3 ways to schedule content on Instagram

3 ways to schedule content on Instagram
3 ways to schedule content on Instagram

We live in the age of social networks, which are not only the virtual medium of communication, but also an effective tool for web marketing. Simple users who are passionate about photography and interested in the possibility of observing the lives of others make their posts and also their Stories available on Instagram for 24 hours. Companies and brands that have created an account on Insta in order to present and sell their services and / or goods use this social network for the development of their business.

However, in the event that it is a brand with a large audience, the task of publishing posts and Stories becomes quite difficult, as the publication must be regular so as not to lose the attention of permanent customers and attract new potential buyers. It is probably possible to do this manually, but this operation will take a long time which could be used for other promotional tasks to accomplish.

Exactly in order to speed up this kind of operations related to the web marketing field, several companies have developed software and applications that allow to automate the publication of content on Instagram.


Method 1 of 3: Use Combin Scheduler

Combin Scheduler is a tool for schedule content on Instagram. The software is compatible with multiple operating systems, MacOS, Windows, Linux, and available on the desktop. The main function is programming of posts and stories on Instagram.

Step 1. Download Combin Scheduler from the official site


Step 2. Enter your Instagram passcodes, click Connect

Your personal data will not be stored by the app, it will only be used once to request an Instagram access token.


Step 3. Click Add New Publication

This allows you to schedule a post or a Stories on your Instagram account.

Schedule a post

Step 1. Indicate the date and time of publication of your post in the corresponding fields

Step 2. Add a location

Step 3. Upload images in batch for your future post

It is possible to resize and rotate them directly in the software if necessary.


Step 4. Write a caption for the post to be published

Step 5. Click Create to complete the creation of the post

Schedule a Story


Step 1. Go to the Stories tab to schedule a Story

Step 2. Indicate the date and time of its publication

Step 3. Upload one or more items for your future Story

Step 4. Click Create to finish creating your Story

It will be published exactly on time.

  • Preview your future posts and Stories in the app calendar.


Method 2 of 3: Use Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a mobile application available for Android and iOS users that allows scheduling content on various social networks including Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Step 1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play


Step 2. Log in with your access codes

You can log in on Twitter, Facebook, Google or with your email.


Step 3. Click on Create account to create an account

Step 4. Click Connect Instagram to connect your Instagram account to it

  • You will be taken to the Instagram home page where you will need to enter your Instagram username and password.
  • The application will request access to your profile information, click Authorize to allow it.
  • To switch to the programming of posts, you will have to change the type of profile on Instagram from staff to business profile.
  • Once all the accounts are linked, you can indicate the day and time of publication of your future post.

Method 3 of 3: Use Later.com

Later.com is an online platform for managing and scheduling content on many social networks: Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Later.com is also available as a mobile app available to both Android and iOS users. In the case of Instagram, it is possible to schedule posts and also Stories. Scheduling of Stories on Instagram is possible for users of paid plans of the platform or mobile app.

Schedule a post via the web platform

Step 1. Go to the publications calendar

If you have already created an account on the Later.com web platform, you can proceed with the posting of posts.

  • To save time, drag and drop the media you want to schedule into your calendar.
  • Edit your post by writing a caption or choose one from Saved Captions.

Step 2. Crop your photo and add filters if you want

A fairly significant option available to users of the paid version of the platform, location tagging and other users

Step 3. You can add up to 5 links to the bio, also available on the paid plan

Step 4. Enter the date and time of publication

Step 5. Set up the post for self-posting

Auto-Publish or for a notification: Notification.

Publish the scheduled post on Instagram

Step 1. Make a self-publication

Available for Instagram business accounts, your post will be published automatically on the day and time specified in advance.

Step 2. Request a post notification

Later.com will send you a push notification to your mobile device when it's time to publish the post.

  • Important: Posts containing multiple photos, Stories and posts on personal and creator profiles can only be published in this mode.
CaptureLater2 CaptureLater1

Step 3. Download the Later.com mobile app for Android or iOS

Step 4. Click Open in Instagram

For iOS, select Copy to Instagram. The post will open on Instagram

Step 5. Select Feed to post to your feed

Step 6. Click on the Caption field

Select Paste to paste the caption that we copied automatically for you.

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