How to have a perfect first day in college

How to have a perfect first day in college
How to have a perfect first day in college

Your first day of college could be etched in your memory for the rest of your life. Middle school is an exciting place because you will finally graduate from primary school and meet new people from different schools. You might be worried about losing old friends, not making a good impression on new classmates, or not knowing how to cope with new teachers and the workload. However, by preparing for it and adopting the right attitude, your entry into college will be a memorable experience… in a good way!


Part 1 of 3: Prepare

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 1

Step 1. Prepare your things

While your first day won't be wasted if you arrive at college without a notebook, in order for the day to be perfect, it is important that you have all of your school supplies. You wouldn't want to feel like you can't participate in class or that your teacher has already noticed that you forgot your things. If the required supplies vary from school to school, at least make sure you have a notebook or binder for each class, something to write on, and whatever else you might need. If your school gave you a list of supplies, you're in luck! Otherwise, you will probably get more information on the first day of school.

  • Make sure you have a sturdy backpack. On the first day of school, the teachers will give you your books, and you may have to bring some home for homework.
  • Let's be honest: on the first day of school, you probably won't be doing much more than meeting the other kids in your class, going over the syllabi, and being told what to bring over the next few days. Still, if your teachers or other school staff have told you what to bring on day one, you will need to prepare accordingly.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 2

Step 2. Choose your outfit in advance

Ah, the back-to-school outfit! It is never easy to choose it and you will probably remember it for years to come. Fortunately, no one else will remember what you wore that day, since others will be focused on their own outfits. Choose clothes that look good on you and make a good impression, without making so much of an impression that you will regret your choice for months and months. The most important thing is that you choose your outfit in advance so as not to stress out on the morning of the start of the school year!

  • Take into account the weather. In many regions, it is still very hot on the first day of school. You might want to wear nice jeans then, but if it's 30 degrees, you might be dripping with sweat! Make sure you plan to wear appropriate clothing for the temperature of the day!
  • A lot of girls like to tell their friends about their outfits. You may be more comfortable wearing a dress if your friends are also in a dress. That said, you are free to wear whatever you want.
  • Also, make sure you know your school's dress code in advance. You wouldn't want to wear an outfit that is too short or too tight and asked to put on your workout clothes.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 3

Step 3. Find out as much as you can about your school

Try to find out as much as possible about your college before you go back to school, so you can be more in control of this first day. Go to your college's website. You will probably need to visit it regularly throughout the year, so start getting used to it now. Read the information you will find there. You could also chat with an older student who attended this college. Ask him for advice on how to behave in front of certain teachers or where the canteen is.

  • Know this: you will encounter ups and downs no matter what. That said, by getting information well before the start of the school year, you will be more comfortable when you arrive at college.
  • If you already have your schedule, try talking with students who have had your future teachers before, so you know what to expect.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 4

Step 4. Don't forget to participate in the open houses

In some schools, you will only be able to visit the premises. In others, you will receive a plan, your library card, your schedule. Take the opportunity to tour your new college. Locate your classrooms and locker, if you already have one, so you don't get lost later.

  • During this visit, you will probably already have the opportunity to meet new students. Be kind and introduce yourself. The other students will also be shy and very happy to make a new friend. By making friends from the first days, your college debut will be much easier. Make an effort to memorize their names!
  • You could also meet all of your teachers and even the principal during this first visit. This will help you know what to expect.
  • Many students find their college huge compared to their primary school. By visiting the premises before the start of the school year, the first day will be less intimidating.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 5

Step 5. Organize yourself to move from room to room smoothly

If you are lucky enough to have a map of your school, where and when your lessons will be held and where your locker is, get ready to move from one room to another now. This will help you avoid being late for class and know when you have time to get to your locker.

Don't go to your locker between classes or you'll spend too much time running around the halls. Plan to go there when you have lessons nearby. If necessary, take the books with you for several lessons. Just make sure you have what you need when you need it

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 6

Step 6. Get organized

Prepare all your notebooks, binders, and other supplies. On the inside of the covers of your notebooks and binders, write down the course you will be using it for. If possible, coordinate your lessons by color: math could be blue, French pink, and science fluorescent orange! For binders, write the name of the course inside and decorate the cover with pictures that will put you in a good mood. By properly preparing your business, your return to school will be much less stressful.

