Create subfolders to organize your favorites in more depth

This is a great idea if you have thousands of records. For example, chances are you have a folder called “Work”. But to make it more efficient, you can add small folders like "Research", "Projects", "Finances" which will allow you to sort your favorites more efficiently. To create a subfolder, click Add a folder and choose the folder in which you want to add the new subfolder.

To add a favorite in a subfolder, find the Add Favorite window or click and drag it to the corresponding folder. Place the mouse cursor over the first folder so that it opens, then drag your favorite to the corresponding subfolder

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 14

Step 5. Download browser extensions to automatically sort your favorites

Chrome apps, also known as "Extensions," provide additional functionality to let you customize Chrome. To download them, go to the Chrome store and search for "organize favorites" in the top left corner.

  • Make sure you tick the box Extensions below the search box.
  • Some of the most popular extensions for sorting your bookmarks, removing duplicate links, and creating folders include SuperSorter, Sprucemarks, and Chrome's Bookmarks Manager.

Method 3 of 4: Organize favorites on mobile

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 15

Step 1. Sign in to your Google account to group all your Chrome bookmarks

When you download the Chrome app for your phone, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account or your Gmail account. In this case, all the favorites on your computer will be transferred to your phone in a folder called “Favorites on computer”.

  • Signing in to Gmail should automatically group all accounts together.
  • If you are still being asked to sign in to your Google Account, type "Sign in to your Google Account" in the search bar and follow the on-screen instructions.
Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 16

Step 2. Click on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen

The settings will appear and you will be able to see your favorites.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 17

Step 3. Click on the star to add a page to your favorites

At the top of the menu are four symbols: a square with an arrow, a star, an arrow that forms a circle, and the vertical dots. Click on the star to add the current page to your favorites.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 18

Step 4. Click Favorites to display the favorites you have saved

This will display a list of folders that contain your favorites. You should have at least two folders, “Mobile Favorites” and “Computer Favorites”. “Mobile Favorites” will keep everything you've backed up on your phone, while “Computer Favorites” will keep everything you've backed up on your computer. Click on a folder to display the saved links.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 19

Step 5. Click on the small pen icon to move your favorites into folders

Click on the little pen in the right corner and you will see an "X" appear above each favorite. From there, use your touchscreen to drag each favorite into folders to organize them.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 20

Step 6. Click on a favorite and keep pressing to edit or delete it

Place your finger on a favorite and keep pressing for one to two seconds. A small menu will appear, giving you options to edit or delete the favorite or to open it in an incognito window.

Click anywhere above the menu to cancel

Method 4 of 4: Troubleshooting

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 21

Step 1. You don't see your favorites

Make sure you've signed into your Google account by clicking To log in in the top right corner of Favorites Manager. Chrome saves your favorites in your user account and transfers them from computer to computer. If you sign in to your account on any Chrome browser, you will find your bookmarks in Bookmarks Manager.

Click on the little triangle next to your folders in Favorites Manager to show hidden folders

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 22

Step 2. Can't find Bookmark Manager

Make sure you have the most recent version of Chrome. Click on the three gray lines in the top right corner of Chrome then click on About Google Chrome to check if you have the latest version and update if necessary.

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 23

Step 3. You are unable to share your favorites with other people

Your folder is surely defined as a private folder. Although you cannot easily change this setting, you can still create a new public folder and transfer favorites to that folder. From there, click Share this folder in the Favorites manager.

Remember, a folder is private if it is included inside a private folder

Organize Chrome Bookmarks Step 24

Step 4. Can't find the bookmarks bar

Press these three keys at the same time: Ctrl / Cmd + Shift + B. The bookmarks bar should appear. If not, consider reinstalling Chrome.

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