3 ways to view bookmarks in Chrome

3 ways to view bookmarks in Chrome
3 ways to view bookmarks in Chrome

The Google Chrome bookmarks bar is displayed with just a keyboard shortcut. The browser menu also gives you the ability to access the bookmarks manager to quickly browse through a host of bookmarks.


Method 1 of 3: Use the bookmarks bar

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 1

Step 1. Display the bookmarks bar

To do this, press Ctrl + ⇧ Shift + B in Windows or commandl + ⇧ Shift + B if you are using a Mac computer. A horizontal bar containing bookmarks should appear under the address bar of your browser.

  • Otherwise, press the menu button and select FavoritesShow bookmarks bar.
Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 2

Step 2. Go to Favorites

Your first bookmarks will appear as buttons in the bar. Click the "button located at the right end of the bar to view other favorites from a drop-down menu.

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 3

Step 3. Right click on a favorite for more options

By doing this, a context menu will appear and you will see options such as Open in a new tab, To modify (to change the name or link of the page), To delete and more. You can also click and drag the favorite to change its position on the bar.

To right click on Mac using a single button mouse, you need to press and hold the Ctrl key while clicking. The touchpad on some computers considers a tap with two fingers to be a right click

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 4

Step 4. Add folders

Click the option Add a folder from the context menu. The newly created folder will appear in your favorites bar. Click and drag them to move them into the folder.

While you are adding a page to favorites, you have the option of selecting its direct location from the drop-down menu in the Folder field

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 5

Step 5. Open a whole folder

Right-click on the folder and select Open all to display the bookmarks that are there. You can also right-click in the blank on the bookmarks bar. This action will not only open all the favorites that are in a folder, but it will also display the bookmarks that are in the Other Favorites folder.

Method 2 of 3: Manage all favorites

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 6

Step 1. Update Google Chrome (recommended)

From late 2014 to June 2015, Chrome made improvements to the favorites. The favorites manager has therefore become more visual and refined. If you haven't updated Chrome since then, these instructions won't match your browser.

  • If you are not among the minority of users who prefer the visual system, you can install the bookmarks manager extension from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Apart from this temporary change, the bookmarks manager remains mostly the same since the release of a new version in 2010 (version 5) and the bug fixing software in 2011 (version 15).
Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 7

Step 2. Open the bookmarks manager

Press Ctrl + ⌥ Option + B on Windows or ⌘ Command + ⌥ Option + B on Mac. This command will open the bookmarks manager in a new tab.

  • You can also make use of the option Favorites from the menu or right click on the favorites bar, then select Favorites manager from the drop-down menu.
Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 8

Step 3. Organize your favorites

Click the Favorites Bar folder located in the upper left corner of the page. Drag the bookmarks in the section on the right to order them as you see fit. Move the ones you rarely use to the Other Favorites folder. The latter is still available, but will not show on the bar unless it contains something.

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 9

Step 4. Create new folders

Click on Files at the top left of the window, then select Add a folder. This action will create a folder inside another one you have selected. Move the favorites into the folder and organize them the way you'd like them to be.

You will find all bookmarks and folders in Other Favorites or in Favorites bar. You do not have the option to delete or rename these

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 10

Step 5. Organize files in a folder in alphabetical order

Select a folder in the section on the left. At the top of the section on the right, click To organise, then select Sort by name to arrange all the favorites in the folder in alphabetical order.

Method 3 of 3: Use bookmarks on mobile devices

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 11

Step 1. Find the Favorites menu

You won't find a bookmarks bar in the mobile version of Chrome browser. In order to be able to consult your favorites on mobile, press the menu button, then select Favorites.

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 12

Step 2. Place bookmarks in folders

Press and hold the favorite you want to move. When the latter is selected, do the same for other bookmarks that you also want to move. Tap the folder icon with an arrow located in the upper right corner. Then select the folder in which you want to move the selected favorites.

Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 13

Step 3. Synchronize your bookmarks with other devices

As long as you use the same Google Account on all of your devices, you have the option to automatically sync your favorites. You can follow this quick procedure.

  • In Chrome, tap the menu icon and select Settings.
  • On mobile devices, tap your account name, then tap Synchronization to access the parameters. If you just want to sync data, turn off the option Synchronize all and check the boxes in front of the items you want to share between your devices.
  • On a computer, you should instead click Advanced sync settings in the settings.
  • Do the same on all the devices you want to sync.
Display Bookmarks in Chrome Step 14

Step 4. Display the favorites as a list

If you prefer a list view to the default view icon, follow this procedure.

  • Visit the chrome: // flags / # enable-new-ntp page from your Chrome mobile browser.
  • Change options Default (default) in Enabled (active).
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and press NOW RESTART to restart the browser and apply the changes.
  • Note: All features on this page are experimental. They are liable to be modified, to cease to function or to disappear at any time. If your Chrome version does not have the enable new ntp feature, you cannot proceed with this step.


  • If you prefer bookmarks to appear on the left side of your page as is the case with other browsers, open a new window and go to the bookmarks manager. Collapse that into a narrow column and move it to the left of the screen. Minimize your usual browser window a little so that it is positioned correctly on the right of the screen.
  • The new tab page will still show the bookmarks bar, even if you have configured it to be hidden.

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