How to convince your parents to let you subscribe on Instagram

How to convince your parents to let you subscribe on Instagram
How to convince your parents to let you subscribe on Instagram

Despite the ever-increasing popularity of social networking sites like Instagram, some parents are still hesitant about these online apps. Whatever reasons they give to keep you away from Instagram, there are ways to convince them to change their mind. Be patient and be willing to answer questions and you'll be amazed you are taking photos and putting filters in no time.


Part 1 of 3: chatting with your parents

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 1

Step 1. Know that you must be at least 13 years old before you can use Instagram

Unfortunately, using it under the age of 13 violates the protocols for using the app. Not only will you have a hard time logging in, but it will also be very difficult for you to convince your parents of the benefit of an Instagram account.

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 2

Step 2. Find a moment when they are in a good mood to talk to them about it

Do not bring up the issue while they are busy, worried, or talking to a brother of yours. If you approach them when they're in a good mood, you'll have a better chance of getting their permission to subscribe on Instagram. Here are some good times to consider:

  • after dinner
  • during a restful weekend
  • right after a completed work or showing them a satisfactory report card
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 3

Step 3. Explain the basics of Instagram to your parents

Some parents are uncomfortable with Instagram because they ignore its usefulness. However, Instagram is relatively simpler compared to sites like Facebook or Tweet. Users share photos with their friends who can like or comment on those photos and can post their own as well. Special emphasis is placed on photography, rather than status updates. Here are the basics of Instagram:

  • users publish and edit photos on Instagram using a built-in photo editor,
  • users can follow their friends to view their photos from a gallery,
  • although you can like and comment on photos, Instagram does not have an instant chat feature,
  • you do not need to provide any personal information, other than your personal email address, to register.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 4

Step 4. Tell your parents your reasons for wanting to join Instagram

Think of a reason you want to sign up on Instagram other than why everyone is there. If you can show your parents how much Instagram will help your life and creativity, they'll be more than willing to let you create the account. Luckily, since Instagram is a dedicated photo-sharing site, you'll have no trouble showing your parents the benefits of the site:

  • you want to practice photography,
  • you want to discover famous photographers and their place of residence,
  • you want to immortalize and share special moments online with your friends.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 5

Step 5. Emphasize the creative aspects of Instagram

Instagram is an app that promotes creativity by its very nature. You can take photos and edit their brightness, contrast, saturation, crop, effects (with filters) and a lot of other things. It makes the difference compared to other social networks full of chatter. Also, be sure to remind your parents of these differences.

Show them business accounts like those from National Geographic or Food Network that match your interests. Your parents may ignore the art and photographs that can be found on Instagram

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 6

Step 6. Share and tell your parents about Instagram's parenting guide

Since this discussion takes place in lounges around the world, Instagram has put together a helpful guide to help parents and their children explore the service. The guide explains what Instagram is, ways to combat practical issues, and the potential pros and cons of the app.

The guide is available in several languages ​​on Instagram Help Pages → Privacy and Security Area → Tips for Parents

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 7

Step 7. Help your parents to have their own account

Help them create an account and allow them to follow you. This will make them feel like they are part of your Instagram account and calm their worries. It is true that some parents will not want to be on Instagram, but this step will be the proof that you are ready to compromise and that you have nothing to hide.

It's also a great way to show your parents how easy it is to use Instagram. This may help them feel more comfortable with the application

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 8

Step 8. Have a conversation with your parents, not an argument

Starting this discussion with rebellious intent will only prevent your parents from seeing your real motives. Look them in the eye and invite them by your gaze to ask you questions. If they see that you are reasonable and responsible, then Instagram will seem reasonable and responsible to them.

  • Look them in the eye.
  • Keep your tone calm and controlled.
  • Be of the same opinion with them on certain points, even if you have a different opinion from theirs.
  • Focus on your personality and loyalty and not on the evil shadow of passive internet watchers.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 9

Step 9. Take their response with respect

If they accept your proposal, thank them and give them a quick hug. Stick to all the promises you made regarding the account and start enjoying Instagram. If they decline, let them know that you understand their decision, but that you would very much like the opportunity to bring it up again later. Reassure them that the site is secure and ask if they would be willing to do a little research, for example, Instagram help pages have a whole Tips for Parents section.

Screaming or getting angry now will only hurt your chances of getting an account in the future

Part 2 of 3: turning a no into a yes

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 10

Step 1. Repeat your request one or two weeks after the first no

Be respectful and courteous when raising the issue. If you don't want to go directly to the parents and ask them the question about setting up your Instagram account, you can say this: Have you had time to think about my Instagram account again? Make it a conversation, not an argument. However, approach the topic prepared to explain the details about the site and the steps you will take to keep yourself safe.

