How to share a post on Instagram

How to share a post on Instagram
How to share a post on Instagram

On Instagram, you can share the photos and videos you like with your friends. It is even possible to share at the same time on other social media sites. Instagram also lets you send posts that belong to other Instagram users to friends.


Method 1 of 2: Share photos

Share a Post on Instagram Step 1

Step 1. Go to Instagram

Look on the home screen of your smartphone or tablet and tap the yellow and purple icon with the white design of a camera. It can also be found in your phone's file tree.

Using Instagram, you can also share your videos and photos on other social networking sites, like Tumblr and Facebook, but also by email

Share a Post on Instagram Step 2

Step 2. Select the profile icon

At the bottom right of your screen, you can see a character icon, tap on it. It allows you to access your personal page.

Share a Post on Instagram Step 3

Step 3. Choose an image

Browse your photos and videos, then choose the one you want to share.

Share a Post on Instagram Step 4

Step 4. Display the list of options

In the top right corner, tap the ⋯ button for an iPhone or iPad to view the list of options for your image. For devices that work with Android, in the same corner of your screen you must select the ⁝ button.

Share a Post on Instagram Step 5

Step 5. Tap Share on

From the list of possible options, choose Share on.

Share a Post on Instagram Step 6

Step 6. Decide how to share

Choose from the list offered to you the site of a social network on which you want to share your image.

  • In the list given to you, you can also send your image by email. You can even include text to spice up your photo or video.
  • You can also make it a URL link. To do this, in the list of possible actions at the same level as Share on, choose Copy link. Then you just have to paste it wherever you want.
Share a Post on Instagram Step 7

Step 7. Make a connection

You can share along with Instagram on other popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. In the same list of actions as Share on, select Publish to other apps, then activate sharing by sliding the button to the right according to the social network you want to use. At this point, you may be asked to log in.

  • It is possible to broadcast at the same time on several social networks.
  • Note that if you are already logged into a social network that you want to share with in addition to Instagram, you will not be asked to log in.
Share a Post on Instagram Step 8

Step 8. Validate the sharing

Depending on the type of social network, follow the procedure to validate the sharing. Once it's done, your chosen image is visible on Instagram and another social media site at the same time.

  • Sharing an Instagram image with another social media site links the two accounts. You can view and manage Instagram related accounts by going to your personal page. Open Instagram, select a character's icon at the bottom right, then the icon at the top right. These are 3 horizontal lines. Then press Settings. The icon is at the top for an iPhone or iPad and at the bottom for an Android device. From the following list of options, choose Account, then Linked accounts.

Method 2 of 2: Share someone else's posts

Share a Post on Instagram Step 9

Step 1. Open the Instagram app

On your phone's home page, select the purple and yellow icon with the white design of a camera. You can also find the application by browsing your phone's file tree.

If you find a post you like and want to show it to a friend, the method of sharing the image or video is very easy. Note that the author of the post will not be notified that you have shared it

Share a Post on Instagram Step 10

Step 2. Select the icon

Under the image you want to share, you have 3 icons. Touch the icon that is furthest to the right with your finger. It is shaped like a delta wing or for some people the shape of a paper airplane.

Share a Post on Instagram Step 11

Step 3. Choose a recipient

Browse the list of your Instagram friends presented to you, then for iPhone users select the person you want to show the post to. For Android users, you don't have to select a person. You can also start writing your recipient's name in the search bar, then tap their name when it's displayed.

For iPhone users, you can add up to 15 recipients. You just need to select them at this point in the sharing process so they can all receive your upcoming message

Share a Post on Instagram Step 12

Step 4. Add a few words

In the field where it is written Write a message, you can enter a message to complete the post that you want to share with your friends.

If you don't want to add a comment, don't bother with this step

Share a Post on Instagram Step 13

Step 5. Tap Send

Press the blue button Send to the right of the names in Android or at the bottom of your screen for an iPhone. Your friends will receive a message with the post inside.

Note that if the post is from a private account, the recipient of your message will be able to read the post only if they also follow the author of the image


  • It is not possible to forward a person's Story. Only third party videos and photos can be shared with one of your friends.
  • If you want to make a URL link to communicate the post, only people who are subscribed to your Instagram account will be able to see the content after clicking the URL link.

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