  • You could take your notes on loose-leaf grid sheets and put them away in your binders, or you could use a notebook. Make it according to your teacher's preferences. If you are using notebooks, you could choose between a large notebook with dividers or a small notebook for each subject.
  • Put all your stuff in your backpack. Make sure to put your pencils, pens, erasers, and other items in your pencil case so they're all in one place and you can find them easily.
  • Store your student ID card, library card, and similar items in a safe place. Tidy up your desk or other place where you will do your homework. Make sure nothing distracts you, so that you don't waste time while working. Buy a calendar and hang it there.
  • If you want, you could put a mirror, magnets, a pencil holder, and even small shelves in your locker. Decide before the start of the school year where you will put all your things. With a messy locker, you will constantly be late and get in trouble.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 7

Step 7. Make a plan of attack with your friends

Talk to your friends before school starts and see if you can get there together on back to school day. Whether by bus, on foot, or otherwise, you won't have to arrive on your own, which can be intimidating if you don't know where to go. Surrounded by your friends, you will help each other and feel less alone!

That said, if you arrive in an area where you don't know anyone, don't worry! You won't be the only one in this case, and by staying positive you will quickly make new friends

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 8

Step 8. Get enough sleep the night before you start school

While you might have a hard time falling asleep the night before you start school, there are a few tips that will help you get there. About two weeks before the start of the school year, start to get back to school. Go to bed early and wake up a little earlier each morning, until you wake up without a problem when you wake up for school. Take this rhythm gradually.

Avoid sodas and other caffeinated or sugary drinks the day before school starts. Otherwise, you risk not getting to sleep

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 9

Step 9. Prepare yourself

The night before school starts (or any school day, for that matter), get your clothes ready for the next day. Wear clean, comfortable clothes that you are comfortable in. Don't forget to prepare your socks, shoes and other accessories. By having everything you need ready before the big day, you'll feel so much more relaxed.

  • Prepare a snack and make sure you have money for the canteen.
  • Plan how you will style your hair, if you want to do a special hairstyle (but be reasonable!). This will prevent you from worrying about it in the morning.
  • Take your ID, phone, schedule, and anything else you might need during the day.

Part 2 of 3: Overcoming Back to School

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 10

Step 1. Get up 15 minutes earlier than necessary

Give yourself at least 15 extra minutes to make sure you're ready. The first day of college can be a bit stressful, and you'll feel more comfortable if you don't have to run around. This extra quarter of an hour will allow you to polish your look, have a leisurely lunch, take a good shower, and do whatever you have to do before you leave for school.

It would be preferable to prepare your bag the day before the start of the school year, in order to be sure not to forget anything. You'll also save time in the morning and don't have to rush

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 11

Step 2. Make sure you know where you need to go when you arrive

You will need to know where your first class is taking place before entering college. If you're lost, ask a teacher, administrator, or even another student. It is important that you know where to go so that you don't wander the halls and miss anything important. You will likely need to go to your main room, where you will meet your homeroom teacher and receive more information on how the day unfolds.

While it's always best to be well prepared, don't worry if things don't go as planned. Even your first day of college might have some surprises in store for you, and that's not a bad thing

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 12

Step 3. Be kind to all the other students

You might be the shy type, but try to be nice to the other students in your class. Introduce yourself, ask them questions about them, and share your feelings about that first day. Smile and walk up to others, and make them feel comfortable around you. Don't be intimidated by other students who appear too cool or too stuck. Make an effort to be easy to approach and laid back.

  • People will be more open to new friendships at the start of the year, before clans form. The sooner you talk to others, the more likely you are to make real friends.
  • If you spot a cute boy or girl, don't be afraid to go to him or her. People like self-confidence, and you have no reason to be shy around your fellow students.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 13

Step 4. Participate in class

You might think it's not cool to be interested in the course, but to be successful in your college education and start off on the right foot, it's best to listen to your teachers, participate when they ask questions., take notes, and avoid distractions instead of playing know-it-all or pretending not to be interested at all. Make an effort to be a good student and learn something from each class. By taking an interest in the course, time will pass much faster than sitting in a corner waiting for the bell to ring.

While you probably won't have much of a chance to participate on back-to-school day, do your best to show your interest, even by asking questions about the syllabus

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 14

Step 5. Start developing good relationships with your teachers

Make sure you get to class on time and make a good impression from the start. You might inadvertently make a bad impression by laughing too hard or chatting with your friends, even if you are a good student. Unfortunately, it's well known that first impressions are hard to erase, so present yourself in your best light as soon as you step into the classroom.

