How to open a lemonade stand (with pictures)

How to open a lemonade stand (with pictures)
How to open a lemonade stand (with pictures)

A lemonade stand is more than just a summer classic. This is an opportunity for young people to learn the basics of business and finance. Opening a lemonade stand will not only teach you how to be in charge of your own business and save money, but it will also be an opportunity to have fun!


Part 1 of 3: set up the stand

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Step 1. Choose a place of sale

If you place your stand in front of your house, only a few neighbors will see it. Instead, choose a pedestrianized street where you can offer your lemonade to more people. Parks or beaches are perfect places, especially when the weather is nice.

  • You can ask your church or the local grocery store if it is possible to open your stand in front of their establishment. Always ask permission before opening a business on private property.
  • Make a calendar of local events. If there are street festivals or sporting events, open your stand next door.
  • Look for places where you are more likely to find thirsty or hot customers. For example, people who have been lying for hours on the beach or have golfed 18 holes in the sun are more likely to buy your lemonade.
  • Trust the weather. If the sun is out, you can open your stand by ensuring that it is well placed in the shade.
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Step 2. Set up your stand

Your booth should have at least one sturdy table and a chair where you can sit. The furniture should be well wedged so as not to spill the glasses and lemonade all over the place. It is advisable to cover the table with a light-colored tablecloth or blanket to attract attention.

  • Make sure the fabric hits the floor on the side of the table where customers are arriving. This will allow you to keep all your material underneath without the buyers seeing your clutter.
  • Set up your carafe, glasses, napkins and all the straws in a well-appointed place. The tidier your booth looks, the more customers it will attract.
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Step 3. Focus on comfort

If you plan to work at your booth for a long time, you will need to make sure you are comfortable there. Keep water on hand in case you get tired of drinking lemonade as a refreshment. Place a comfortable cushion on the chair so that your back does not hurt. Finally, use a battery-powered fan if it's hot, or ventilate yourself with a piece of paper.

  • If you stay outside long enough, you will notice that the shade moves and exposes you to the sun. When this happens, remember to close your booth for a quarter of an hour, while you find a less exposed place.
  • Be sure to wear good sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
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Step 4. Decorate your booth

There is no right or wrong way to decorate a lemonade stand. The most important thing is that it looks attractive and that you have fun decorating it.

  • You can print lemonade-themed decorations found on the Internet and stick them to your booth.
  • You can also design your own decorations: lemons, glasses, carafes full of frozen lemonade, sun, beach and anything that reminds you of lemonade.
  • Not only is it possible to put fresh cut flowers on the stand, but you can also use straws and colorful tablecloths instead of white.
  • Make sure you make a nice, big sign showing what you are selling and how much you are asking for. Place your sign where passers-by cannot miss it. The best location is where the tablecloth drops to the floor.
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Step 5. Advertise

Use images to promote your booth. Even if you find a good location, you need to promote your business to the whole neighborhood. So make drawings promoting your lemonade stand and place them on the surrounding walls to attract more customers!

  • Use white or colored sheets of paper to attract attention.
  • Use different colors of markers to promote your lemonade stand.
  • Be sure to indicate the price of each glass with either the direction to take or the address of your stand.
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Step 6. Get the word out

Don't just ask your friends to come over. Ask them to talk about it around them and bring back as many people as they can! Talk about your stand on your Facebook page or that of your parents so that as many people as possible know when and where your business will open.

Part 2 of 3: opening the booth

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Step 1. Be friendly

Nothing attracts people more than a big smile and a cheerful personality. Chat with passers-by and ask them to buy you lemonade. You will be surprised how many customers you will have just by being friendly!

Encourage customers to come back by telling them when you get there again: "I'll still be here tomorrow at noon!" Come back to see me! "

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Step 2. Keep the booth clean and tidy

If a cheerful personality attracts customers, a messy booth will scare them away. So be sure to pour your lemonade without spilling or making everything gooey. Also keep your tablecloth clean and put all the straws in a cup so they don't roll all over the place. Your glasses must be stacked correctly: they must not risk falling!

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Step 3. Offer different products

If the lemonade stand is a well-known concept, customers will be more inclined to visit you if you can offer them more than one product. When the mercury rises, some people, for example, prefer a bottle of ice water. So remember to have enough in your cooler. You also have the option of selling treats to allow your customers to enjoy something with their lemonade!

  • You can make your own treats and increase your profits in this way. Cookies, brownies, lemon bars are perfect homemade alternatives to lemonade.
  • Some people prefer salty rather than sweet treats. Small bags of pretzels, crisps or peanuts will be enough to reduce the sweet taste of the lemonade.
  • Keep fresh fruit on hand as a healthier alternative. When the weather is hot, apples, oranges or watermelons are delicious with fresh lemonade.
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Step 4. Set your prices

Make sure you offer fair prices for each of your products. If you are in a popular place where there are a lot of thirsty people, you can sell the glass of lemonade for 75 cents or 1 euro.

  • Offer good deals to your customers such as "A free drink for two glasses bought!" »You will get nothing on the price of a drink, but you will attract more parents with their children!
  • Keep a box or jug ​​near you to collect the money.
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Step 5. Carry the money

Even if you are trying to make money from your booth, you have to carry it yourself to give change. Do not accept bills over 20 euros, but have some 10 or 5 euro bills and 1 euro coins. It would be terrible to lose a customer because you did not have enough to give them change for 20 euros!

Use an envelope to keep customers' change and money. Be careful not to lose it

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Step 6. Track your sales

Starting a lemonade business can be an opportunity to start in business and finance. Keep track of your money by writing down each of your sales somewhere.

