How to get 100 Instagram followers: 10 steps (with pictures)

How to get 100 Instagram followers: 10 steps (with pictures)
How to get 100 Instagram followers: 10 steps (with pictures)

Want to gain (and keep) around 100 Instagram followers? This will require you to regularly post content and engage with your community.


Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 1

Step 1. Like and comment on hundreds of photos

Statistics prove that for every 100 photos you "like", you will gain around 6 subscribers. By going even further and commenting on the photos, although it is very time consuming, you will have an even better chance of attracting new subscribers.

By subscribing to other accounts, you will also get a similar effect

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 2

Step 2. Post at least one photo per day

So your subscribers will get caught up in your content.

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 3

Step 3. Respond to comments left under your photos

While your account is still new, other Instagram users may lose interest in your content and unsubscribe from your page if you do not actively respond to their comments.

This level of engagement, like “liking” so many photos, takes a long time. You might even need to set aside an hour or two each day to chat with your followers

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 4

Step 4. Link your Instagram account to your other social networks

You will be able to do this from the Instagram settings menu. By adding a social network (like your Facebook page) to your Instagram information, you will extend the posting of the post to an audience who does not use Instagram or who do not know you have an Instagram account.

  • For example, by linking your Facebook account to your Instagram account, you will let your Facebook friends know that you are also present on Instagram. They could then decide to follow you on this platform.
  • Once you have linked your other social networks to your Instagram account, you will be able to choose the option of simultaneously posting your Instagram photos to your other networks (eg Twitter). So more people will see your photos.
Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 5

Step 5. Enter contests on Instagram

By winning such a contest, you will promote the visibility of your account and thus increase your number of subscribers. Here are some well-known accounts offering contests.

  • JJ Community. It's an account that offers a new theme every day. You will need to submit a photo related to the theme and an account moderator will choose the winning photo. Note that around 600,000 people follow this account. You will then be in competition with a large number of users.
  • Contestgram. After downloading the Contestgram application from the App Store you use, you will be able to participate in various daily contests. Contestgram, like JJ Community, is a community project.
  • Entering daily contests is a good way to make sure you post a high quality photo at least once a day. The theme to stick to will help guide your creative mind when taking your photos.
Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 6

Step 6. Use popular hashtags in your captions

To get started, you will be able to consult a list of the most popular hashtags at the moment. Otherwise, you can experiment and see which ones generate the most likes.

The most popular hashtags include photooftheday, instaphoto, nofilter, and followforfollow (or f4f)

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 7

Step 7. Fill in the location of your photos

You will be able to do this when you complete the description of the photo before posting it, by clicking Add a location, and then following the steps. By entering the location of your photos, they will be visible when users search for the location in question.

This is called a geotag. To avoid problems, avoid locating your home or a location other than where the photo was taken

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 8

Step 8. Post at the right times

The times Instagram is most visited vary from day to day. However, posting at 2 a.m. and 5 p.m. is usually the best way to make sure people see your photos.

9 a.m. and 4 p.m. are considered the worst times to post content

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 9

Step 9. Schedule your posts in advance

Consistency is both the most important aspect in attracting users and the most difficult aspect to achieve. To solve this problem, there are different apps, both for iOS and Android, that will allow you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance.

Latergramme, Schedugram, and TakeOff are well rated apps

Get 100 Followers on Instagram Step 10

Step 10. Continue to interact with your community

People like to feel involved. Consider identifying subscribers to your posts, continue to post content frequently, and respond to feedback from your community. By applying these few tips, you will gain 100 subscribers in no time!


Although this is frowned upon, you will be able to buy subscribers, by the hundreds. Most of these subscribers will disappear after a certain period of time. This strategy is therefore not very sustainable


  • If you buy followers, be aware that they typically won't like or comment on your posts.
  • Never give out your password to a site or app that sells subscribers.
  • When buying subscribers online, be sure to read the seller's privacy policy (and terms and conditions), so you know exactly what to expect, and how they might use your information.

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