No need to kick booty either! Just pay attention, show that you care about the class and everything will be fine

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 15

Step 6. Make the most of time spent in the canteen

Every college is different. Find out how your canteen works. If you are free to choose where to sit, try to meet up with your friends to meet up in the canteen. If you have to pick a table for the rest of the year, see if you can arrange to sit down with your friends. If you hardly know anyone at your new school, don't worry. Be nice, spot nice people, and ask to sit down with them.

If you can, try to get to the canteen early. This will make it easier for you to find your friends and a place to sit

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 16

Step 7. Keep a positive attitude

To make the most of your first day, try to keep smiling all day. Don't complain to your friends, don't criticize your teachers, and don't start hating your classmates. Instead, try to approach everything with a positive attitude and don't feel like others won't give you a chance. By smiling, waiting for the best, bringing up positive topics, you will have a great day.

  • Plus, people are drawn to positive people. The more enthusiastic you are, the easier it will be to make new friends.
  • Don't compare yourself to others. You might feel like you aren't as handsome or dressed as some people in your school, but this kind of reasoning is unnecessary and will only serve to sadden you. Know that you have a lot to offer and that the always-so well-dressed girl in your English class has her own issues as well.
Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 17

Step 8. Don't judge others and don't be mean

Unfortunately, not everyone is at their best in college. It's easy to fall into a clan, gossip, or judge people you know very little. However, to have a good start to the school year, avoid judging others before you get to know them and take part in ridiculous gossip. You wouldn't like people you don't know saying mean things about you, would you?

You haven't found your best friends yet, and you wouldn't want to laugh at someone who might have become if you gave them a chance

Part 3 of 3: End the day on a high note

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 18

Step 1. Put your things away

Now that the day is over, it's time to put your belongings in your bag and jot down any homework you will have to do. You probably won't have much to take home, but make sure you take what you need so you don't get hassled once you get home. Make sure you take the time to organize your things properly. You could even make a list of what you will need to earn in order to make your bag easier.

If you get home by bus and don't want to miss it, get in the habit of packing your bag in the locker room, when you have time between classes, so you don't have to do it at the end of the day, then that you are in a hurry

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 19

Step 2. Rest

Whether you are starting to attend new sports clubs or other organizations or going straight home, breathe! You will see how tired you will be once the adrenaline drops.You will be sleepy at the end of this emotional day. Go home and take a nap if necessary!

Don't sleep too long either, or you will have a hard time falling asleep when the time is right and will be tired on your second day of college

Have a Perfect First Day at Middle School Step 20

Step 3. Prepare to have an even better second day of college than the first

Even though your back to school has gone better than you ever imagined, there will always be ways to make Day 2 even better. Perhaps you were wearing very uncomfortable shoes and can then plan a more suitable outfit for the next day. Maybe your backpack wasn't big enough to fit all your books. Maybe you forgot some essential supplies or wished you woke up sooner. Whatever detail needs improvement, prepare yourself so that you can make the most of your college days.

The most important thing is that you get good rest and stay positive. The less pressure you put on yourself, the more fun you will have


  • Always know what your first class is, so you don't go into the wrong room!
  • Write down all your homework, even the simplest.
  • Don't wait until the day before the start of the school year to buy your supplies or your clothes.
  • Smile! Make the most of your first day of college and have fun!
  • See if you spot any grade school friends. If so, go check them out, but don't forget to make new friends.
  • Don't be overly enthusiastic or overly anxious on your first day. Relax and your return to school will go very well.
  • Behave well on the first day of the school year or you risk making a bad impression on your teachers.
  • Listen to your teachers and take notes.
  • Be sure to read your school's dress code before purchasing your clothes.
  • If you need help getting to your next class, ask a teacher or student who knows where the class is.


  • You are bound to meet nasty people. Don't listen to what they say, be yourself, and don't change who you are to impress them.
  • Do your best to get good grades in school. Taking electives could help you improve your average.
  • Some of your teachers might not be nice. Do your best, and if a teacher is rude, don't take it personally. He might just be in a bad mood.
  • Colleges are generally larger than elementary schools, but don't let that fool you. You can always ask a teacher or another student for directions.

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