How to make yourself known on Instagram (with images)

How to make yourself known on Instagram (with images)
How to make yourself known on Instagram (with images)

A well-known social network application, Instagram allows you to communicate with your friends and share your photos. If you want to know how to popularize your page and get the most likes and followers, learn how to take better photos and post them properly. This will improve your user experience on Instagram.


Part 1 of 4: Take better photos

Have a Good Instagram Step 1

Step 1. Choose a theme for your page

  • Before you put anything on your page, think for a minute about what you're going to share there. The most popular Instagram pages usually have a theme that appeals to viewers. If you want to have an attractive page, then think about what you want to have as a theme before you start uploading your photos. What do you like to take in photos? What do you like? What do others like?
  • Popular Instagram page themes are yoga, cooking, inspirational quotes, restaurants, bars, humor, fashion, and pet photos.
  • Unless you are Kim Kardashian, who is already quite famous, you will be hard pressed to woo thousands of subscribers by posting selfies alone.
  • Create a tribute page. If you like comics, pro wrestling, a fictional character, or an athlete, you can show it off through a tribute page. Rather than posting your own photos, post images that you like and taken all over the Internet.
Have a Good Instagram Step 2

Step 2. Choose a username and profile picture

  • The easiest way to create a beautiful Instagram page is to choose an attractive username and profile picture. Everything will depend on the theme you have chosen since your name and your photo must correspond to your theme.
  • In your biography, write something short and funny. If you post pictures of what you eat and your cat Mortimer, you could for example use MortimerBakes as your username and add a photo of the animal peering through a stack of muffins. In your bio, you can write “My tabby cat and our gluten-free adventures”.
Have a Good Instagram Step 3

Step 3. Edit your photos before posting them

  • Instagram offers different editing options depending on the version of the app you are using and the type of camera available to you. It's always better to spend time editing your photos to make sure they are visually appealing and perfectly represent your page.
  • Crop your photos to emphasize their symmetry and the most important parts. Remove borders and other unnecessary stuff.
  • Try out the different filters available to find the one that magnifies your photo. If your shots look more appealing without editing, leave them as they are.
  • Start manually by adjusting brightness, color, and other visual aspects. You can always go back if you prefer the original photo.
  • Use other photo editing tools available on Instagram. Snapped, Camera +, VSCO Cam, Photoshop Touch, and other tools are great for cropping, filtering, and editing photos before posting.
Have a Good Instagram Step 4

Step 4. Keep it simple

The most beautiful photos on Instagram are simple and uncluttered. If you want to photograph your burger, take a picture of your burger rather than carrying a burger towards your face with your mouth down

Have a Good Instagram Step 5

Step 5. Take different types of photos

  • Even if you have to take photos that match a specific theme, your friends are unlikely to be raving about 30 hamburger photos, no matter how well framed. So look for a creative way to vary your theme so that you don't take the same photo over and over again.
  • If you take photos of the kitchen, you don't necessarily have to photograph the plate you just prepared. For example, you can photograph the ingredients on the counter before preparing them or take a photo of your partner as he discovers what you have prepared. Finish by photographing the empty plate when you have finished eating.
  • Take the time to check out other Instagram accounts to see how they post their photos. You can draw inspiration from it if you run out of ideas. This is especially true since there is nothing wrong with doing some research.
Have a Good Instagram Step 6

Step 6. Space your posts

  • On Instagram, it is better to wait a bit between two posts, so as not to amass all of your photos in the news feed. By posting several photos at once, you risk confusing your subscribers who will not have time to see all your posts.
  • When you go on vacation, don't wait until you arrive to post photos of your stay. Share them in real time so that your subscribers can follow your adventures in real time.
  • If you've only taken seven photos of your cat, you don't need to upload them to Instagram unless they help you illustrate a story. Save your photos for later, especially if you have several that are successful.
Have a Good Instagram Step 7

Step 7. Use a better camera

  • Newer smartphones have better cameras. If your photos don't look as good as the ones you see on your feed, it might be time to switch up the gear. If you can afford it, change your camera to make your Instagram page more engaging.
  • You don't have to take photos with your smartphone and then post them on your page. You can access Instagram on your computer and use photos you've taken with a DSLR, if you have any.

Part 2 of 4: Getting More Likes

Have a Good Instagram Step 8

Step 1. Publish at the right time

Studies have shown that most Instagram users log in between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. and between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. If you want more likes, then post when there are more people online. If you want to share a photo, only do so at these times of the day

Have a Good Instagram Step 9

Step 2. Use the pound sign

  • Words preceded by a hashtag are used on Twitter, Instagram and other social media to make it easier to find posts related to a given topic. Anything you post preceded by a "#" in the text box can be found on Instagram. You can use as many hashtags as you want with a photo to reach the widest possible audience. Some of the most used hashtags with photos include:
  • #love
  • #instagood
  • #follow
  • #tbt (Throw Back Thursday which consists of posting photos from your childhood or adolescence)
  • #cute
  • #happy
  • #girl
  • #fun
  • #summer
  • #instadaily
  • #food
  • #Photo of the day
Have a Good Instagram Step 10

Step 3. Use the right words

While it is in your best interests to use hashtags in your posts, you shouldn't overdo it too much, or choose hash words based solely on their popularity. Be sure to use descriptions that relate to the photos you post.