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 11

Step 2. Ask your parents why they are worried about Instagram

Some parents have viable concerns about Instagram, and you'll never be able to convince them to let you have an account if you ignore the motives behind them. Avoid getting angry or fighting with them. Listen to their concerns with an open mind. Starting an argument now will only reduce your chances of them letting you go online the next time you ask. Here are some common problems with Instagram:

  • you are not mature enough,
  • the internet is full of people with bad intentions,
  • the images you post will follow you for the rest of your life.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 12

Step 3. Let them know that you are aware of the risks and know how to avoid them

This can be one of the most persuasive arguments you have, in that it proves that you know how to be responsible online. It also attacks their concerns before they even have time to voice them. Let them know that you are aware of the online harassment and scam. Also give them the confidence that you know a photo can last a very long time online. However, you need to focus on what you are doing to avoid problems.

  • Private accounts allow you to manually choose your followers (the people who follow you).
  • Anyone can report rude, offensive, or explicit content for removal.
  • You don't have to give your real name or contact on Instagram.
  • Geolocation, which associates your location with your photos, can be disabled in the settings.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 13

Step 4. Show responsibility at home

Show your parents that you are mature enough to take responsibility for an Instagram account. This involves: doing your housework and homework on time, being attentive to their requests, treating your brothers and sisters with respect every day.

However, remember that if you do all of this just to get them to leave you on Instagram, you will lose your account the minute you stop being responsible. To get their blessing, you have to be reverent every day

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 14

Step 5. Promise to keep your account private

Private accounts have several advantages. Among other things, they prevent you from appearing in search engine results and give you the ability to control who sees your photos. This is often enough to show parents that Instagram is a safe place for you when you are on the internet. Unlike public accounts, private accounts:

  • give you the option to accept or reject any new follower,
  • prevent you from appearing in search engine results,
  • hide your personal information and photos from anyone you haven't yet accepted.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 15

Step 6. Offer to share your password with your parents, as long as they agree not to post anything

It reassures your parents that there is nothing obscene or explicit going on behind their backs. While the idea of ​​sharing your password with your parents sounds weird, it is a good compromise if they still refuse to let you create the account.

Create the account together. This will allow them to make initial contact with the application

Part 3 of 3: keep your privileges

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 16

Step 1. Keep your promises

If there were any conditions for you to get the account, try to meet them. Keep your account private, don't change your password if you shared it with your parents, and don't post explicit and offensive images. This is especially important if your parents had hesitated before letting you create the account. Show them that you deserve this responsibility and are capable of assuming it with maturity.

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 17

Step 2. Answer all of their questions

If they want to know the types of accounts you follow, let them know openly. Even if you haven't done anything wrong, being on the defensive or mysterious can lead them to draw the wrong conclusions, which could also lead to the loss of your Instagram account.

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 18

Step 3. Make them feel like they're part of your account

This will allow them to feel associated and they will be able to validate their decision to leave you on the site. There are several simple and easy ways to do this without you having to accept them on your account:

  • show them pictures you took,
  • ask them to help you choose a filter from time to time,
  • take a family selfie with them on vacation or at a beautiful place.
Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 19

Step 4. Let your parents know when you want to make changes to your account

After proving to your parents for three to six months that you can be responsible for an account, politely tell your parents that you want to make your account public in order to have more followers. If your parents find out about these changes before you tell them about them, they may feel like you've betrayed their trust and overreact, which could lead them to delete your account.

Get Your Parents to Let You Get an Instagram Step 20

Step 5. Avoid putting Instagram at the center of your life

Instagram is an extension of your social life, not your entire life. So don't make your parents feel like they're doing nothing but looking at your phone. It is as important to them as it is to you. After all, it's not easy to take good photos if you spend all day staring at the screen.

An effective Instagram account posts one to three photos a day, not a hundred


  • Get good grades and do your housework to show your emotional maturity.
  • Know those you follow and be careful of those you let you follow.
  • Be polite on Instagram and never use vulgar language.
  • Make sure you show your parents that you are mature enough and capable of having an Instagram account. Be sure to give them proof of a responsible attitude on your part. This will influence your parents to look into the situation.
  • Don't annoy them if they keep refusing, and don't get angry if you've been trying for almost a month.
  • Promise to show them your followers.
  • Show your parents that social media rules hold no secrets for you and let them know how you plan to stay in trouble on the site.
  • Let your parents know that you will be open and that you will let them know about anything you post.
  • Tell your parents how Instagram works to make them feel more comfortable with the account.
  • Telling your parents that you want the account because everyone else has one won't help you.


  • Never divulge your personal data or information on social networks.
  • Even if your posts are private, someone can take a photo of what you post to your site. Think carefully before posting anything.
  • Once you've published something, you won't be able to delete it. Remember that once something is put on the Internet, it stays there forever.

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