  • Draw a line on a piece of paper then divide it into five columns which you will name "Day", "number of glasses sold", "Price per glass", "Tips" and "Total".
  • For each of your sales, complete the corresponding box.
  • At the end of the week, add up all the numbers to fill in the “Total” column and find out how much money you've made.
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Step 7. Calculate your profits

Selling lemonade has certainly made money for you, but you shouldn't forget that you had to invest to start your stand. You need to make sure you have collected your initial stake and hopefully made a profit!

  • Note the cost of each expense made: ingredients for the lemonade, glasses / straws / napkins, advertising, decorations, etc.
  • Add the amount invested to open the stand.
  • Subtract the amount invested from the amount earned from the sale. If the result is negative, you have lost money this week. If it is positive, you have made a profit!
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Step 8. Clean up

When it's time to leave, don't forget to pick up all your trash: empty glasses, used napkins or lemon wedges. Seeing you clean, people will know you are clean and tidy. They will be more inclined to come back next time.

Part 3 of 3: make the lemonade

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Step 1. Choose

What are you going to do: fresh lemonade or powdered lemonade? Lemonades made with lemon are healthier and taste better. Most customers will turn to “fresh” or “homemade” lemonade. However, powdered lemonade is cheaper and easier to make. It is a processed food which is not as healthy as the fresh product. Weigh the pros and cons of each possibility before deciding which one to use.

Step 2. Make powdered lemonade

You will make your job easier by choosing powdered lemonade! It is quick and easy to prepare.

  • Buy powdered lemonade from your grocer.
  • Follow the instructions on the packaging to mix the product well with the water. Mix until all the powder has dissolved.
  • Taste the lemonade to see if it is too concentrated (add more water) or too diluted (add more powder).
  • When you are satisfied with your product, all you have to do is sell it!
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Step 3. Make freshly squeezed lemonade

If you go for the fresh lemonade, it will take some effort, but in the end you will end up with a healthy and delicious product. Start by gathering everything you need. The following ingredients will allow you to make about 3.5 liters of lemonade:

  • 8 lemons
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1 cup of hot water
  • 3, 5 liters of cold water
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Step 4. Combine sugar and hot water

By mixing the sugar with hot water, you will obtain sugar water without any grain of sugar on its surface. Stir until the sugar has dissolved completely.

Step 5. Roll your lemons

By rolling your lemons before squeezing them, you increase their juice content. So put each lemon on the table and squeeze it with the heel of your palm. Roll it back and forth flat until it starts to lose its firmness.

After rolling them, cut the lemons in half

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Step 6. Squeeze the lemons

Squeeze the lemons to extract the juice. Each whole lemon should give you ¼ glass of juice: you should end up with two glasses of juice. If not, squeeze more lemons.

  • Squeeze each lemon half into a bowl, letting all the drops fall into the container. Keep a hand under the fruit to catch any seeds or pulps that you wouldn't want mixed with the lemonade.
  • You can squeeze the inside of the lemon with a fork to get even more juice.

Step 7. Mix your ingredients

Combine all of your ingredients in a large carafe. Pour the mixture of sugar and hot water, the lemon juice and the 3.5 liters of cold water into a decanter large enough to hold all the liquid. Mix everything until the juice is perfectly homogeneous and put in the refrigerator. You are ready to serve your fresh lemonade!

Step 8. Do not mix the ice cubes and lemonade right away

If you pour the ice cubes directly into the lemonade jug, they may melt before customers have time to drink your juice. Your lemonade will end up being full of water and tasteless.

Instead, refrigerate your lemonade before selling it. Also, provide an ice pack or cooler at your booth for customers to add ice to their lemonade when they purchase it

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Step 9. Offer different types of lemonade

Once you've got the base for your lemonade, you can make a few modifications to be able to offer different flavors of lemonades to your customers.

  • Make strawberry lemonade. Cut two cups of strawberries that you will mix with ½ cup of sugar. Let stand at room temperature for 45 minutes then extract the "syrup" from the fruit. Pour a teaspoon of syrup into each glass of lemonade.
  • You can do this with any berry: raspberry, blueberry or any lemonade flavor you like!
  • Put a slice of watermelon in a blender and pour the resulting mixture into your lemonade to make watermelon lemonade.
  • Be creative! Try all the flavors that come to mind all summer long!


  • Ask friends to help you. However, make sure that everyone has a fair share of the profits.
  • If you want to keep your booth year round, you will have to sell hot chocolate in the winter.
  • Don't blame people who don't have time to stop by your booth. Be polite and they will come back next time.
  • If you're upset about having no clients, don't let it show. Just make sure you have fun.
  • Make a nice sign to attract more people.
  • Be friendly to your customers.
  • Your prices should not be too high, otherwise no one will buy your lemonade.
  • Be presentable. Avoid messy hair or dirty clothes, as people might think that you are mixing lemonade with your hands.
  • If no one buys your lemonade, offer it for free to give potential customers a taste. If they like, there's a good chance they'll buy a whole cup!
  • The lower your prices, the more customers you will attract. Your lemonade should sell for between 50 and 75 cents, but if your product is good, you can sell it for 1 euro. Too high prices will scare away customers.


  • Keep the money near you or under the table. Keep it out of the reach of thieves.
  • Never leave your booth unattended. Someone might steal your money or your lemonade!
  • Ask for an authorization if you plan to open your stand on private property.
  • Wear a head covering to reduce the risk of sunburn.
  • Have an adult help you cut the lemons.

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