Do your research to make sure you find the most appropriate hashtag for a given topic. For example, the difference between the number of photos using #dog, #dogs, and #collar is huge

Have a Good Instagram Step 11

Step 4. Use geolocation

Before posting your photo on Instagram, you can geotag it using your phone's GPS. You can use this option either restaurant or in a particular place that you want to promote or just link your photo to a specific city. It will be easier for people looking for that place or city to find your photos and like them. It's a simple way to build relationships

Have a Good Instagram Step 12

Step 5. Use hash words that promote likes

Certain hashtags can make people whose photos you liked to like your photos back. If you are only looking for likes, use the hashtag # like4like or # l4l in your posts. Scroll through photos with that hashtag in your News Feed and like most quickly before posting your own photos with the same hashtag. You will quickly get lots of likes

Have a Good Instagram Step 13

Step 6. Follow the trends

  • If you want people to like your photos, you need to be inspired by the most popular topics in your News Feed. Are all of your friends using the same hash word? Find out what it is before posting your own photos with that hashtag. Here are some examples of trends on Instagram:
  • Throwback Thursday (#tbt)
  • the Woman-crush Wednesday (#wcw for Wednesday crush)
  • photos without filter (#nofilter)
  • selfies (#selfie)
  • old photos (#latergram)

Part 3 of 4: get more followers

Have a Good Instagram Step 14

Step 1. Follow multiple accounts

  • Want to have more subscribers? Subscribe to other accounts yourself. While it may seem "cool" to have more followers than people to follow, it is almost impossible unless you are already famous or your account is very popular. The best way to start? Subscribe to multiple accounts. You can unsubscribe later.
  • Link your Instagram account to your other accounts on different social networks and subscribe to all your friends on Instagram. Then find the most popular hash words and use them. Follow at least a dozen accounts to get started.
  • Subscribe to the most popular accounts, like One Direction, Justin Bieber or Kim Kardashian. You will quickly get many subscribers.
Have a Good Instagram Step 15

Step 2. Use hash words to attract subscribers

  • In the same way that you can use hashtags to get likes, you can use it to get new followers. View photos with the hashtag # follow4follow or # f4f and subscribe to accounts that use it. Then post photos with the same hashtag: you'll see that other people will follow you back. This solution is one of the easiest to quickly increase your number of subscribers.
  • Always follow back those who follow you. Most people on Instagram just want to have followers and they unsubscribe from users who don't follow their account in return. If you want people to keep following you, follow them.
Have a Good Instagram Step 16

Step 3. Comment on the photos

  • Using hashtags, find the photos that interest you and like them randomly before leaving a short comment like "nice photo!" "Or" I love it! »Like the photo and subscribe to the account. The account owner will be more inclined to follow you back.
  • Always be positive and sincere. Don't just copy and paste the same message onto a hundred photos. Leave a comment based on the type of photos you find. People will be more inclined to follow you if they see that you are not a robot.
Have a Good Instagram Step 17

Step 4. Interact with your subscribers

  • If you want people to subscribe to your account, you have to interact with them to prove to them that you are worth it. If anyone comments on your photo, reply to them. If someone likes your photo, like one of those photos and follow them back. Be everyone's best friend on Instagram and avoid being negative.
  • Don't spam. Many users just search for the most popular photos and then spam comments with "Hey, subscribe to my account!" Better to avoid this kind of behavior, because you will get the opposite result of what you are looking for.
  • Do shoutouts. If you like an account, you can post a photo and promote that account in the comments by asking your "followers" to subscribe. It's sort of advertising an account so that it does the same for you.
Have a Good Instagram Step 18

Step 5. Be active

  • In order not to lose your subscribers, you must be active on the network. The ideal posting frequency to attract new subscribers and keep the ones you already have is one to three times a day. If you post occasionally, people will stop following you because you are too inactive. At least try to post to your account every day.
  • Save some photos for the next day. Save some for later instead of posting them all at once.
  • At the same time, avoid posting too often. If you bombard people's feeds with all of your vacation photos, you could also lose subscribers.

Part 4 of 4: Get More Followers Loving Your Pictures

Step 1. Do a shoutout

Select a fantastic image on the explore page that highlights your account and post it, then shoutout to the person who posted that photo.

Step 2. Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are effective when used correctly. Put hashtags that will make your niche attractive. If, for example, you want to attract people from your city, use the hashtags that are most common in that city.

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