How to post a slideshow on Instagram (with images)

How to post a slideshow on Instagram (with images)
How to post a slideshow on Instagram (with images)

Instagram is a social network application with which you can capture images, edit them using the predefined filters, and share them with your followers. Many people use Instagram: friends, family, celebrities, bloggers… all of them share photos that are either relevant to their platforms, or just to provide a glimpse into their daily lives. Instagram now has the video sharing feature, which means you can also share multiple photos at a time using a slideshow.


Method 1 of 2: Using Flipagram

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Step 1. Download Flipagram

The basic version of Flipagram is available for free on the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.

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Step 2. Run Flipagram on your device

After downloading, open the app. A welcome notification will appear. Click on Yes Where No whether or not you want to receive the notifications.

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Step 3. Log in with your Instagram account

This will allow you to access the photos you have posted on Instagram.

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Step 4. Press Start to create a new slideshow

You will be prompted to select the photos or videos to add.

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Step 5. Select a source for the photos

You can choose between your photos on Instagram or among the photos saved on your device.

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Step 6. Tap each photo you want to add

Keep in mind that Instagram only supports videos of 15 seconds or less.

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Step 7. Tap the check mark in the upper right corner after selecting the images

This will display a list of all the images you have selected. If you have selected photos on Instagram, they will be uploaded.

The download will take a few seconds. It all depends on the number of photos you have selected

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Step 8. Press + Add to add the photos from another source

This will allow you to add more photos from another source different from the one you have previously chosen.

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Step 9. Tap a photo and then tap the Edit button to edit the image

The button To modify is located to the right of the button + Add.

  • Double-tap a photo to crop it.
  • Press and hold a photo to drag and drop it to change the order.
  • Tap the photo to select other actions.
  • Duplicate photos to emphasize your moments with Flipagram.
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Step 10. Press the Continue button in the upper right corner after editing

Click the arrow button (located on the right side of the screen).

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Step 11. Add music

The best way to make your slideshow fun to watch is to add background audio. Click the option Add music located at the bottom of the slideshow preview.

  • Click on Choose the piece of music, if you want to add music that is saved on your local drive.
  • Choose Sound recorder if you want to add your own voice note in the slideshow.
  • If you have no music on your device, you can also download the music by selecting Find music.
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Step 12. Select the length of time for your slideshow

Remember you can't go past 15 seconds because Instagram will cut it. Make the time duration equal to or less than 15 seconds.

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Step 13. Add a title

The title is the text that will appear at the start of your slideshow.

Choose between fonts and colors to change the style of the text to make it more eye-catching

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Step 14. Preview your slideshow

You can preview your slideshow before finalizing it to make sure you haven't missed anything.

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Step 15. Finalize your slideshow

If you are happy with your slideshow, click the check mark button in the upper right corner of the screen.

  • A message will appear saying Are you ready to finalize your Flipagram?

    . Press on Yes to create.

  • Flipagram will start processing your images and audios from your slideshow.
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Step 16. Share your slideshow on Instagram

When the slideshow is created, you can now show it to your followers by pressing the share button.

  • Choose the start and end time of your video.
  • Add a filter if you want.
  • Choose your coverage.
  • Add a description, location, or share it outside of Instagram.
  • Wait until Instagram downloads your slideshow, which will take a little longer.

Method 2 of 2: Using Movie Studio

Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 17

Step 1. Download Movie Studio

You can download this app from Google Play store.

Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 18

Step 2. Run Movie Studio on your device

Open the app after downloading it.

Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 19

Step 3. Create a new project

Movie Studio has two features: you can create a slideshow of videos or photos. Click on Create a new project at the bottom of the screen or the movie icon at the right of the screen.

Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 20

Step 4. Add a project name

Enter any name on the project to get started.

Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 21

Step 5. Add multiple images or videos

Now is the time to add your images or videos.

  • Import the images by pressing the button + at the right end.
  • To add a video, click on the button + in the center of the screen.
  • You can also add videos or photos by taking them with your camera.
  • If you already have images or videos saved in your gallery, select Import photos / videos.
  • Select the gallery folder where the images or videos are located.
  • Choose photo or video.
  • Add images and videos again by importing it from your gallery.
Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 22

Step 6. Add effects

To make your slideshow appear more vivid, add effects or a transition to each photo or video.

  • Select the images or videos on your diary. The new options will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Click on FX.
  • You can change the tone of the effect by choosing between Gradient, Sepia, Where Negative.
  • Choose between the available transition effects.
Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 23

Step 7. Add a title

This is the text you can include on the images or videos in your slideshow.

  • Edit the template of your text.
  • Add a caption.
Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 24

Step 8. Add a piece of audio

Slideshows are more enjoyable to watch when they include music.

  • Click the add audio icon at the bottom center of the screen.
  • Choose between making a voice note or choosing a piece of music from your file.
  • Check the music you want then click on OK.
  • Change the volume of your audio by selecting the song.
Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 25

Step 9. Watch your slideshow

Play the video before recording it.

  • Make sure your video is no longer than 15 seconds or Instagram will cut it.
  • Reduce the length of the video if it is longer than 15 seconds.
Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 26

Step 10. Save your slideshow

The slideshow will be saved in MP4 file format.

Upload a Slideshow on Instagram Step 27

Step 11. Open Instagram and upload your saved slideshow

To download the slideshow, click on the camera icon and then select the video button.

  • Select the gallery icon on the lower left side of the screen.
  • Choose your slideshow saved on the folder.
  • Choose the start and end time of the video.
  • Add a filter, if you want.
  • Choose your coverage.
  • Add a description, location, or share it outside of Instagram.


  • Movie Studio not only allows adding multiple photos, but you can also add videos.
  • You can also buy the premium version of Flipagram which costs around 2 euros. This will allow you to add or remove the watermark from Flipagram.
  • Instagram only allows 15 seconds of video. Make sure the slideshow you created is 15 seconds or less than 15 seconds, otherwise Instagram will cut it.

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