How to get Instagram followers fast

How to get Instagram followers fast
How to get Instagram followers fast

Looking to make yourself known on Instagram? Learn how to quickly increase the number of your subscribers. The safest way to do this will be to get really involved in the platform, liking and commenting on other users' posts. If you are in a big hurry, consider buying your followers.


Method 1 of 2: Use conventional methods

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 1

Step 1. Promote your profile

Having a perfectly maintained Instagram profile won't do you much good if people don't know where to look for your content. Post a link to your profile wherever you can. For example, consider promoting your Instagram account on other social networks or including it in your email signature. You can also send a link to your profile to people via instant message.

If you want to go for a long-term strategy, have your Instagram profile name put on your business card

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 2

Step 2. Use popular hashtags and mentions

If you notice that a certain hashtag or celebrity is popular right now, find a way to use that hashtag or mention the celebrity in your next post.

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 3

Step 3. Write detailed captions

When adding a caption to your photos, consider what kind of content you would take the time to read. Humor, questions, and well-told stories get users involved, which will inspire them to subscribe to your account.

In your captions, also call the audience to take action, for example: “love if you agree! "Or" for more posts like this, subscribe to my page! "

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 4

Step 4. Space your posts

If you think that quickly filling your Instagram page with a whole bunch of photos will be a good way to attract followers, know that it's actually quite the opposite. Posting too many photos at once will flood your subscribers' homepages. Users who are not subscribed to your account will not want to, and your current subscribers will be at high risk of changing their minds and unsubscribing.

On average, don't post more than one to three photos per day

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 5

Step 5. Post your photos during peak hours

A post has a lifespan of 3 to 4 hours, before disappearing into the bowels of Instagram. By posting your content while users are heavily logged into the app, you'll be much more likely to grab the attention of your subscribers and other users than posting at other times of the day.

  • Morning and afternoon, after work, are the two best times of the day.
  • The best time of the week to grab users' attention is Wednesday, between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Coffee time, around 2 p.m., is also a peak time on Instagram.
  • Each Instagram account has a different audience. Figure out the times you get the most interactions and post regularly at those times.
Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 6

Step 6. Subscribe to many Instagram accounts

One of the quickest ways to grab the attention of other app users will be to subscribe to their accounts yourself, first. The more people you follow, the more people will return the favor by subscribing to your account.

  • Find popular users, as well as users who have subscribed to many more accounts than they have subscribed to themselves. These people are often looking to increase their subscriber numbers and will subscribe to your account if you subscribe to theirs.
  • If an account shows "f4f" or "follow4follow" (or another variant of this formula) in its biography, by subscribing to it, you can be almost certain that its owner will subscribe to your profile.
Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 7

Step 7. Respond to the posts of other users

While subscribing to other users' accounts is a good way to get their attention, they might be reluctant to subscribe to your account if you never like or comment on their posts.

This strategy takes time, but will usually allow you to gather loyal followers, who will recommend your account to their friends

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 8

Step 8. Join a micro-community

Micro-communities are centered around an Instagram account and involve many users, offering challenges and forums. By getting actively involved in a micro-community, you will easily meet other Instagram users. And the best part is that these users will seek to be active on the platform and will therefore gladly subscribe to new users.

  • For example, the #JJ community of @joshjohnson offers daily challenges and forums. By using the #JJ tag under your photos and following the 1-2-3 community rule, you can easily get new followers. The rule of thumb is that for every photo posted, you will need to comment on two photos from other accounts and like 3 others.

Method 2 of 2: Buy followers

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 9

Step 1. Be aware that buying subscribers is illegal

This is against Instagram's terms of service and if you get caught you will get kicked from the site. Choose this solution at your own risk.

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 10

Step 2. Understand the difference between fake users and real users

Some services will sell you "fake" subscribers, which are robot accounts created for the sole purpose of increasing your subscriber base. Other services will sell you real “followers,” which are real accounts, whose owners will agree to follow you and may sometimes react to your posts.

  • As a general rule, buy from "real" subscribers rather than "fake" subscribers. True followers will be more active and help your profile stay active and grow.
  • Often, “bogus” subscribers disappear after a while.
Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 11

Step 3. Understand the pros and cons of this strategy

Buying followers is, by far, the fastest way to get lots of Instagram followers. However, it is not the most recommended way and if you can wait a few weeks you will get much better results using honest methods.

  • The main positive of this strategy is that you will instantly get a large number of subscribers. And since your account will appear popular, you can quickly gain popularity with other users. Also, you will skip the "newbie" step and people will be more likely to take you seriously.
  • The main downside to this approach is that not all of your followers will be interested in your profile. Additionally, buying followers is against Instagram's Terms of Service and if you're not careful, your account could be suspended.
Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 12

Step 4. Look for a subscriber sales service

Enter Buy Instagram Followers in the search engine of your choice and review the results. Here are some of the more popular services.

  • AddTwitter-Followers
  • Cheap Social Media SEO
  • Social Media Combo
Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 13

Step 5. Choose a service

Click on one of the links to go to the service's website.

Get Followers on Instagram Fast Step 14

Step 6. Determine if the chosen site is reliable

Once you've selected a service, before continuing, do your best to make sure it's serious and not a scam. The easiest way will be to type the name of the service followed by the term “scam” into a search engine and watch for feedback from other users.

  • Look for a service that allows you to pay by PayPal, so that you do not have to enter your bank details.
  • Buying subscribers in itself is a shady tactic. The site could therefore appear somewhat dubious (have a URL containing many dashes, a bad name, etc.). Disregard this aspect.
Get Fake Followers on Instagram Step 4

Step 7. Buy your subscribers from a site offering this service

Type "buy Instagram followers" on Google and select a site. You will then need to choose a plan (for example, 1,000 followers) and fill in your Instagram account and payment details. You will then see your number of subscribers start to grow.

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